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The Grimalkin troupe is much less a purebred bloodline and more so a collection of found-family canines. While they have been established for the last decade and caravanned across North America, it was not until 2019 that the collective stopped their wandering and settled down a base in the Portland outskirts. Their sigil is a black red-eyed cat cradling a crescent moon. Their official motto is "We Make Our Own Luck."

The Grimalkin are well-known for taking in Luperci under their name and care, dubbing these adopted individuals the Embraced. The troupe is loosely organized and doesn't have a strict hierarchal order. All members are regarded as equals; generally, elders are respected for their wisdom while youngsters are valued for their insight. However, if business or any dispute needs to be settled, it falls upon the authority of the Maestro. The ringleader on and off stage, they are the cunning mastermind that safeguards the troupe. It is an elected position, but one that is historically kept for life or until retirement.

The main base of the Grimalkin is The Black Cat in Portland. Their primary function is that of entertainers, dabbling in all sorts of arts and performances to attract the eye of Luperci to them. However, that can only keep the proverbial lights on for so long. Their real wealth is generated by their homemade brews, a local source of liquor and spirits. Their trademark secret recipe is Red-Eye moonshine. Under the table, they also can be hired to undergo private investigations on the behalf of their benefactors. The Grimalkin are many-faced and multi-eyed.

  • Common Roles/Lifestyles: Performers, bouncers, merchants, divinators, magicians, carnies, brewers/vintners, weavers, jewelers, spies,
    • Common Trades: Entertainment, bodyguarding, divination, temporary housing, clothing and costumes, jewelry, messaging, high-quality moonshine and wine, private investigations
  • Known for: their hospitality, taking in strays, their artistry, their Red-Eye moonshine, being cryptic and fickle, their colony of cats

1.  Family Members

Contributing members are notated in bold

Adopted members are notated by italics

A red x indicates a non-consensual litter

Members with a strikethrough died before they reached 18 months old

Note: Newly-adopted members with no blood relations are to be linked by their adoptee, regardless of relationship (i.e. friends, parent-child, mates, siblings, etc.). The date will reflect the time of their adoption.

First Generation
  • Marianne Grimalkin x Léonard Rousell (October 2018)
    • Gerard Grimalkin
  • Marianne Grimalkin (February 2019)
    • Sibley Grimalkin (née Briggs)
  • Marianne Grimalkin (January 2020)
    • Jasper Grimalkin (née Kimmons)
    • Jessica Grimalkin (née Cook)
  • Jemma Grimalkin x Amadeo Grimalkin (March 2020)
    • Aurelio Grimalkin
    • Capricia Grimalkin
    • Eliseo Grimalkin

  • Sigi Grimalkin (September 2020)
  • Jemma Grimalkin x Amadeo Grimalkin (August 2021)
    • Silvestro Grimalkin
Second Generation
  • Jessica Grimalkin x Jasper Grimalkin (April 2021)
    • Yael Grimalkin
    • Isola Grimalkin
    • Kit Grimalkin
  • Nia Langston x Mawrth Grimalkin (June 2022)
    • Maisie Grimalkin
    • Felix Grimalkin

2.  Culture and Influence

2.1  The Embraced

Occasionally, those who seek refuge with the Grimalkin wish to join the fold. After all, the troupe makes it known that they are motley crew with few blood ties to speak for. Sometimes the invitation is warmly given to outsiders who make an impression on a particular Grimalkin, to the company that they enjoy and hold dear. To join the family is to be Embraced. The process is simple and straightforward: after expressing interest to become a Grimalkin to a family member who adopts their fealty, the Embraced and their Embracer undergo a vigil for one night. Under the shadow of darkness, they keep watch over the troupe, their pack, or simply each other if they are alone. The watch is intended for reflection and resolution. It is a promise that the Embraced will be there for the Embracer and for all Grimalkin from that night forward, one servicing the other through a chosen covenant—a true family.

While it is expected for the Embraced to be linked to an Embracer that they have some sort of personal connection to, the Maestro may act in lieu for those unable to forge a bond. Not every Grimalkin is receptive to being an Embracer for one reason or another. It is not frowned upon to shed the Grimalkin name (such as in instances of mateship) but there is the expectation that the covenant will be fulfilled if help is needed and the individual is able. There has not been an instance where the Embrace has been broken or revoked.

(If you are interested in creating a character that is Embraced, read more here!)


Given their nature to take in canines of all backgrounds, it is not unusual for them to have ties to established families and houses. While many take on the Grimalkin name when entering the fold, there are notable individuals who are a part of the collective but retain their title for one reason or another.

  • Singwell
    • Aerith and Mawrth Singwell traveled from Eldergard in search of a life bereft of court intrigue and house rivalry. Both being of musical talent, they found their place within the Grimalkin troupe. Mawrth took on the family name while Aerith clung to her old title.


While they were migratory in the past, much of the Grimalkin troupe's business is centralized in Portland, Maine. Historical members are from various parts of the world (predominantly Europe and some of Africa) but worldwide Grimalkin influence is very limited in scope.

  • The Black Cat, Portland – The main base of the troupe and their self-declared homeland within the Portland outskirts. They are one of the small intra-communities within the area; the open air venue hosts entertainment to attract audiences and serves alcohol to keep them hanging. It also acts as a last resort shelter for those down-and-out on their luck.


Individuals, groups, or families of note are listed here. These range from those who had strong and outstanding ties with multiple family members, individuals who served the family, to those who might have severely wronged a family member, or are otherwise in negative standing with its members.

Honorary Members

Those listed here are individuals who are honorary members due to some sort of noteworthy action.

  • Kelsi Singwell — While she was never formally adopted by the troupe, the Grimalkin had a heavy hand in rearing Kelsi and imparted an interest in magic and speechcraft.

3.  Icon

Feline Familiar We Make Our Own Luck

  • The icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any character who has taken the surname Grimalkin, regardless of their blood connection.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or something similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state in any way.
  • The only hover texts permitted are:
    • Grimalkin
    • We Make Our Own Luck

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