Inferni and Cour des Miracles War

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    2.   2.2  The Conflict Starts
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Inferni-Cour des Miracles War


July 2015 - October 2015


Inferni, Cour des Miracles, Seabreeze Brink, Halifax


Cour des Miracles' northern forests burned.
Marlowe de le Poer exiled from Inferni.



Marlowe de le Poer

Silvano Sadira
Skoll Haskel

The Inferni and Cour des Miracles War lasted from mid-summer to mid-fall of 2015, instigated by personal vendettas and fueled by misunderstandings and the actions of a deviant outsider. Built off the back of last summer's tensions, the war shattered the lengthy peace of both participating packs and caused internal conflict in Inferni. It ended with an armistice after the climactic Battle of Halifax that left several injured.

1.  Summary

The Inferni and Cour des Miracles War began with tensions and personal disputes between members. Following the attack of a loved one by a coyote who joined Inferni, Skoll Haskel made his problem Cour des Miracles' problem. King Silvano Sadira confronted Inferni leader Vesper about the attacker they harbored, but was turned away as Vesper pointed out that Skoll had bad history with the clan, too. Rumors spread through both packs of the others' transgressions, and they quietly prepared for potential war.

The breaking point for the tension came when King Silvano's son, Pascal Sadira, was kidnapped by a loner, Campion de le Poer. Following Pascal's scent trail to The Dampwoods, Cour des Miracles scouts suspected Inferni was responsible for the kidnapping, and Silvano confronted and blamed them. Both packs made their war preparations official, and fighting broke out in early August.

The conflict escalated as the Court grew restless about Pascal's whereabouts and Inferni experienced internal conflict. Courtiers attempted to infiltrate Inferni to rescue their missing prince, and the coyotes retaliated by setting fire to their enemies' northern forest.

Anger and dissent continued to rise in Inferni when a young member, Ferret, was discovered burned and hanged in southern Inferni. Blaming the Courtiers and on edge after discovering the kidnapped Pascal, Marlowe clashed with Vesper and organized the Battle of Halifax behind her back. Both packs agreed to meet at the city's old cathedral at dawn.

Shortly after the combatants departed for the battle site, Vesper returned to Inferni and discovered Marlowe's treachery; and Akantha and Semini escorted Pascal back to Cour des Miracles with the truth that Inferni had nothing to do with his disappearance. Vesper and Silvano rushed to Halifax and called a stop to the battle, which had grievously injured several combatants despite its duration.

In the aftermath, Vesper violently exiled Marlowe from Inferni, and both leaders negotiated an armistice. In the same breath she addressed the end of the war, Vesper also named herself Aquila of Inferni, breaking several-years tradition.

2.  Timeline

2.1  Backstory and Tensions

2.2  The Conflict Starts

2.3  Escalation

2.4  Climax

Battle of Halifax

DateOctober 15, 2015
LocationSt. Mary's Basilica, Halifax
ResultTruce called



Marlowe de le Poer
Basilio Lykoi
Kára Lykoi
Abigaël Shepard
Kennedy Fisher
Conrad Nielssen
Snapdragon Lykoi
Nex de le Poer
Belial Massacre
Izual Massacre

Skoll Haskel
Haven Aatte
Linden Aatte
Maciel Lopez
Aurelya Shandara
Rio Marino


Ten (2 NPCS)

Six (1 NPC)

Casualties and Losses

3 seriously injured

? seriously injured

2.5  Resolution

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