Émile Toussaint

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Émile Toussaint was a member of The Five, a group who harassed Salsola during the "New Year, Old Troubles" pack plot in early 2016.

He was killed by Rafael Salcedo during the attack on their camp when a raiding party was sent to capture Hans Voclain.





  • Family: Toussaint
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
  • Pronunciation: e-MEEL TOO-saint
  • Meaning: rival, all saints
  • Nickname: Mile (Meel)
  • Player: None -- NPC

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Humanization: Yes, high.


  • Fur:
  • Markings:
  • Optime Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Nose and Paw Pads:


Woodsmoke (#0C0D0F)




  • --


  • Hurlbat; a solid wooden club, weighted at one end. The other has a hole punched through it, and a strong leather grip. There is an extension to this that allows Émile to throw the club without loosing it -- the other end is connected to his wrist.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • --


  • Scent: Forest, grass, musk, his companions
  • Speech: Émile speaks French almost constantly, and his English is heavily accented.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Spits when he gets too excited, chainsmoker, very physical during conversations.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Flippant, aggressive, "shifty"

2.  Personality + Skills

French Jerk - Troll - Psycho for Hire

As a rule, people don't like Émile, and he's just fine with that. Everyone is out for themselves anyway, so there's no point in valuing anything beyond yourself -- or so thinks Émile. If people are working alongside him, that's fine, but don't expect him to stick his neck out for anyone. The most important person to Émile is Émile, and that's that.

Sprightly and quick, Émile makes use of a hurlbat when he fights. Though he primarily uses this as a proper club (and delights in cracking skulls with it), Émile makes use of the limited ranged abilities often. Beyond this, Émile is a loose cannon when it comes to fighting, and extremely unpredictable.

Émile is, as one might suspect, an extremely talented theif. Things disappear around him.

3.  History

Orphaned at an early age, Émile spent his youth as a street urchin in Toronto. It was rough, and it made him rough -- something which helped keep everyone, good and bad, away. Jumping from gang to gang left him with a rotten reputation -- owing in part to the ways in which he left. These were most often violent, usually involving Émile as the provocatur. Rumors as to his sadism were blown out of proportion, though Émile did his best to meet these expectations. This helped to keep him alive while remaining on the fringes of gang wars, especially as a loner who functioned as something of a mercenary, both involved and above the violence going on around him.

That was, of course, until Hans Voclain approached him with a most exciting proposition.

3.1  Threads

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