Ava LeBlanc

Ava LeBlanc

by Trollface?




Date of Birth

5th November 2008

Date of Death

April 2016





‘’Ava’’- ‘bird’
‘’LeBlanc’’- ‘the white’


‘Ava’ - German
‘LeBlanc’ - French




Birth place






Ava LeBlanc was most commonly known by the name ‘Madame Ava’ to the denizens of Freetown before succumbing to the Red Star’s fall in 2016. Ava was secretive, preferring to craft an air of mystery that helped to set her apart from the other traders. Many wild stories abound to explain the inaccuracies in Ava’s anecdotes; some said she was a courtesan on the run from a cruel master, or that the spirits of the dead whispered in her ears. She took the truth with her on to the next life.

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  4.   4.  Family
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1.  Appearance

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2.  Personality

Ava was an ambitious woman who decided early on that she wanted more from life than her simple beginnings could provide for her. Whilst not ruthless to achieve her goals, she rose to the challenge with patience, a smile and a hearty laugh. She enjoyed caring for others and helping her peers discover their hidden talents. Ava loved company, often inviting friends and customer into her home for meals and entertainment. Despite her loving nature, she did not tolerate fools or moochers - she had a favourite broom for when a lesson needed to be taught.

3.  Relationships

  • Sebastien: Ava became something of a second mother when the hound arrived in Freetown. She noticed he was struggling due to his kind and trusting nature, and housed him with her family. She encouraged her ward to practise his existing interests and build new ones with the aim of setting him up as another branch of her trading enterprise. The two grew close, a fact that did not go unmissed by her brood - their frequent squabbles for Ava’s affection over the male they regarded as an outsider only further distanced their mother from them.

4.  Family

4.1  Immediate Family

  • Children by Elijah:
    • First Litter: Alma, Hester
    • Second Litter: Edwin, Gustav, Isabelle
    • Grand-children: Evageline Benoit? (Alma LeBlanc x Louis Benoit)

5.  History

  • Ava was born in the European countryside to a community pack of dog mixes. They led a humble existence as farmers and spent much of their time moving the flock to better pastures with the turn of the season.
  • Her fondest memories are of visiting the towns and cities to trade their wares. Ava was drawn to the sights and sounds and expressed a desire to embrace the lifestyle of an urban merchant.
  • Once she came of age, Ava plied her wares wherever there was a gathering of Luperci to be found. Gaining confidence and influence, Ava ventured further afield only slowing to raise children with her gypsy mate before continuing on.
  • The growing family settled in Freetown, Maine. Ava and Elijah’s constant disagreements only grew as their second litter approached. The couple maintained a strained relationship for the sake of their youngest children and separated when they were eight months’ age.
  • Without Elijah, Ava employed several individuals to bolster her business. Sebastien was the most promising in her eyes, hard-working and with a sunny disposition and she doted upon him. With the boy as her protege, she instilled her spiritual teachings and principles.
  • The appearance of a red star that was visible both night and day whipped Ava into a religious fervour; it is said she spoke in the days leading up to the star’s eventual fall that she languages none of her family recognised and delivered strange prophecies.
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