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by Raze

Winter Dove Reverie is the daughter of Micah Sunrise Lykoi, born in Juniper Peace. Graceful, reserved and artistic true to her Juniper roots, Dove was shaken after the murder of her eldest sister to Mistral de l'Or while the Reverie siblings visited Nova Scotia to investigate the Red Star's falling. Overwhelmed and feeling naive about the outside world, Dove remained behind in Nova Scotia with her little brother River Lark hoping to find direction and confidence.

After an attack in December 2016 in a precursor to the Second Boreas War, Dove and River sought refuge in Inferni. When River went missing at the end of the war, Dove became determined to find him; shell-shocked and heavily depressed, she starved and exhausted herself in the process. When a plague spread through Nova Scotia that April, Dove was heavily compromised due to her weight—and after nearly losing her life, began to change her ways.

Dove participated in the Inferni-Salsola War in fall of 2017 with the clan. Following a violent act of betrayal that resulted in a grisly scar and the loss of her hair, Dove was encouraged by Salsolan captive Neith Heiwa to flee Inferni with an imprisoned Salsolan child. Though torn, Dove fled for Cour des Miracles with Ask Fylgja—renamed Gossamer Reverie—before the war's end. During the Winter of Tarnished Gold, Dove rebelled against the rule of usurper Queen Mistral de l'Or—her sister's murderer—and personally helped put the madwoman to death.

Dazed by otherworldly blossoms, Dove dropped into the sea from a cliff in late April of 2018.






  • Date of Birth: 2 Dec 2015
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: —
  • cNPC: —
  • Minor NPCs:
    • -

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: --
  • Join Date: --
  • Residence: --


1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Not as delicate as her name would boast, Dove adds her wolf mother's near-white pelt with her father's coyote frame, and is of average coyote height and attractive, feminine build. In a large V shape, a dark grey saddle marks from the base of her skull to her forearms and tailtip. True to her Lykoi roots, a notch of red spots the end of her snout and her eyes are a typical golden straw color. Her hair, once very long, has been cut short in the back with long bangs; dark grey streaks grow here and there throughout. Dove wears loose, thin fabrics with colorful designs and bundles up in furs in the winter. She commonly wears her hunting bow across her body, with quiver belted over her back. Dove prefers loose clothing with colorful designs, and is attracted to a bohemian look. She wears a few piercings in her ears, no tattoos, and does not have a Chaos Star. She has one large gash down her left cheek.


 Mine Shaft (#2E2E2E)
 Silver Sand (#C1C7C7)
 Iron (#D7DEDE)
 Black Haze (#EBEDED)
 Temptress (#4F0000)
 Chenin (#E1D45E)


  • Fur: Primarily Iron, with Black Haze inside ears and a very slight underbelly.
  • Markings: Mine Shaft saddle across back and shins, lined with Silver Sand
  • Eyes: Chenin
  • Optime Hair: Iron with scant, long streaks of natural Mine Shaft
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black

140 lbs (63 kg)
5ft 3in (63 in / 160 cm)

115 lbs (52 kg)
36 in (91.5 cm)

20 lbs (09 kg)
21 in (53 cm)

2.  Personality

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Pragmatic
  • Sociability: Ambiverted
  • Expression: Dominant, detached, hypervigilant, two-sided
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • "Values both personal freedom and adherence to laws."
    • "Is driven to right injustice."
    • "Works well alone or in a group."
    • "Believes in happiness to all deserving creatures."


  • Speech: cool, moderate pitch, smooth, soft-spoken
  • Scent: peppermint and cinnamon, Juniper Peace, Lykoi
  • Body language: Naturally graceful. Physically hostile with strangers.


Stoic and cold among strangers; generous and kind among friends. A trial to truly befriend, but a treasure of a friendship once earned. Naive, hippie-like roots forced to adapt suddenly into a violent, tumultuous world. Young and still impressionable, but pragmatic and defensive about ideals. Strives to impress her idols. Just, retaliatory, youthfully brash. A hero unafraid to intervene for the downtrodden. Values self-growth and momentum, and is vocally critical of those who are not. Neutral towards both wolves and coyotes, but extremely suspicious of small dog breeds. An archer, a craftsman, and a flower-child through and through. Pansexual.

