Zoë Bouchard

Date of BirthMarch 28, 2006
Age> 7 years


Birth placeLac Sakami
Subspecies75% Great Plains Wolf
25% Arctic Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)

Current Pack

Wapanoutauw Lac Sakami Pack
28 Mar 2006 - current
Alpha Female

Zoë Bouchard is the Alpha Female of the Lac Sakami. She leads the pack alongside her mate and Alpha Male, George Asquabaneskum.


Zoë Bouchard was born in Lac Sakami alongside her two brothers and sister on March 28, 2006. Her family descends from the Cree wolves and Inuit wolves. She grew up speaking Cree and French and trying to learn what she could of her ancestors' Inuit culture. Zoë has a fondness for languages and preserving culture and grew up working closely with Viola Aston, the pack's Storyteller.

When she was a year old, she went on an extended trip to visit the nearby areas, accompanying one of the pack's scouts, Tobias Gagnon, along with her brother Mathieu. Tobias introduced them to a nearby pack and Mathieu decided to leave Lac Sakami and join the other.



  • Parents: Camille Barbotin and Raymond Bouchard
  • Siblings: Clément Barbotin, Mathieu Barbotin, and Inès Bouchard
  • Children with George Asquabaneskum: Maria Asquabaneskum

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