The Second Boreas Conflict

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The Second Boreas Conflict


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December 2016 - 28 January 2017


Sticks and Stones


Decisive victory for Inferni and Salsola




The Second Boreas Conflict began as a series of attacks on Inferni and Salsola members, and was later traced back to a collection of wolves from Zion, who had returned to the north seeking revenge for the devastating loss their comrades suffered in 2012 during the original Boreas Conflict.

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

Seeds of the Second Boreas Conflict were sown long before the fighting proper began in December 2016. As forces gathered and made the long journey from Zion, two infiltrators were sent ahead of the larger group of soldiers and scouts to "join" their enemies and gather information. One informant was stopped before he had a chance to begin his work, while the other, Amariah Eld, slipped into Inferni without detection.

Boreas arrived in the winter, traveling in small groups to avoid notice. They settled in the Black River Reserve, making their camp in a forested area that provided ample supplies and cover for their large coalition. Once there, the process of gathering information and recruiting began. Several local wolves were convinced to join the more radical members of Boreas.

The first attacks were largely those of opportunity, or to test the defense of their enemies. Wild horses from the Drifter Bay herds were captured, though misunderstandings between Inferni and Salsola led both to accuse each other at first. More attacks, largely hit-and-runs focused on Inferni and its borders, occurred. On the night of the full moon, January 12th, it became apparent that these were not isolated incidents. Wolves drove deep into both Inferni and Salsola territory. These attacks was not entirely effective; while several lives were lost, most were of Boreas members. The violence continued to escalate, and came to a head when Inferni's Aquila Vesper was kidnapped and brutalized. This streak of luck did not last long for Boreas, however, as they lost both their second-in-command and prisoner a day later.

Leaders from Salsola met with councilmembers of Inferni to discuss how to best handle this second-coming of their old enemies. A scouting party consisting of both Infernians and Salsolans found the Boreas camp toward the end of January, but were overwhelmed by the force they found. Members from both groups lost their lives, though those who survived were able to share the location with their leaders.

Inferni and Salsola wasted little time. A full-forced attack was soon after launched on the Boreas wolves. Though the group fought fiercely, they were nearly completely wiped out in this assault. A few stragglers escaped, with many of these meeting their deaths not long after.

1.1  Casualties


Amund Fannar, Bethlehem Anders, Caiphas Fannar, Abner Hill, Amariah Eld, Caspian Champagne, Jericho Anders, Marcel Smith, Methuselah Capello, Rudy Stayner, Teman Forney, Zacchaeus Kasper, Bjorn Skovgaard, Brita Fletcher, Costa, Edwige, Jarah Holt, Mathilda Blomgren, Milton, Paris, Rachel, Ross, Samuel, Selah Lykke, Steinar Stendahl, Thomas, Tollak Stendahl, Zilpah Lager


Amariah Eld (Boreas), Bayard Montgomery, Bronx, Maddox Rowe, Nicoise Charberoux, Sliver Stitch, Tweed


Artemisia Eternity, Gjalda, Hubert Benedetti, Hermenegild

2.  Backstory

In the spring and summer of 2012, a group of wolves acting under the name Boreas arrived in Nova Scotia. Self-righteous and hateful, they launched a series of attacks on Inferni and Salsola. Though this eventually resulted in a terrible loss for the Boreas wolves, it seems that not everyone has forgotten about the conflict...especially those who survived it.

Mated couple Sindri and Emilie Fannar, who escaped the massacre, went on to return to their homeland. There, finding their lands changed after aggressive actions by Scintilla, they were forced to migrate north with the rest of their larger group. Spreading exaggerated stories of the “Northern Barbarians” they had fought and survived, the pair became well-known and high ranking within the pack...and spawned a great number of children who believed in their cause.

They were not alone, however. Relatives of those fallen members, especially younger ones who grew up living in the “oppression” of a coyote-dominated territory, became eager to find a new scapegoat for their troubles. Eventually, these feelings developed into a well-organized plan to see that these heathens and false-believers were justly punished for their actions.

3.  Boreas

Boreas is a group of extremely religious, xenophobic wolf survivalists hailing from Zion. Locked in a war with the Scintilla coyotes spanning years, the Boreas are are well-trained in fighting techniques as well as guerrilla-style tactics.

3.1  Leaders

Amund Fannar (Death Date: Jan 28)

The eldest son of Sindri and Emile Fannar, Amund is the commander of the Boreas' vengeful contingent. A true leader of the people, Amund is kindly and even fatherly to his subordinates, able to call upon each by name; he even deigns to speak to and encourage the rare hybrids of Boreas. However, while good-natured among his comrades and friendly to other wolves, Amund has a tactical mind and is merciless in his orders to kill his enemies -- and not only kill them, but destroy them.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
  • Mount: Bay mustang gelding (Jecamiah)
  • Weapon of Choice: Sword & Shield
  • Appearance: Average in size and build, but made an impressive figure with well-cared-for leather armor and a great shield. Dark grey with a lighter underside, and dark teal eyes. Bears a conspicuous scar on the right side of his muzzle, and a torn ear. Never seen without his crucifix necklace.

