Gemini Korbea

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Gemini Korbea is a coydog living as a Loner with her mate, Forest Fellwinter, in Ethereal Eclipse. They're currently guests at the camp of Oglethorpe. They previously resided in the Eastern Realms, but abandoned the area following the collapse of the Death Mountains.


Species: Coydog mutt
Age: 6
Sex: Female


Typical coyote coloring but with a pure black tail, a jagged black pattern on her back, and one floppy ear. Blue-green eyes. Average height and build. Short, spiky black hair in Optime form, but it's more of a fringe than anything. Gemini is typically in her Optime form and sometimes her Lupus form. Occasionally wears a heavy fur cloak.


Blunt and straight-forward, doesn't mince words, but isn't aggressive without cause either. Values her time and isn't much for small talk, but is generally interested in others and learning from them. Will often ignore routine niceties and pleasantries and jump straight to the core of a conversation. Happy to share knowledge in exchange for other knowledge. Is very casual with Forest in mixed company so it often isn't obvious they're mates, but this changes quickly if anyone speaks a bad word about him.


Her speech is rapid in general, but can come at a breakneck pace when she's excited. While every word is well-enunciated, she can still be difficult to follow sometimes. She doesn't have much of an accent, but will sometimes curse in French Canadian.


Gemini is interested in and has dabbled in many things, including many artistic pursuits such as singing, guitar-playing, dancing, whittling, and painting. She's interested in science, but has difficulty taking people's word for things, preferring hands-on learning and practical demonstration.

First aid

Gemini has basic knowledge of medical best practices and first aid. She can clean and bandage wounds and set bones. She has working knowledge of beneficial plants for use as pain relief and, given ingredients, could mix up a decent salve, but is still learning to identify plants in the wild.


Gemini and Forest were near the Yahraw when the mountain began to collapse. They'd already been discussing leaving the area and moving to the other side of the Halcyon, so they split from the rest of the group pretty readily once everything went down. They have few connections outside of the area though, so there's little motivation to travel too far.



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