Zalen Damaichu

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Zalen Damaichu was the founding leader of New Dawn, and mate to Raeka Damaichu. Zalen is the son of Lahleia, making him a descendent of Ruby of Silent Dawn; he is also the father of sons Keylo, Kerrian, and Bertolt, and daughters Veyra, Petra, and Kalila.

Zalen Damaichu

Zalen, by Nat

Name MeaningHitter, thrower
Name OriginEgyptian
Date of BirthApril 15, 2008
Date of DeathJanuary 15, 2015
Subspecies68.75% Canis lupus
25% Canis latrans
6.25% Canis rufus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeMichigan
Current packNew Dawn

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Current Pack New Dawn

Joining date14 Dec 2011[1]

Previous Packs


DatesJuly 4, 2011 - Dec 14, 2011


Zalen is a larger than average melanistic wolf. In all forms he has uniform black fur of average length. He wears two silver hoops in his left ear, and under his right eye he has a crimson marking, which is custom in his family. From time to time he also adorns his hair with red-tail hawk feathers. He has several scars; large raking claw marks on both forearms and both buttox to thighs; they are the color of his skin; a dark gray.


  • Cod Gray (#141414): fur color.
  • Wasabi(#BADF11): eyes
  • Milano Red(#B92904) : eye mark.





70 lbs
33 in

180 lbs
40 in

290 lbs
6ft 7in

Looks like a slightly larger than average wolf.

Looks like a extremely hefty wolf, something like a mix between a wolf and a small bear.

Lean and athletic in build, with elongated arms. Zalen moves nearly exclusively on all fours, even in this form, and moves this way naturally. When standing on two legs, he stands hunched and animal like, as if he could go down onto all fours at any moment. He keeps his wild mane maintained with a thick braid.


Zalen prefers Lupus and Optime equally, can can often be seen in either/or. Secui reserved for big game hunting and combat.


He is a stoic wolf and guards his past closely. He is calm, and slow to anger by other wolves. However, he has little patience for other canines, especially coyotes, which he considers scoundrels and villains after the episode where he was separated from his mother. Little does he know that his father was actually half coyote.

His mother raised him in the old style of pack hierarchy, so he shows respect where it required and demands it where it is expected. Being an alpha of a new pack has caused him to quickly learn what it means to be a leader.

On the softer side he has a heart for the other creatures of the earth. Though he uses them for sustenance, he respects them giving their life to sustain his. He also has the spiritual gift of exhortation, the ability to empathize at a much deeper level than normal. Therefore when he meets someone new he immediately understands them at a personal level causing those who usually are guarded to spill their guts because for whatever reason they trust him. Because of this Zalen is a fantastic listener.

He is one to give others second and even third chances, if he believes they are honest in changing past indiscretions. Otherwise, Zalen is harsh when it comes to delving out punishment, wanting to make a lasting impression the firs time around.



  • Likes: Sleeping, hunting, scent-marking, playing and socializing.
  • Dislikes: Human things, the way the world is changing, disloyalty, spies, slavers.


Sincere, warm-hearted, empathetic, wary, formal.


  • Zalen's ultimate fear is having the natural way of the wolf lost to the ages and ways of the Luperci.
  • Death of his children, his pack disbanding, death of his friends.


  • Protection of his children, New Dawn, the weak, and other friends, family, and comrades
  • Preserving the welfare of New Dawn
  • Preserving the natural way of life
  • Keeping his family name preserved


  • Species: Zalen is more wary of non-wolf canines, most especially dogs.
  • Luperci: Humanized Luperci put Zalen on edge, and he can be somewhat terse in interactions with them.


  • Heterosexual
  • Will only engage in sexual activity out of mate-ship if the female is in heat and willing.


  • Does not partake in any substance.


  • Believes in a 'Mother Earth' type figure; a main deity that makes itself known through the beauties and laws of nature.



  • A tenor voice, calm and even
  • Usually speaks very formally


  • New Dawn scent: wolf musk, dirt, water, ocean
  • Fresh dirt and moss, from living in the communal den
  • Musky Alpha scent, very strong and dominant


Key Relations

  • Raeka Rain, Zalen's mate and Alphess. She fought her way to the top, but has to fight her way into his heart. Yet he respects her and is glad to have her by his side.
  • Jazper Rhiannon-Knight is a close confidant, friend and ally. It was discovered that they are also distantly related; Zalen values Jazper's support and consul.