Bethlehem Anders (Death Date: Jan 18)

Boreas' second-in-command is the granddaughter of its original leaders. Aggressive, cruel, and eager to see their cause to the end, Bethlehem's rage is notorious even among her comrades. See her Wiki page for more details.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 3
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf
  • Mount: Black mustang stallion (Hail)
  • Weapon of Choice: Spear
  • Appearance: Lean, fit woman with pale agouti fur and a long scar on her left side. Her fur is thick and well-cared for, and her hair is extremely long, with loose curls. She has strong cheekbones and pale blue eyes.

Caiphas Fannar (Death Date: Jan 28)

The corporal of the Boreas contingent, Caiphas directly oversees the soldiers and specialists. Lacking the likability of his elder brother, he has instead relied on hard work and determination to get himself a position of leadership. Though he performs his duties without question, he has been known to "play the field" and sometimes speak ill against his fellow leaders when in confidence with his own subordinates.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
  • Mount: Chestnut mustang mare (Naharai)
  • Weapon of Choice: Mounted combat, especially when using a bow and arrow.
  • Appearance: Off-white with light cerulean eyes. Tall, toned, but tousled in appearance; several old scars disrupt his pelt. Strikingly resembles his mother.

3.2  Subordinates


Bjorn Skovgaard (Death Date: Jan 28)
A male woodcutter with a white-tipped tail who has no sense of humor; Selah often teases him. He wields his axe in battle.

Brita Fletcher (Death Date: Jan 28)
A female archer who is rather socially oblivious. Her naturally curly tail was docked to hide her dog heritage; she maintains that she's pure wolf.

Jarah Hjort (Death Date: Jan 12)
A male poacher who prefers Lupus form to fight and take down prey, but nevertheless maintains a clean appearance.

Mathilda Blomgren (Death Date: Jan 28)
A female soldier with a heavy build who enjoys smoking; she grows her herbs on the side. She whacks people with a hoe.

Selah Lykke (Death Date: Jan 28)
A female falconer with white paws who has a great sense of humor; she treats her falcon, Isaac, like family.

Steinar Stendahl (Death Date: Jan 12)
A male mason with a slim build who is a bit clumsy. He was recruited with his brother, Tollak, to be a soldier.

Tollak Stendahl (Death Date: Jan 28)
A male stone-trader with a scrawny appearance who likes to climb trees. He was recruited with his brother, Steinar, to be a lookout.

Zilpah Lager (Death Date: Jan 15)
A female recruiter who is a huge flirt despite the disfiguring scar on her face. She tends to demonize their enemies, playing up her wound for sympathy.

Milton (Death Date: Jan 12)
A young black and white male loner recruited from Nova Scotia.

Costa (Death Date: Jan 17)
An earthy colored agouti male loner recruited from Nova Scotia who lost his family in an unfortunate accident.

Rachel (Death Date: Jan 12)
A pretty, light reddish female who acts rather motherly. She favors using her sling on horseback and is very vain about her black gelding.

Samuel (Death Date: Jan 12)
A white male with light grey markings and several scars. Rather gruff and feral, often on four legs, he tends not to socialize much.

Thomas (Death Date: Jan 12)
A young swordsman determined to prove himself worthy of his soldier father's love. He has blue-grey fur with a darker underside and amber eyes.

Edwige (Death Date: Jan 28)
A French female farrier with beady, scrutinizing eyes and a slight limp. Coyotes killed her prize horse, so she joined the Boreas cause; she uses her hammer and fists in battle.

Parris (Death Date: ---)
A mostly gray agouti wolf with brown eyes, beginning to show the signs of aging. He makes use of small traps to help with his hunting, and always carries a knife.

Ross (Death Date: Jan 28)
A male wolf scavenger with a heavy build who fidgets often. Thieves stole all the goods he had, and he stumbled upon Boreas by accident while looking for them. He chose to remain upon converting to their faith.

4.  Timeline


  1. 16 October 2016: Amariah "learns" about Inferni from Fang.
  2. 17 October 2016: Amariah follows Salsola's river border until he is spotted by Elphaba.
  3. 22 October 2016 [M] : Having made the mistake of crossing Salsola's borders, an Outsider is spotted by Abendrot? on pack territory. After he reports this to the Mafiosi, Salvia and Lokr deal with the trespasser.
  4. 28 October 2016: Amariah returns to Salsola in hopes of finding the other Boreas scout. However, Artemisia chases him away.


