Commodore Hatchback

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Commodore "Hatch" Hatchback is a member of New Caledonia, ranked as a Peer.

Hatch was born into a distinguished coyote clan in Arizona, one of six littermates and ten siblings total. With so many brothers and sisters to compete against poor Hatch was in a constant struggle to prove himself. Trained to ride, fence and shoot he developed a love of horses and traveling, time spent on the road giving him space to breathe. The decision to move away came naturally, Hatch simply picking a direction and sticking to it until he reached New Caledonia.



  • Date of Birth: XX XX XXXX
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: New Caledonia
    • Rank: Peer


  • Family: Hatchback
  • Birthplace: XX
  • Species: Coyote






  • Lupus : XX in (XX cm) ↔ XX lbs (XX kg)
  • Secui: XX in (XX cm) ↔ XX lbs (XX kg)
  • Optime: Xft XXin (XX in / XX cm) ↔ XX lbs (XX kg)
  • Humanization: High/Low/Mid? What sort of skills do they have in their Optime form?
  • Clothing & Accessories: Do they wear any clothes or accessories?
  • Interaction
    • Speech: How you talk
    • Scent: How you smell
    • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Ticks, habits
    • General Posture and Body Language: How you walk/present yourself



 Espresso (#846650)

 Dirty Chai (#AC7F42)

 Kenyan Roast (#6F2E08)

 Irish Cream (#FDE6B7)


 Roman Coffee (#7D5C47)

Nose & Skin

 Cold Brew (#302C2F)



Hatch is a very earnest person and treats everyone as if they were his closest friends. He loves to swap stories and go riding with folks and is always game for a friendly sparring match. He considers himself a patron of the arts, seeking out painters and craftspeople to fill his home with pretty things. He places a premium on kindness and tries to take time out of each day to help someone else. When conflict arises, he prefers to try and seek a peaceful resolution before drawing his sword, relying on words before violence.

His one real vice is his love of gambling. Prone to rolling the dice whenever he has the option, Hatch is stuck in a cycle of finding fortune and then losing it within days. Any wager will entice him, but ones pertaining to his talent with a rapier or crossbow are guaranteed to be taken.


  • City Watchman: elab here
  • Marksman: elab here
  • Groom: elab here


  1. kings need not raise their voices to be heard (01 07 2021)
    New Caledonia, with Gwaun Fir-Chlis, Rabbit, and Altuan
    A pregnant sheep escapes Rhovanion and runs off into the Silver Strip, and Rabbit and Hatch join Gwaun's search party to help find her.
  2. [M] what lies unseen (03 07 2021)
    Gaspesia, with Gwaun Fir-Chlis and Rabbit
    Hatch, Rabbit, and Gwaun go out into Gaspesia to hunt a deer, and a loner lurking in the shadows forces the trio to think quickly to avoid a conflict.
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