Minor Relations

  • Vesper: Zalen and Vesper have a history, she being the first coyote that did not put him on edge. They now can claim a tentative friendship with each other, and use this friendship to strengthen diplomacy between their two packs.

Former Relations

  • Titania Moonsong was Zalen's first mate and first love. They formed New Dawn together, and would still be together if Titania hadn't lost all her memories alongside their first litter. Now her whereabouts are unknown.
  • Adonia Demos was a former romantic partner as well as the mother to his first litter. When he was not able to requite the love she desired, she drifted away from him. In March 2013, Adonia was killed by a bear, leaving a hole in Zalen's heart and his children motherless.
  • Soran Aatte was Zalen's mother figure and mentor. She taught Zalen how to read and also how to deal with the anger and hate he felt over his real mother's death.
  • X'yrin Exultare was Zalen's best friend and secret lover. If it weren't for them leading two separate packs, the two would be mated. They share a very deep bond and goes beyond words. Zalen was crushed when she suddenly left.


  • Lives in the New Dawn communal den with the rest of his pack-mates.




  • Stamina & Stealth: While Zalen is average when it comes to combat and hunting, he makes up for it with stamina and stealth. He can run for an unusually long time with out a break, and his pad-falls are all but silent; his coat helps for him to blend into the shadows.
  • Diplomacy: Zalen is very level headed and can read others very easily. He also is adept at listening to others and finding solutions to their issues; this helps with dissolving member and pack disputes.


  • Static thinking: Zalen knows what he believes and that it is right; it takes a lot to change his beliefs.
  • Self-doubt: One of Zalen's greatest weaknesses is that he worries too often about what others think of him, and if he is making the right decisions in their eyes.



Zalen was born in the lands to the South West, though he himself is not sure quite where exactly. He was raised through puppy-hood by his lone wolf mother, though he does not remember much about her, he remembers that she was kind, strong, but with a sad soul. She had given him the symbol that he bears under his right eye, a family symbol which she herself bore.

One night in his adolescent years he and his mother were attacked by a band of coyote and dog half-breeds. They were separated and he would have been killed if it hadn't been for two wolf travelers saving his life. The three searched in vain for his mother, and Zalen was never to see her again. The two wolves who rescued him were brothers, Cody and Keylo, and they accepted Zalen into their meager pack and the three traversed the land together for two years living as bachelors. In this time Zalen learned to hunt, fish, and shift through the secui and optime forms. He grew into a formidable power house of a wolf and was a great asset to his small pack.

In the winter of 2010, the trio stumbled upon another small pack of wolves and joined up. For a time all was peaceful, but then the younger of the two brothers, Cody, foolishly began to secretly cohort with the Alpha's female. Soon the Alpha came to find out and he attacked Cody. Keylo and Zalen came to his aid, but the whole pack turned against them. Cody was killed and Keylo injured. Zalen and Keylo escaped, but a few days later Keylo succumbed to his wounds and died.


Summer & Early Fall

Zalen then began to wander on his own, and eventually made his way into Nova Scotia. After exploring the area and meeting a few individuals Zalen settled down in Arachnea's Revenge and found himself a nice little cave to call home for the time being. He was eventually recruited into a group called Sequoia, a group made up of loners and led by Tayui Aston, whose plan was to punish Salsola for keeping slaves.

Late Fall & Early Winter

During this time, Zalen met and fell in love with a dark female name Lucia Cabriel, but she became frightened of her feelings for him and ran off. This caused Zalen to become jaded, not only because of the loss of his first love but also by the way the Luperci packs handled themselves. Fresh off the end of the AniWaya Conflict, Zalen began to wander, thinking he might leave Nova Scotia all together. This is when he met Titania, a young wolfess full of life. The two fell in love and decided to start a pack all their own, one in which they could be what they were meant to be; wolves.