  1. 06 November 2016: Amariah is accepted into Inferni by Crucifix without raising suspicion.


  1. 08 December 2016: Papers previously assumed missing from Inferni are discovered in an unusual place.
  2. 10 December 2016: A loner, Jericho, gets some directions from local pack member Eliza.
  3. 15 December 2016: Perturbed by a dream, Salsola's Boss seeks advice from the Family's Crone .
  4. 20 December 2016: Inspecting the borders of Vinátta a pair of Boreas wolves, Jericho Anders and Bethlehem Anders, question its leader about her pack.
  5. 21 December 2016: A pair of young coyote-dominant loners, Dove Reverie and River Lark Reverie (NPC), are attacked at random by suspected Boreas near Inferni borders and Vesper offers to allow them to take refuge in the clan.
  6. 30 December 2016: A group of wolves attack a Salsolan group traveling from the Portland Outpost, though are forced back when the Salsolans retreat to the packlands and call for aid.
  7. 31 December 2016: Ravens report strangers lurking in the mountains and woods around Inferni territory. Patrols are sent out to figure out who these people are. Clover, Basilio Lykoi, and Oriole de l'Or are attacked in a "drive-by shooting" with arrows. The hidden attackers flee.


  1. 01 January 2017: Elkin and Ragna patrol the area between the camp and the two packs for information.
  2. 01 January 2017: Methuselah comes across a coyote and attempts to make her repent for her sins.
  3. 02 January 2017: Salsola members investigate the disappearance of several of the Bay Horses.
  4. 03 January 2017 [M] : Ragna enlists Methuselah's help, and the pair replace some of Inferni's wolf skulls with those of a few unfortunate coyotes.
  5. 04 January 2017: Delphinium and Ragna cross paths and try to play things casual.
  6. 04 January 2017: Caspian joins Cour des Miracles to find out more about the war between them and IF.
  7. 05 January 2017: Cypher and Clover attempt to track a Boreas trespasser.
  8. 05 January 2017: Boreas' Infiltrator, Amariah, offers what he's found out about the clan during his stay there to Ragna and Brita Fletcher (NPC).
  9. 05 January 2017: Elkin seeks out Sara to help with his chronic injuries and shares a meal.
  10. 05 January 2017: A suspicious Inferni member is suspected as associating with Boreas members by others of the clan. Dove Reverie and Dorado Whiplash are involved in a small fight with a member of Boreas.
  11. 06 January 2017 [M] : After a sudden, violent attack on Rialu Avarice (NPC), Virue attempts to face her attacker.
  12. 06 January 2017: Using runaway sheep as bait, Ragna and Snorri (NPC) lure out an Infernian.
  13. 06 January 2017 [M] : Marcel Smith, Linae Daryle, and Methuselah Capello try to lure coyotes out of clan lands. Izual Massacre, Sliver Stitch, and Annabeth de Fonte pursue them.
  14. 06 January 2017?: A lower soldier of Boreas tries to lure June Belgrave from packlands, she is saved by Emmett de le Poer
  15. 07 January 2017: Marcel Smith ambushes an coyote on Inferni borders -- only to discover it's the Boreas spy Amariah.
  16. 08 January 2017: Salsolans Emmett de le Poer and Bayani Grimm chase trespasser Caspian Champagne from Salsola territory.
  17. 08 January 2017: Not satisfied with their previous catch, Ragna and Snorri (NPC) try to lure out bigger prey.
  18. 09 January 2017: When Conrad (NPC) is injured by a Boreas wolf, Clover, Fang, and Harosheth (NPC) tend to him.
  19. 08 January 2017 [M] : A small group of Boreas members lure out some Infernians.
  20. 10 January 2017: The members of Boreas hold a meeting to discuss tactics and plan their multiple night attacks.
  21. 11 January 2017: Amariah leads a group of Boreas wolves to Crucifix.
  22. 12 January 2017: Clover, Basilio, and Maddox (NPC) tend to the archery stands.
  23. 12 January 2017: An attack on Salsola occurs at night around the “peak” of the full moon. The Boreas wolves come from various different points of entry, and some move well into Salsola territory before they are intercepted.
    1. Full Moon Raid SL Group 1 [M]: Lokr Revlis, Scorpius D'Angelo, Idrieus, Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, Steinar Stendahl (NPC), Tollak Stendahl (NPC)
    2. Full Moon Raid SL Group 2: Salvia Eternity, Rafael Salcedo, Emmett de le Poer, Bethlehem Anders, Ragna Eklund, Gjalda (NPC), Snorri Niequist (NPC)
