Absolon Moineau

Absolon Moineau

by Raze



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17 March 2007





my father is peace






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Mer Bleue


100% Eastern Timber Wolf




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Absolon Moineau is an old lone wolf, father of Chloé Moineau, brother of Marcel Moineau, and uncle to his many illegitimate children.

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  3.   3.  Family
    1.   3.1  Immediate Family
    2.   3.2  Relationships
  4.   4.  History
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1.  Appearance

Absolon was born fully black, and was dark-furred in his prime. Like most black timber wolves, however, his coat has lightened with age and is a grizzled, smokey grey-black. The darkest fur runs along his spine from between his ears to a stripe on his tail; he is also black on the scruff of his neck and the thickest fur around his neck. Out from there his fur lightens, and his extremities are near white, including his face. There are also faint hints of dusty reddish-browns in his coat. His eyes are warm yellow-orange in coloration.

As is characteristic in his family, he is fairly tall and lanky. Although not as skinny and emaciated-looking as his sibling, Absolon bears the curse of old age and carries a lean, gaunt look in addition to his tallness. While not a powerhouse, he can run and hunt just as well as any other wolf, and rarely shows weakness or fatigue. It can be argued that he's aged well.

Any scars Absolon bears are covered by his fur. Because decoration is difficult for a non-Luperci, he only wears one accessory he's received from a Luperci trader: a simple cord hangs around his neck, and a few small blue marbles dangle at the end.

2.  Personality

Absolon had always been a wise soul in a young body -- but now his wisdom has caught up with his age. This is not to say that he is the paragon of all knowledge in the world, but he views the world through a slightly different way than younger, brasher canines. He is calm and perceptive, often waiting to figure out two different approaches to a problem or solution before committing to one.

  • Wise
  • Nice!
  • Pacifist?
  • Will come up with this later yo >:C

3.  Family

3.1  Immediate Family

3.2  Relationships

Absolon had a strained relationship with his family. He was especially close to his simple mother, often taking subtle strides to protect her from his controlling father. He tried to get along with Marcel, but the latter became increasingly delusional, and they ended up fighting several times.

After rescuing his mother Wisp, Absolon spent almost all of his time with her and caring for her. Other relationships were formed with passing canines, but most were brief. His closest relationship was with his mother until her death -- and then it was with Chloé, his daughter, who is the light of his life.

Absolon is currently unaware of his brother's children.

4.  History

4.1  In Brief

  • Born to Renard Moineau and Wisp alongside brother Marcel.
  • Driven off when coming of age; rescues mother.
  • Spends time caring for mother.
  • ??? other significant events
  • Has daughter, Chloé.
  • Wisp dies, and Absolon travels.

4.2  Detailed

Absolon Moineau was born in the feral wilderness of Canada, where non-Luperci populations were still strong. As a youth, the small family pack (consisting of the parents and two sons) roamed across the lands. The mother, Wisp, was a mute and simpleminded individual mostly controlled by her mate Renard, a very sophisticated and intelligent individual for a non-Luperci who refused to succumb to base instincts. He raised his sons to think in the same manner, though Absolon did not absorb his lessons in taking advantage of stupider creatures (whether overt or not) as eagerly as Marcel did.

Absolon spent a lot of his youth taking care of his disabled mother, which seemed to amuse Renard Moineau, although he did nothing to discourage the behavior. He encouraged Absolon to chase his desire for wisdom, but also kept his small family ignorant by making sure they didn't come into contact with other wolves for very long.

When the boys were of age, Renard decided that he'd coddled them enough and drove them away, as most wolf parents would in natural packs. It would have been little more than that, part of the circle of life, had Absolon not rebelled immediately at the thought his mother would continue to be little more than a pet for Renard to lead around. Absolon begged Marcel to aid him in driving their father off, but Marcel refused to help. He tried to fight Absolon but ended the battle prematurely when it seemed it wouldn't go perfectly his way.

With his brother gone, Absolon put his plan into action. He pretended to leave but ambushed Renard in unfamiliar territory in a show of brutish ferocity. While other non-Luperci who attacked Renard in this manner fell to his intelligence, however, Absolon was a more equal match. Still, Renard was in his prime while his son was little more than a whelp, and he beat Absolon soundly.

Forced to retreat, Absolon found a Luperci wandering the wilderness and, after overcoming his shock at seeing such a creature, struck a deal with her. He knew his father thought little of females and was mostly ignorant to Luperci existence, and so when the Luperci attacked, Renard was easily defeated. To this day, however, Absolon very much regrets setting a Luperci against someone who didn't have the same advantages.

Absolon whisked his mother away, and they lived a normal, if boring, life together. He cared for her as he did when he was a pup, even as he aged, though others judged him or thought he was taking advantage of her the same way Renard was, as little more than a stupid pet to help him hunt. He remained devoted, however, though occasionally he longed to enter wolf society without her burden. These moments were short-lived, but still troubled him more than he'd ever let on.

The years went by, each not so different than the last, and Wisp died.

Absolon was left with nothing in the world but for a single creature: a small daughter, Chloé. She became the light of his life, and he doted on her more than most non-Luperci fathers would. Once she was weaned and able to travel, he whisked her away and began to wander Canada once more, with no destination in mind.