2.2  Skills


  • Alternative Remedies: (Moderate) Dove isn't well-trained beyond the basics of first aid, but knows a variety of alternative medicines: Yoga, meditation, substance use, even concepts like art therapy.
  • Animal Care (Journeyman): Dove understands low speech on a rudimentary level thanks to the nature-loving ways of Juniper Peace. She has a soft spot for most prey animal life, particularly the ravens of Ravenswrest in Inferni, and often enjoys the company of creatures more than she does other canids.
  • Craftmaking (Journeyman): Dove has done a lot of crafting at home. She regularly makes jewelry by hand and also knows how to sew, particularly to repair torn clothes. Dove very much enjoys painting, as inspired by her father—but good paints and brushes are difficult to obtain, and she didn't bring any from home.
  • Scouting (Journeyman): Dove self-taught how to scout and maintain borderlines to fill in when the members of Juniper Peace were otherwise distracted; she can identify In addition, the death of her sister Saffron left Dove further wary and on constant high alert for danger outside safe areas such as pack borderlines.
  • Archery (Journeyman): Dove only began to learn archery as taught to her by her mother shortly before leaving home. She took her bow and arrows with her and has practiced, but her skill is unpredictable at best. Since joining Inferni, she has started to train under a number of mentors.


  • Withdrawn. For a flower-child, Dove is awfully closed-off. She isn't antisocial, but constantly suspicious of the intentions of others and difficult to win over. Most of her interests tend to be introverted, or tend away from crowds much like her father.
  • Hostile and intolerant with strangers. Dove consciously behaves around fellow clanmembers, but tends to be extremely harsh with those beyond Inferni and those who come knocking. Self-preservative and scared to a fault, she will threaten and talk big at strangers if the situation calls for it. She makes for a terrible Inferni representative.
  • Poor stamina. Dove isn't built for combat or speed; she's much too skinny, and several months of malnourishment and starvation in 2017 have had some aftereffects that could last years. Dove isn't a quick shot, nor a fast runner, but she can shoot and run in spurts before wearing out fast.
  • Young and impressionable. Given her age and early trauma, Dove's talents mostly lie in crafting, scouting, and animal care, and what she can boast is untrained at best in skill level.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Micah Sunrise Lykoi is her father, with whom she was very close. Dove looked up to Micah, and took after him more so than her siblings; that said, she observed his less than ideal characteristics and modeled herself the opposite. Instead of anxious and apologetic, she taught herself assertiveness and [false] confidence.
  • Mistral de l'Or is Dove's adoptive sister whom Dove met by chance with her siblings while traveling to see the aftermath of the Red Star. Mistral, called Saffron at one point by her father, became haughty and irrational upon learning that Micah had named his first born Saffron; she boasted loudly about their relationship, as well as her family name and owed inheritance to the Cour des Miracles throne. Mistral poisoned Saffron and fled by morning, leaving the four remaining Reverie siblings shaken by the irrational and unwarranted murder of their sister, which drove a wedge in their relationship and split the siblings apart. Dove held Mistral responsible for this, failing to take into consideration her own shortcomings. Dove played a role in the rebellion that led to the demise of Mistral de l'Or when she usurped Cour des Miracles during L'Hiver de l'Or Terni in January 2018.

Positive Relationships

  • River Lark Reverie was Dove's little brother and confidante. Though they don't always see eye to eye, the two lean on each other heavily for stability. He went missing in January 2017 and Dove has been a nervous wreck since.
  • Dorado Whiplash is the handsome rascal and clanmate who captured Dove's attention during the Second Boreas War. Though she harbors no romantic attachment for him, the two began a "friends with benefits" relationship in very early 2017 more for the sake of stress and companionship than emotional attachment.
  • Oriole de l'Or keeps appearing again and again in Dove's daily life. While at first she avoided him due to his breeding, she has since become fond of him and forged a friendship. She has not yet learned of his family name, however.

Poor Relationships

  • Mint Reverie is Dove's little sister. The two get along but have never been especially close, and Dove's refusal to return home after Saffron's death only made things worse. Dove knows she hurt Mint's feelings and feels guilty, but she thinks Mint needs to be less sensitive.

Notable Associations

  • Sexual partners: Dorado
  • Violent encounters: Edwige, murdered

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

Dove lives with her brother in a dugout near Folly Lake, preferring the freedom of outdoors to buildings like the D'Neville Mansion. Strictly during the winter, Dove lives in 1F05 of the D'Neville Mansion, on the first floor close to the stables. The room is bare bones, containing little more than what she arrived to find, but a colorful crocheted blanket lies folded nicely on the bed.

Residence Inventory

  • Very Bohemian in fashion taste. Billowy, loose knits or fabrics with prints and light, pastel colors. Lots of crafted accessories, like dyed and braided anklets and necklaces made from string.


  • See Inventory.
  • Dyes, paints, brushes, crafting materials.
  • A treasured crochet blanket made by her deceased sister, finished by Dove in early 2017.

