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14 Feb 2013





Здравка Мо́лотова


Serbian, Russian




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Tundra Wolf, Russian Wolf, Spitz-type dog




Zdravka is predominantly white with some silver frosting along her back and shoulders. Her eyes are naturally pale blue, almost white—the same color as Nikita, Zaets, and many other Russos. In her left eyebrow is a traditional family piercing. On her body are various burn scars, and one of her eyes is clouded from the fire that killed her sister. She wears a patch over this eye.

Her accent is heavily Russian, and her voice is deep and silky. She speaks both Russian and English, and would have learned some English through her father growing up. She smells of salt, ocean, winter, with a warm, smokey undertone. She would have various nautical themed tattoos/branding. Probably suffers from bitchy resting face, despite being naturally pretty.


You tell me! Themes for her would be Russo, Russian, winter, nautical, traveler. She feels a lot of guilt about what happened to her little sister, which was the catalyst for her leaving home. For real though, it's pretty much up to the player to develop her beyond her backstory.

Family: Russo


Zdravka was born the only girl alongside two brothers, with numerous older brothers from litters prior. Her father was a fisherman and a boat captain, while her elder siblings were an established part of his crew. Her mother had previously been a renown and established hunter, but she joined the family fishing business after her marriage to Zaets. Zdravka strived to set herself apart from her brothers, working hard to prove her unique worth to her family. Eventually she become interested in fire and incendiary devices.

Zdravka, Dmitri, and their younger siblings, Nikita and Asya, were exploring human ruins when through the instigation of Dmitri she decided to start a fire with a molotov cocktail. The fire began quickly, devouring the old building, and they quickly escaped outside. But it wasn't long before they realized that Asya wasn't with them.

They hadn't realized that she'd crawled into old cabinet while exploring and had fallen asleep. Zdravka rushed back in to find her, but there was too much smoke and flame. She was burned in the process before escaping. She left that very night, not even returning home with her siblings. Instead, she headed toward Moscow, and then onward.


Just a simple outline.

  • February 2013: Born alongside Aleksei and Dmitri to Zaets and Jovanka.
  • March 2013: Zdravka and her siblings are given their traditional eyebrow piercings.
  • August 2013: Now six months old, Zdravka and her siblings begin to shift for the first time.
  • February 2014: Zdravka, Dmitri, Asya, and Nikita are exploring human ruins. Zdravka sets a building on fire, but they do not realize that Asya is still inside. By the time they realize it is too late and she is burned alive. Zdravka attempts to rescue her and suffers burns in the process. Consumed with guilt over the situation, she leaves Sobirat'sya.
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