The Landry Collective

Established in 2020, the Landry Collective was established as a connection between the trading cities of Amherst and New Orleans. They specialize in cotton and cotton fabric. The Collective speaks to each other in French, but trade in both French and English.

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  2.   2.  Trade Information
    1.   2.1  Trade Pricing: Steep
    2.   2.2  Items Wanted
    3.   2.3  Items Offered for Trade
  3.   3.  Members

1.  Location

Landry and Co. have set up shop in the central-east part of Amherst, close to the Amherst Railway Station. Their Victorian home is easy to spot from where it stands out amongst the trader's stalls. An assortment of cotton flags have been attached to the screened veranda.

The lower storey acts as a showroom, and has been pleasantly arranged with tables holding various samples and bags of cotton. Bolts of un-dyed cotton rest in closed cabinets. The finest fabrics, such as cotton lace, remain in locked chests, and must be inquired after to be viewed. A strong scent of lavender and cedar permeates from anti-moth satchels strung throughout the house.

The upper storeys are for staff only, and host their storage room and sleeping quarters.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Steep

  • As cotton is a rare commodity, its price is based on supply and demand. Céleste is honest but unwilling to haggle in her pricing.

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Jewelry and trinkets, especially of fine value (high value)
  • Replacement parts for a horse-cart: wheels, axels, tongues (high value)
  • Paper and paper products
  • Herbs and minerals (lavender, cedar oil, salt)

2.3  Items Offered for Trade


  • Woven cotton of increasing quality and thread count; short staple, long staple, Pima cotton (extra-long staple)
  • Spun cotton thread of various thicknesses
  • Raw, unrefined cotton

3.  Members




Céleste Girardot

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Coydog hybrid (dog heavy)
  • DOB: January 2, 2016

Céleste is of very clear doggish heritage, with only the slightest trace of coyote. She's tall and leggy, and while her otherwise athletic build has dwindled into something less with age, but she's not small or demure by any means. Her hair is silky and shiny, though its length is often undermined by the fact she ties it up in a nondescript top-knot.

Céleste manages the store front, and acts as the figurehead for the Collective. Most characters will encounter her in the Amherst shop. She is confident to the point of vanity, self-possessed, quick-thinking, and sure of herself above all others. Despite her arrogance, she tries to be polite and welcoming, but has little patience for slow thinking or those who don't hear her out.

Oliver Landry

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolf-jackal hybrid (wolf heavy)
  • DOB: June 6, 2018

Oliver is young of face and broad of chest, with well-defined muscles from hours of manual labour. The biggest giveaway to his jackal heritage is the black saddle marking that runs down his spine and across his shoulder blades, but even that's a little hard to see. He keeps his shaggy brown hair long, often tying it into a low ponytail. His yellow eyes are bright and kind.

Oliver is the main distributor, organizing the shipment of products from New Orleans, to Amherst, to your front door. Most characters will meet him when he drops off their purchases. He is honest, open, unpretentious, and thick-skinned, but his boastful attitude can make him seem a little pig-headed. If he were in a Hogwarts house, he'd be your typical clueless Gryffindor: always ready to jump in and help, but not perhaps the best person for the job. He's the kind of guy you want to take in small doses, but you have to admit he has a knack for working with horses. He enjoys the travel that his work requires of him. When he's in New Caledonia, he can be found often warming the bed of one Calan Brecours.

Édouard Landry

  • Gender: Male (they/them)
  • Species: Wolf-jackal hybrid (jackal heavy)
  • DOB: October 18, 2016

Édouard is Oliver's older cousin, and is a bit of an oddball in the family. While most of the others in their family are often a solid brown, Édouard's pelt is a mixture of umber, copper, cream, and black. Their frame is short and square, eyes a deep beet red, and hands callused with work. They, too, sport the jackal saddle, and have tattooed a black sun across their left pectoral to match.

Édouard is the least seen of the three, tasked with running the cotton mill in New Orleans. The distance suits them just fine: although responsible and kind, they enjoy the structure of a day at work and the silence of a night alone. They are drawn towards leadership, and manage a team of about five to ten Luperci who harvest, unseed, card and weave the cotton into the various forms they sell. The operation could grow bigger, but Édouard worries that they wouldn't be able to manage anything bigger.

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