Aimée Rousseau

Aimée Rousseau




Date of Birth

28 July 2007

Date of Death

23rd January 2015






Birth place



100% Grey Wolf




Current pack Vinatta
Current rank Frijal

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1.  Appearance

Aimée is a Grey Wolf just on the upper edge of average sized. She has a slightly thin build, sky blue eyes, large ears and sleek fur that is primarily light grey with splashes and spots of snow white spread throughout. While her body is fairly average for her species, her attitude and the way that she holds herself gives her a regal air. Recently Aimée's health has been failing and age has been catching up to her; the effects of this are easily visible on her body. She is visibly thinner around her legs and ribs, which have begun to be visible through her fur. Her fur itself has lost it's luster in many places and is becoming somewhat patchy in spots on her flanks and stomach.

1.1  Scars

  • Bite mark, lower front-right leg.
  • Set of claw marks, left flank.

2.  Personality

To most, Aimée is cold and haughty. She is a very proud woman and routinely has driven away any who try and help her and her child, only relaxing this attitude as she has weakened and become unable to do so herself. Losing her self sufficiency has left her bitter, which combined with her naturally less than friendly nature can make her unpleasant to converse with. The exception to this is her son; she is stern, but warm when interacting with Arno and puts his safety above matters of her own pride or mood.

Aimée takes pride in the fact that she is not a Luperci, seeing the ability to take on Optime form as a crutch she doesn't need. She tends not to judge Luperci for being such, but has an active and vocal dislike of those Luperci who look down on her for being a natural wolf.

3.  Relationships

Aimée is purposefully estranged from her family back in France and was abandoned by her mate, Kasamir. Her only remaining relationship is her son, Arno.

4.  History

Aimée was born in Paris, part of a rather large family of non-Luperci wolves that inhabited the outskirts of the city, the Rousseau family. While the Rousseau's were generally a very close-knit group Aimée did not fit in particularly well. The family was fiercely xenophobic and discouraged members from straying too far from the pack, while young Aimée had a strong desire to go out and see the world. This eventually led to Aimée leaving the family - a messy break that left Aimée scarred on her leg and certainly not welcome to return - and traveling around Europe.

Aimée's experiences while traveling quickly stripped her romanticism of the unknown away from her as she encountered some of the worst that Europe had to offer through a mixture of poor choices and bad luck. Not wanting to live the sort of life that seemed to be presenting itself to her here, and unable to return to her family, she bartered passage to South America on a ship. Once in America she continued traveling, eventually making her way to what had once been the mideastern USA, where she met a Coydog names Kasamir Marthorpe. The two became quick friends, traveling partners and eventually mates. THis state of affairs lasted until early 2014, when Aimée became pregnant. The thought of being a father panicked Kasamir, and he fled shortly after his son, Arno Rousseau, had been born.

Aimée herself continued traveling with Arno in tow, but things became more difficult. She had fallen ill during the final days of the pregnancy and between age and a lifetime of poor to middling health, she never fully recovered. Her condition continued to deteriorate over the coming year as she and Arno traveled north into Canada, until eventually the two were forced to begin looking for a pack to call home, something that Aimée had previously resisted.

4.1  Timeline





  • Aimée leaves the Rousseau family and begins traveling Europe.



  • Aimée arrives in South America by way of a trading vessel. Spends the next two years traveling upwards into Central America.



  • Aimée meets Kasamir Marthorpe. Te two travel together and eventually become mates.



  • Aimée becomes pregnant.




  • Kasamir leaves Aimée and Arno


  • Aimée, whose health has been declining since Arno's birth, begins to have trouble providing enough food for the two. They begin searching for a home.


  • Aimée and Arno arrive in Souls
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