Late Winter & Spring

After several months of planning, Zalen and Titania claimed the territory to the north of Ichika no Ho-en and founded New Dawn along with six other like minded wolves. The first several months of New Dawn's existence were uneventful, save for Zalen and Jiva Takekuro chasing off a cougar. The following Spring however, a dog named Amy Sunders begins to cause trouble for New Dawn by attacking its members and kidnapping one of Kiara Amarok's pups. It is not long before Zalen and Titania declared Amy an enemy, but she continued to harrass New Dawn with attacks.


In the heat of summer, Titania finally becomes pregnant. Zalen and New Dawn were overjoyed at this. However, after holing herself up in the birthing den for longer than normal, Zalen went to investigate only to find that Titania was missing and that she had miscarried. This marks the beginning of dark times for New Dawn, as many members begin to wonder if the pack is no longer safe for them. Many leave, but New Dawn also grows with new numbers. The first litter is born unto Fayne Gremory and Noah Sawtooth.


To regain some semblance of balance and control, Zalen copulates with Adonia Demos so that the two of them can experience the joys of parenthood. Zalen also copulates with X'yrin Exultare in an effort to form an alliance with Sangi'lak. But Amy attacks again, this time kidnapping Adonia. Zalen and all of New Dawn focus on finding and killing her, which is ultimately successful. His sons by Adonia are born successfully in New Dawn, and are named Kerrian Demos and Keylo Damaichu.


Then came a time of unrest for New Dawn. Though Amy was dead, many did not find New Dawn fit for them anymore, and the pack's numbers dwindled. Feeling himself losing a grip on control, Zalen forged the alliance with Sangi'lak with the birth of his daughter, Veyra Damaichu. A new female named Raeka Rain also fought her way to the top of New Dawn's ranks, and eventually claimed Zalen's side as the new Alphess and his mate. But around the same time, Zalen and X'yrin discovered their love for each other, creating an awkward and painful situation for all involved. X'yrin and Raeka end up fighting, both out of spite and for Zalen's affections. Afterwards X'yrin and Raeka become ambivalent towards Zalen, and only make amends with him after a huge snow storm hits both packs. A tentative peace then falls over New Dawn.



Spring comes and with it, relieved tensions. Zalen and Raeka make up and try for puppies to no avail. X'yrin, while still unhappy with Raeka being the female leader of New Dawn, continues to be Zalen's friend. The young pups begin to grow into young adults in New Dawn.


In summer, things take a turn for the worst. Adonia is killed by a rogue bear, and her body is discovered by her sons. The pack mourns the loss, as well as the loss of a possible pregnancy by Raeka. Then, more disaster; Augustus, the current male Beta, disappears and only traces of his blood and struggle are found; he is presumed dead and killed by the same bear that took Adonia.

In late summer 2013, still reeling from the two deaths, the pack is once again faced with more troubles in the form of marauding loners stealing food and setting up camp in the Dagger Caverns of New Dawn's territory. Once they are found out by Keylo, they kidnap Krys Sawtooth as a bargaining chip. The Dawners along with X'yrin and Sequoia of Sangi'lak, face the intruders head on, killing the majority of them and saving their pack-mate. However, this confrontation convinces the two female leaders of Sangi'lak that New Dawn is vulnerable, and they decide to move their pack just to New Dawn's south to lend protection if it is needed.

Fall & Winter

Early autumn, 2013, Sangi'lak suddenly and mysterious disappears. Zalen mourns the loss of his friend and once lover, X'yrin. Raeka decides to try and lift the packs' spirit with a hunt. But only moments into the search for prey, lightning strikes near the packs and catches the Sunrise Meadow on fire. All the members escape relatively unharmed, except for Tharin, who burned alive in the fire. Zalen mourns his loyal and dear friend. Then, suddenly, an old mentor appears when Soran Aatte returns to New Dawn only to just as suddenly disappear. Later that winter, Zalen impregnates both Raeka and a newcomer, Hartt Attaya.


Early 2014, Hartt is attacked and her pups lost, but Raeka successfully gives birth to her first litter by Zalen, two healthy pups which they name Bertolt Damaichu and Petra Damaichu. The bear that killed both Adonia and Augustus is brought down by the pack. Zalen has a one night stand with Grace D'Angelo which results in her becoming pregnant.



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