Effrayé (NPC of [[Characters/Alouette Moineau]])

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Effrayé is a dun mustang mare who was sold to Alouette Moineau in Fort Preble. Born in 2010; she is a matured horse with elegant legs and a sturdy body. She was used for transport and combat in her youth, and ridden by a Boreas wolf during the Second Boreas Conflict. She is nervous with handling around her head and ears, signs that she may have been ill treated by her previous master. In spite of this, she has a great willingness to learn.



NPC Info

  • Date of Birth: August 2010
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Dun Mustang Mare


Cour des members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Effrayé accompanying Alou.
  • Hearing Alouette comforting Effrayé.
  • Witnessing Effrayé shying from Alouette when Alouette comes close to her ears.

1.  Appearance

by Alaine

Primarily a Leather and Muddy Waters colored mare with a Oil colored mane that is usually kept to a shine with a diet of fresh hay and herbs. While old, her age has not yet begun to show and she has long, elegant legs and a sturdy body to prove her good health.

2.  Personality

Effrayé, while eager to learn, has not seen very many good days in her life. Used once as a combat horse, she has known the loud pastime of taken life and, while most would have anxiety from it, she does not. She is gentle around most, though does not like others to come near her head or ears, a sign that she was abused once. The only reason she was chosen by Alouette was her willingness to learn and her somewhat gentle appeal.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

  • Long distance travel
  • She is large and heavy, used to carrying around items and luggage. Since Alouette likes to plunder old shops, this comes in handy on a regular basis.
  • Unafraid of loud sounds since she was used as a combat horse during a war or two.

2.2  Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes playing in water and throwing dirt on herself afterwards.
  • Prefers Hay and herbs for meals, often found chewing at herbs closest to Alouette's home, whether wild or not.
  • Dislikes people touching her head or ears.
  • Dislikes weapons near her.

3.  History

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