    3. Full Moon Raid SL Group 3 [M]: Basilaris Eternity, Heine Kaiser, Scourge D'Angelo, Nickodemus Sparhawk (NPC), Jarah Hjort (NPC), Brita Fletcher (NPC), Costa (NPC)
  24. 12 January 2017: An attack on Inferni occurs at night around the “peak” of the full moon. The Boreas wolves ride deep into the Forest of Nod, making it nearly as far as the mansion (and it's obvious they somehow know where to go) before they are intercepted.
    1. Full Moon Raid IF Group 1 [M]: Dove Reverie, Dorado Whiplash, Tacet Calico, Marcel Smith, Bayard Montgomery (NPC), Bjorn Skovgaard (NPC), Rachel (NPC)
    2. Full Moon Raid IF Group 2: Antioch de le Poer, Shikoba Whiplash, Clover, Linae Daryle, Amund Fannar (NPC), Bronx (NPC), Maddox Rowe (NPC), Samuel (NPC)
    3. Full Moon Raid IF Group 3 [M]: Annabeth de Fonte, Cypher Blackwater, Noel Priyantha, Rudy Stayner, Caiphas Fannar (NPC), Conrad Nielssen (NPC), Thomas (NPC)
  25. 14 January 2017: Artemisia Eternity brings her suspicions as to the origin of the attacks to her sister.
  26. 15 January 2017: Zilpah Lager attempts to recruit Alistair Callow for the Boreas cause.
  27. 15 January 2017: Caspian tries to lure Prodigal de le Poer from Inferni into an ambush and is killed in the process.
  28. 15 January 2017: Members of Inferni and Salsola learn that the other pack is experiencing similar attacks. A small group of mid- or high-ranked members of each pack meet to discuss this, and report their findings back to their leaders.
  29. 15 January 2017: When some Boreas wolves trespass on Salsola territory, Artemisia Eternity gives her life to save Idrieus and Loki Helsi.
  30. 16 January 2017: Alistair Callow tells Vesper about the Boreas wolf he killed.
  31. 16 January 2017: Vesper holds a pack meeting to inform Inferni about the identity of their attackers.
  32. 17 January 2017: Shikoba rescues Vicira from a pair of Boreas wolves, Tollak and Mathilda (NPCs).
  33. 17 January 2017 [M] : A Inferni patrol is attacked by a group of Boreas wolves -- and Vesper is kidnapped.
  34. 17 January 2017 [M]: A Salsola patrol consisting of Basilaris Eternity, Osrath Eternity, and Urho Rask is attacked by Boreas wolves.
  35. 17 January 2017 [M]: Vesper is brought to Sara Styg, and tortured.
  36. 18 January 2017 [M]: Bethlehem Anders and Caiphas Fannar find an Inferni puppy outside of the borders and attack him. Bethlehem is killed when other members of Inferni arrive to defend him.
  37. 18 January 2017 [M]: Caiphas Fannar informs Beth's father Jericho Anders and his nephew Teman Forney of her death. They do not take it well.
  38. 18 January 2017: Vesper is rescued by a search party consisting of Alistair, Anna, Virue, Elisabeth, and Conrad.
  39. 18 January 2017: Vesper is brought back to Inferni, visibly affected by the trauma.
  40. 20 January 2017: The leaders of Salsola and some higher-ups from Inferni meet to discuss the attacks and put forth a plan to deal with them.
  41. 20 January 2017 [M]: Amariah attempts to kidnap Crucifix's puppies.
  42. 25 January 2017 [M]: A group of scouts find the Boreas camp in Black River Reserve. Though the Boreas wolves are caught off-guard, the scouting group is unprepared to deal with the attack, and there are casualties.
  43. 28 January 2017: The final battle is launched. A small group is sent in to lure the bulk of the Boreas warriors out; the rest of the group swarms in with a pincer movement to surprise the wolves.
    1. Final Battle Group 1 [M]: Vicira Tears, Salvia Eternity, Lokr Revlis, Alistair Callow, Amund Fannar (NPC), Caiphas Fannar (NPC), Selah Lykke (NPC)
    2. Final Battle Group 2 [M]: Loki Helsi, Idrieus, Noel Priyantha, Ragna Eklund, Snorri Niequist (NPC), Brita Fletcher (NPC)
    3. Final Battle Group 3 [M]: Annabeth de Fonte, Scorpius D'Angelo, Dove Reverie, Fang Espinoza, Methuselah Capello, Mathilda Blomgrenn (NPC), Edwige (NPC), Ross (NPC)
    4. Final Battle Group 4 [M]: Scourge D'Angelo, Izual Massacre, Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, Elkin Ward, Teman Forney, Tollak (NPC)
    5. Final Battle Group 5 [M]: Antioch de le Poer, Rafael Salcedo, Cypher Blackwater, Silas Kasper, Zacchaeus Kasper (NPC), Bjorn Skovgaard (NPC)
    6. Final Battle Group 6 [M]: Tacet Calico, Sliver Stitch, Emmett de le Poer, Linae Daryle, Rudy Stayner, Sara Styg
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