4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Artsy, handmade stuff and commissions:
    • Jewelry
    • Paintings (rocks, murals on surfaces)
    • Repaired or hemmed fabrics
  • Mentorship
    • Yoga, meditation, alt. medicine

Requested Goods

  • Crafting supplies
    • Paints and paintbrushes
    • Writing materials, blank paper
    • Feathers
  • Medic supplies
  • Books
    • Anatomy, medicine, herbology
    • Writing materials
  • Arrows
  • Basic utilities/survival gear

5.  NPCs

Character NPC

Youth NPC

Minor NPCs





Can be Referenced...

Pilot (common raven)

credit: julesberry2001 @ flickr

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Common raven
  • Date of Birth: August 2011 (13 years)
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: An elderly male raven on the large size. Tattered and greying with age.
  • Personality:
    • Generally quiet and unflappable, but won't get close to strangers.
    • Speaks little; mostly observes. Learning high speech slowly through Dove.
    • Seems to limit flying, likely due to age.
    • Parent or grandparent to several Ravenswrest ravens, but not protective of them.
    • Prefers nuts and berries.
  • Became a part of Ravenswrest sometime in 2013.
  • Mated with the raven of Oriole de l'Or in 2013, with whom he has fathered several batches of eggs.
  • Met Dove in December 2016.
  • Assisted in the search for River Lark Reverie throughout early 2017.

Around Inferni:

  • With Dove
  • In vicinity of Oriole/his raven
  • At Ravenswrest
  • At Folly Lake (Dove's dugout)
  • At D'Neville Mansion, around stables

6.  History

Winter Dove Reverie—though preferring to use her middle name, Dove—was born on the second of December in 2015 in Juniper Peace to Orchid Reverie and her mate, Micah Sunrise Lykoi, the clan's leader at the time. Given the surname Reverie so as not to be "cursed" by the Lykoi name, Dove was the third and middle child of five, and was named for the patterning of her pelt.

Her upbringing was a happy though unusual one: Juniper Peace was a nomadic, migrational tribe, never to settle but always moving, and its peace-loving members open-minded and flagrantly uncensored. Dove was visually exposed to sex and drugs from birth and grew up entirely comfortable regarding them. Junipers were habitually insistent in their peace-loving ways to the point of ignorance, and Dove took from her experience there both an open-mindedness regarding different paths of life, as well as a dire need for greater purpose.

In the summer of 2015, shortly after most of the siblings reached shifting age, Dove and her siblings followed eldest sister Saffron Reverie, with their father's hesitant blessing, to Nova Scotia to view the aftermath of the red star's falling. Near Cour des Miracles the five Reveries came across adoptive sibling Mistral de l'Or, recently departed from the nearby Court and emotionally unstable. Upon learning that her adoptive father had named his eldest child the same thing he had called Mistral when she was young, she irrationally lashed out; Dove and her siblings found their sister and leader Saffron poisoned and dead. Distraught, they cast her body to the sea, then fought over what to do next. Dove, too afraid to return to Juniper Peace with the news of Saffron's death and Mistral's intervention to their poor father, selfishly refused to go home. While her younger brother River Lark remained with her, her siblings Gust and Mint returned home to Juniper Peace bitter and angry with Dove's decision.

6.1  Post Log & Archives


December 2016

Dove and her brother River Lark, barely a year old and just a few short months after the murder of their sister, are violently tangled up in the earliest stages of the Second Boreas Conflict and are forced to flee and become members of Inferni, where their paternal family originated. Shell-shocked and depressed, Dove struggles with settling in and acquainting herself with new clanmates.


  1. farewell to the chains we were born into
    After a sudden and random attack by wolves near Inferni borders, a shaken Dove and her brother River Lark take refuge in the coyote clan, with Vesper's blessing.
  2. Our Father who art in Heaven
    Sensitive, Dove accidentally eavesdrops on the prayers of Oriole de l'Or, which escalates when she realizes him part dog.
  3. She lacks the basic intelligence for pretty much anything
    Dove is acquainted to Ravenswrest by Helena Troy Lykoi, where she first meets the raven Pilot.
  4. bête noire
    Cypher Blackwater struggles with flashbacks during a small cave-in. Dove helps set him free and calm him down.
  5. i will be rocks, i will be water
    Basilio Lykoi provides a few tips about Inferni and proper use of a bow and arrow.

January 2017

Feeling trapped in Inferni, Dove participates in the Second Boreas War by minding the clan animals, scouting the borders and supporting in conflicts untrained with her bow and arrow. Her depression and anxiety comes to a head by the end of the month when the war ends: River Lark goes missing, and Dove accidentally kills a Boreas wolf. Emotionally compromised, Dove stops eating.


