Yvonne is a wolfdog hailing from Russia. She is a member of Mistfell Vale and mated to Dalia.


Yvonne, by Ash
Date of Birth11/27/2016

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Current Pack

Mistfell Vale

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SignificanceUnranked member

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Cour des Miracles

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1.  History

Born in Russia she was raised as a hunter by her parents. They traveled to America when she was one years old, and she gained her hawk companion there. She trained the hawk with her fathers help, and now the two work together when hunting or scouting the area. Yvonne decided to travel to Souls while exploring the lands, and is interested in finding out more about the packs and traditions of the area.

2.  Personality

Yvonne is resourceful, and she has a sharp mind and eye. She knows how to read others pretty well, and is often blunt with how she feels about those she meets.

3.  Appearance

Yvonne is tall and stocky, while still agile. She has blonde fur with brown markings and green eyes. The only things she wears is a crows skull around her neck and a leather shoulder pad for her hawk to rest on.




3ft (91 cm)

4ft (122 cm)

6ft 5in (198.12 cm)

3.1  Images

4.  Skills

  • Hunting/Tracking: Expert
  • Skinning: Expert
  • Animal knowledge (general): Intermediate
  • Spying: Intermediate
  • Stone working (tools/weapons): Intermediate