The Kotovo Family

    The Kotovo Family



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  • Mel (owner, creator)


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  • Species:
  • Family Origin: Volgograd?, Russia
  • Etymology
    • Russian: tomcat
    • The family likely took its name from the town of Kotovo, where they originated from.
  • Archetype (Group):
    • Headstrong, proud, hard working, explorers
  • Archetypes (Individuals):
    • Fighters, hunters and fishers, creators, spiritualists

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  1.   1.  Physical Attributes
    1.   1.1  Eyes
    2.   1.2  Fur
  2.   2.  Members
  3.   3.  Influence and Influences

1.  Physical Attributes

1.1  Eyes

Conforming Color Variation

  • Most often amber or slightly green. Eyes likely to remain "light" even if they are a non-conforming color.

1.2  Fur

Conforming Color Variation

  • Less likely to have defined markings -- solid or slightly gradient pelts are common.
  • By and large, members of the Kotovo family are various shades of gray, most often with lighter underbellies and darker backs.
  • Thick and plush "winter ready" pelts are the norm.

2.  Members

First Generation

  • Bronislava Kotovo x Odin Kotovo — 20 May 2012
    • Bjart Kotovo
    • Artem Kotovo
  • Siv Helsi x Odin Kotovo — 13 October 2012

Second Generation

Third Generation

3.  Influence and Influences




  • Salsola — Though Odin did not know it at the time, the mysterious woman he met in Freetown was the spiritual leader, or Crone, of Salsola. Their daughter would be raised in the pack and go on to have three children of her own. Later, Bogdan would bring his son overseas looking for their far-flung relatives.
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