Gawiei Mekwék

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Gawiei Mekwék

by Sie


None, bNPC





50% Hudson Bay Wolf
50% Arctic Wolf



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    1.   5.1  2012

1.  Appearance

2.  Personality

Gawiei is generally rather friendly with trades and trades, having the sunniest disposition of the whole bunch. He is generally very fair with trades, although sometimes unwilling to haggle.

3.  History

From Freetown. Moved to Portland after the meteor impact in spring 2016.

4.  Trade Information

Gawiei doesn't seem to have a trading stand of his own. Instead, he's more likely the face you'll encounter in Mahavites's tent, while Mahavites is out socializing and schmoozing with the locals.

5.  Threads

5.1  2012

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