Dyrne (NPC of [[Characters/Draugr Helsi]])



  • Pronunciation: dirn
  • Nickname: Dyr
  • Etymology: Secret, hidden (Old English)



  • Size: Large, 16.6 hands (5.5 feet / 1.7 meters).
  • Build: She is a thickly built horse, tall and well-muscled. She has a proud, small head with an arched neck.
  • Features: Dyrne bears a pale white scar on her shoulders from the saddle she wore under the Boreas wolves -- Draugr has taken steps to make certain this old injury does not reopen or worsen.
  • Coloration:
    • Her coat is primarily Raw Sienna (#DB884B).
    • Her mane and tail are a pale Grain Brown (#E1CDB2).
    • All four of her legs are socked in Dawn Pink (#F5EEE9), along with a blaze on her face.
    • Her eyes are deep Mikado (#392916).
  • Gear:
    • Saddle, blah blah blah
Dyrne Dyrne


Dyrne is well-trained and exceedingly calm. While she is not entirely immovable of temperament, she is accustomed to all manner of Luperci interactions, loud noises, blood, and other things which might possibly set a horse off. Sudden, unexpected noises or fast motions in silence/stillness can still frighten her, of course. Though she is somewhat wary of new Luperci, Dyrne becomes friendly with canines after a few meetings, and is an easy ride.

Skills & Abilities

  • Capable of carrying a rider or acting as a pack horse

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes Draugr quite a lot. Fond of Styrr and Itzcitla, too.
  • Dislikes most others, though she is not aggressive. Instead, she is generally indifferent to the presence of other Luperci.


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