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Xeris, by Sie
Full NameXeris de Heritage
Name PronunciationZer-iss
Date of Birth10 May 2006
Age4 years
SubspeciesCanis lupus verto
Birth placeHeritage Retreat, Maine
Current packPhoenix Valley
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining date19 May 2009
Joining RankLoas
Most Recent RankPraeas

Xeris is a former member of Phoenix Valley.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  In the past; Heritage Retreat
    2.   1.2  The banishment
    3.   1.3  Phoenix Valley
    4.   1.4  The War of Oxbow
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Close friends
    3.   3.3  Respected
    4.   3.4  Acquaintances
    5.   3.5  Neutral
    6.   3.6  Enemies
  4.   4.  Appearance
    1.   4.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   4.2  Scars

1.  History

1.1  In the past; Heritage Retreat

The de Heritage clan of northern Maine made its home near what was once the human town of Oxbow, in an area called Heritage Retreat by its occupants. Named for their dedication to preserving pure wolf heritage and shunning the human-like ways of the Luperci, the pack bonded together and all took the surname of "de Heritage." The leader of this pack was named Yakuto de Heritage. Before the de Heritage pack had been established, Yakuto took a mate named Taishia. It was from her that the tradition of renaming the pack members began, as she had never known her surname and chose de Heritage as her own. As the number of Luperci increased, Yakuto became more fearful of this new race. On May 10, 2006, Taishia gave birth to Yakuto's three children, two males and one female. Both males were stillborn. The single female was named Xeris de Heritage. Yakuto became almost unreasonably strict and protective of his daughter, prohibiting her from straying from the packlands for fear of association with Luperci. Taishia was more lenient, but unfortunately unwilling to disobey her mate's orders.

1.2  The banishment

Two years passed. The de Heritage clan, though surrounded by Luperci, was still continuing to thrive. While patrolling the borders one day, Xeris spotted a stranger in the distance; a Luperci. Her dangerously curious nature kicked in, and she spoke to the Luperci, who claimed that the shifters meant no harm and really weren't all bad. Over the next several months, the two met in secret many times on de Heritage borders, and became friends. One night, it was decided that the two would rendezvous at a location dangerously close to the Luperci pack's borders. Xeris snuck out in the middle of the night, but upon reaching the agreed upon location, she was immediately ambushed by the Luperci pack's patrolman. Though she escaped with her life, both she and the enemy were wounded, and Xeris came in contact with Luperci blood directly.

Xeris returned to the de Heritage borders, injured and weak, and was reprimanded severely by her father. It took about a week for her wounds to adequately heal, but by that time, something else was happening. Xeris began feeling an odd urge, a want to change herself. And it was then that she shifted to optime form for the first time, to the horror of Yakuto and the others. Though it pained him, Yakuto ordered that Xeris be banished from de Heritage lands forever. She spent her third birthday wandering, lost and lonely, searching desperately for somewhere that she would be accepted.

1.3  Phoenix Valley

Early tensions

Later in May, only a few days after her birthday, Xeris found a pack's marked territory. This pack turned out to be Phoenix Valley. It was not long before she was welcomed to the pack by subleader DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite. She quickly befriended many members of the pack and soon began to feel that she had found a new family. In early July 2009, just months after her arrival in the lands, her friend Rendall was attacked by a mountain lion; this was the first major event to occur while Xeris was in the 'Souls territory.[1]

It was not long after this, later in the month, when Xeris mistakenly entered neighboring Inferni territory. Tensions were running high between Inferni and Phoenix Valley at the time, and despite the fact that she was simply lost and tried to explain that she meant no harm, Xeris was attacked by Kaena Lykoi.[2] She received many wounds from this fight (detailed below), which were treated by her friends from the Valley.[3]

Just a short time before the birth of her three children, Xeris' friend and former packmate, Damascus de Heritage?, arrived in Phoenix Valley. He did not stay long before moving on to a currently unknown location.

A new family

In August 2009, Xeris became the mate of Pendzez Zazkex.[4] It was not long after then that the two decided to have children. Xeris gave birth to a litter of three--Delwyn Zazkex, Carwyn Zazkex, and Xion de Heritage--in December.[5]

During the Second Dahlian War, Xeris was given the task of watching over Naniko D'Angelo's litter, and continued to keep an eye on them after their mother left the pack.

Her adventurous firstborn son, Delwyn, disappeared after several months, to Xeris' dismay, but has since returned.

1.4  The War of Oxbow

In October of 2010, a wolf claiming to be from the de Heritage clan arrived at Phoenix Valley borders looking for Xeris. He told her that she had been summoned by her father to return to her homeland. She agreed to go with him and brought along her daughter Xion. However, as they got closer to Heritage Retreat, Xeris became suspicious of the wolf and told Xion to return to the Valley on her own.

As it turned out, the supposed representative of the de Heritage clan was an enemy. Upon arriving at her birthplace she found it in the midst of war. A traveling pack of rogues had decided that they wanted Heritage Retreat for themselves, and wanted to make sure that not a single member of the de Heritage line would return to the area. Xeris was attacked by the rogues but managed to escape, heading back in the direction of Phoenix Valley and vowing to never go back to her former home. All members of the de Heritage clan who were present at the time of the war were slaughtered, including Xeris' parents.

She arrived back at Phoenix Valley borders in late November 2010, where she was accepted back into the pack by Jefferson Soul.[6]

2.  Personality

Throughout her life, curiosity has governed Xeris' personality, often too much so. However, she has learned a lot and is quite intelligent, though often naive. When she first joined Phoenix Valley, she was quite timid and unsure of herself; however, over time, especially since becoming a mother, Xeris has grown more mature and confident. She loves making friends and thinks of her packmates as her family. Most of the time she is very approachable, though wary of her children's safety.

Since returning from Heritage Retreat in November 2010, Xeris is much more quiet and solemn, lacking the emotion that she was once filled with. Deep down, though, she still holds her old personality, but the experiences in the month she was gone from 'Souls have buried it deep within her.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Yakuto de Heritage x Taishia de Heritage

  • Xeris de Heritage
  • unnamed
  • unnamed

Pendzez Zazkex x Xeris de Heritage

3.2  Close friends

3.3  Respected

3.4  Acquaintances

3.5  Neutral

3.6  Enemies

4.  Appearance

Her fur is white, with some silvery gray markings on her back. She has bright yellow eyes. For most wolves her age, her stature is relatively small and skinny.

4.1  Luperci Forms

At first, Xeris used her lupus form almost all of the time. However, she has gotten more and more used to her optime form and now uses it frequently. She rarely ever uses secui form unless it is an emergency, like defending herself or someone else.

(more detailed description coming soon)

4.2  Scars

  • Bite mark on muzzle below eyes, from Kaena Lykoi
  • Light scarring on right foreleg, from Kaena Lykoi
  • Large horizontal slash along left side of ribcage, from Kaena Lykoi
  • Four vertical slashes down her throat, from the Oxbow War
  • Ripped right ear, from the Oxbow War
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