The Marceaux Family

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Marceaux Family Statistics

Species:Dog, coyote, wolf
Location:Inferni, Cour des Miracles

Marceaux Family Foundation

First Member Location:Inferni
First Member Date:2011
First Member Name:Rémy Lebeau

1.  About

Marceaux is a variant of the name Marcel and means "hammer" in French. The majority of the family is located in the swamps of Louisiana, USA. The Marceaux family is comprised of hardy mixed-breed canines, the majority of which contain copious amounts of dog blood. Though small in number, they are a fierce collection of fighters and (if you ask around) thieves. Their ongoing rivalry with Bayou-based neighbors has resulted in many scuffles and a lot of bloodshed. In recent years, it has escalated; the remaining Marceaux members have become reclusive following the kidnapping of Rémy Lebeau. The family has since spread in a most curious fashion.

1.1  Influence and Influences

2.  Members

2.1  First Generation

  • Blanchefleur Marceaux (née St. Pierre) x Jean-Luc Marceaux
    • Elliot Marceaux
  • Lucille Gauthier (née Barrett) x Horace Gauthier
    • Urilla Gauthier
  • Iseult Gauthier (née Romilly) x Marrock Gauthier
    • Jehanne Gauthier

2.2  Second Generation

  • Urilla Marceaux (née Gauthier) x Elliot Marceaux
  • Jehanne Gauthier x Harper Ealdwine
  • Jehanne Gauthier x Barnabé Lapointe
    • Claudette Lapointe

2.3  Third Generation

3.  Defining Features

The Marceaux family is predominantly made of dogs and dog hybrids, pulling both wolf and coyote lines. Generational lines include black mouth cur, pit bull, rottweiler, and kuvasz genetics.

In children with coyote heritage, the most common sources are the Texas Plains Coyote, Lower Rio Grande Coyote, and the Northeastern Coyote.

In those with wolf heritage, the Great Plains Wolf and Red Wolf are the most prevalent sources.


Predominantly, most members of this family have brown eyes, though these vary in shades. Dark Oak (#412010) occurs most regularly, followed shortly by Redwood (#5D1E0F). In cases of extremely light colors, reds are more visible.

Yellow eyes are also common in offspring with "wild" bloodlines, and generally range between Corn (#E7BF05) and Dandelion (#FED85D).


This varies from generation to generation and is heavily influenced by genetics. Browns are most common, ranging from Copper (#B87333) to Cioccolato (#55280C). Melanistic masks are common, as are speckled and merle patterns.

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