Bayard Montgomery

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Bayard Montgomery is a short (and short-tempered) hybrid moonshiner from the south. His travels led him to Inferni at the end of 2016, after a short while spent in the wilds of Nova Scotia, where he readily offered a portion of his ready-made hard alcohol to whoever approached him.

He lent his fighting expertise in the Second Boreas Conflict, but was killed in a scouting mission gone wrong.



Pack Information


OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 01 April 2009
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus



  • Help Bayard learn the Chemist co-rank!
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  • Bayard is a pNPC -- basically adhere to his wiki info and Inferni's pNPC policies, and go wild!
  • Bayard makes (and trades) moonshine made from apples and other spices; he might give your character some!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

The first thing one notices about Bayard is that he is short -- he is barely five feet tall in Optime form. However, he can still pack a punch; small though he is, he's also stout and boxy, with broad shoulders and thick limbs made for slinging and punching. He's more like a boulder than a coyote!

Distinctly a hybrid, Bayard sports dark fur and showcases his dog heritage in his blocky muzzle. He has small ears and a short, bushy tail -- as well as a short "goatee" of fur on his chin. Rough and feral in appearance, he still sometimes wears a leather vest and torn pants. He usually smells of alcohol, apples, and spice -- though he's rarely drunk.

1.2  Colors

  • Tundora (#494344) -- base coat
  • Thunder (#2D2B2C) -- dorsal markings
  • Hillary (#ADA087) -- underside, saddle marking
  • Armadillo (#514640) -- nose, skin, paw pads
  • Saffron Mango (#F7BF5C) -- eyes

2.  Personality

Fierce, moody, and quick-tempered, Bayard is a wild personality who often rubs under the wrong way (with good reason). He has an opinion about everything and employs "blunt" honesty (i.e. he likes pointing out faults like an asshole), often talking about others behind their backs. His mood can change on a dime, and he has a tendency to throw himself into conflict and other ventures without thinking. However, Bayard does take great pride in his work, and he's loyal to those that he calls friends -- as long as they can withstand a little ribbing.

2.1  Details

  • Sociability: Extroverted, crude, mocking
  • Values: Pride in one's work, sticking to one's convictions
  • Vices: Gossip, wrath, greed
  • Motivations: Providing a service, being right
  • Fears: Tornadoes
  • Biases: Not very fond of wolves or tall folk.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual; very lewd, but ultimately harmless.
  • Spirituality: Atheist, but seems to know his way around the Bible.

3.  Assets

3.1  Skills

  • Brewery: Bayard has mastered the art of moonshine. His trademark alcohol is flavored with apple juice and other spices, though he can make alcohol from just about any kind of fruit or mash that can be fermented and distilled.
  • Brawling: When you're as opinionated as Bayard, or a small and easy target, you need to be able to defend yourself. Bayard fights with a brawling, wild style -- slinging fists and employing dirty tactics wherever he can (he's especially fond of punching groins).
  • Religion: Though he's become an atheist for his own personal reasons, Bayard is well-versed in Christianity. Religion is one of the few things he will not mock, even though he no longer believes in God; he's willing to perform rites for the sake of others' comfort, as well as debate religion with those willing.

3.2  Residence

  • D'Neville Mansion: 2F06
  • A small, simple room with a few pelts in the corner to sleep on. Free of debris but otherwise bare.

4.  History

Born in the southeastern United States to a single coyote mother, Bayard had a rough childhood. With an ailing mother and bullying from his peers, who saw him as "easy pickings" because of his height, he became an angry child very quickly and learned how to defend himself out of necessity. When his mother died, he had nobody to turn to -- but an old coyote named Cotton took him in under the guise of apprenticing him. Cotton taught Bayard how to brew, and the two had a difficult relationship; Cotton was often hard on the boy, but also served as a safe outlet for his anger. Bayard's temper slowly improved, especially when Cotton introduced him to his granddaughter, Maribelle. The two married soon after Bayard became a journeyman brewer.

Some years afterward, a tornado struck the town where Bayard lived; Maribelle and Cotton were killed, and much of the town was destroyed. His family and livelihood taken from him, Bayard reverted to the angry man he'd once been, denouncing God and abandoning the ruin of a community to travel. He became a drunkard and roamed, picking fights and getting into trouble, for another few years.

It was then that Bayard met Maria, a devout Catholic dog some years younger than him. She was in need of help, and Bayard reluctantly took care of her, defending her and escorting her east to find family separated after a hurricane. Though initially irritated by her naive, positive, and religious nature, he couldn't deny his attraction to her for long. She eased him back out of his shell and, while he never mended his relationship with God, he lost some of his contempt for religion and began to understand its role in people's lives. Their relationship was short but failed largely as a result of their age difference; they parted on good terms nonetheless, and Bayard went north.

After some months of trouble, Bayard came to hear of a pack of coyotes -- a place for outcasts and brawlers who would appreciate his talents. He joined Inferni in late 2016.

4.1  Threads

  1. knowing too much of your future is never a good thing (06 Dec 2016)
    Scout notices Bayard's arrival at Inferni's borders and directs Antioch and Omar de le Poer to him. Antioch accepts Bayard and the group heads to the D'Neville Mansion, where Bayard decides to stay.
  2. A friend in need is a friend indeed (15 Dec 2016)
    When Cartier Inferni falls through the mansion floor, Bayard fetches assistance.
  3. [M] the cruel ballet (12 Jan 2016)
    Boreas wolves attack Inferni. Bayard is caught up in the fighting.
  4. [M] Alone into the valley of the shadow of death (25 Jan 2016)
    A group of scouts from Inferni and Salsola seek the Boreas camp. Bayard's temper leads to disaster as he compromises the scouts' stealth, attacking the wolves. He is killed in the ensuing fight.