2008 August

2008 August: Timeline

August 5Esper Hollow is subjected to a mutated strain of canine distemper.
August 23Gabriel de le Poer calls a meeting to end the war between Inferni and Dahlia de Mai.[1]
August 26Shadowed Sun and Twilight Vale are disbanded.[2]

On August 5, in Esper Hollow, a mutated strand of canine distemper caused many to fall ill. Among those included are Laruku Tears and Jasper de le Poer.[3][4][5]

The Dahlian war is brought to a close with the announcement of peace made by Gabriel de le Poer on August 23. Not all was well, however; the reappearance of Andrezej Lykoi put those of Inferni ill at ease. Due to Talitha Lykoi's rape by Andrezej, Gabriel issued an execution warrant on Andrezej.[6][7] Two days after the meeting, Andrezej's death was seen to by Gabriel, Faolin Mogotsi, Corona Lykoi, Anselm de le Poer and Rachias Tears de Ame.[8]

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