  1. beyond the circle drawn around my home
    Second Boreas War: Dorado Whiplash and Dove scout out a suspicious Infernian scent lingering beyond the borders and suspect a betrayer.
  2. the sky broke like an egg into full sunset
    Joaquina del Bosque comes seeking membership to Inferni mid-war, and Dove doesn't hesitate to show her suspicions.
  3. forget about your house of cards (M, drug use)
    Redtooth and Dove take a much-needed reprieve from the war by sharing stories over a joint.
  4. the best of a bad situation
    With Samual Dean Menue.
  5. we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour
    Second Boreas War: Leader Vesper calls together Inferni to deliver newest information regarding the war.
  6. the cruel ballet (M, violence)
    Second Boreas War: The Boreas wolves launch a raid during the full moon, forcing Dove and several others to react.
  7. the woods are lovely, dark and deep
    Dove interrupts Noel Priyantha attempting his first shift and is completely unhelpful.
  8. the ashes just look so pretty on your eyes
    Vicira Tears and Dove talk Inferni, Lykoi and the normalcy of war.
  9. hear the roar and know you're alive (M, violence)
    Second Boreas War: Dove participates in the final attack on the Boreas home base and accidentally slaughters a Boreas wolf with a misfired arrow.
  10. anchors bound into your chest
    Oriole de l'Or stumbles upon a skinny, weak Dove looking for her missing brother.

February 2017

The war is over. Heavily depressed and shell-shocked after River's disappearance, homesickness, and an accidental murder, Dove grows dangerously underweight while hunting diligently for him. She is reranked a scout to suit. Desperate and seeking companionship and validation, Dove begins a friends-with-benefits relationship with Dorado Whiplash.


  1. i was sure by now you would have reached down (M, violence)
    A coyote named Fidel Avarez, hunting for clanmate Joaquina del Bosque, trespasses Inferni and has to deal with Dove and Virue.
  2. and not many days after the younger son gathered all together
    Dove becomes critical of the relationship between Prodigal de le Poer and Silence de le Poer.
  3. my thoughts are grown uneager and depressed
    Leader Vesper and Diego del Bosque raise concerns about Dove's depression and weight.

March 2017

Hounded by depression, Dove continues scouting the immediate area for River Lark. A Sciens, she earns her Rex I collar. She becomes very defensive about her weight, but her health starts showing signs of improvement by the end of the month as the trauma settles. She continues seeing Dorado Whiplash, and begins to let down her guard around recurring faces around the clan.


  1. venture past the fields of everlasting spider lilies
    Clan medic Fang Espinoza calls out Dove on her weight and depression.
  2. sing another song for the lost ones
    A stranger named Persimmon Fell weirds Dove the hell out.
  3. i long for home fires, and my bed, and you
    Dove and Noel Priyantha talk fishing.
  4. he don't want the world
    Basilio Lykoi shows Dove a few archery tips.
  5. easy left me a long time ago
    Cartier Inferni fixes the snapped string of Dove's bow, but Dove critiques him on his post-accident woe-is-me attitude.

April 2017

A low-scale plague hits Nova Scotia mid-April, and Dove—malnourished, underweight, and depressed—easily falls ill. She withdraws in her home in the D'Neville Mansion to avoid clanmates finding her, and struggles with several serious symptoms, including depression, vomiting blood, and rapid dehydration. Deathly ill and hitting rock bottom, Dove resigns herself to death come knocking, but never walks through the door.


  1. robotic, hypnotic
    Dove greets Inferni joiner Eire Lykoi, the daughter of Basilio Lykoi whom Dove does not know to be menacing.
  2. it's hard to keep the rainclouds out [M]
    Symptoms of the April sickness at their worst, Dove collapses beyond clan borders and is found by Salvador Sadira.
  3. at death's door [M]
    Oriole de l'Or visits a bedridden and heavily depressed Dove.

May 2017

Dove takes longer to recover from illness than most, and a cough persists long after the illness has gone. Though as introverted as ever, her appetite and spirits seem to be on the up and up, although it's difficult to say whether it's the springtime or the near-death experience.


  1. something so familiar, like an old bedtime song
    Dove and Redtooth attempt to free a sparrow trapped in the mansion.
  2. gentleness clears the soul, love cleans the mind
    With Versace Inferni.
  3. renaissance [M]
    Dove, Annabeth de Fonte, and Salvador Sadira take one collective sigh of relief now that rains and illness are over.
  4. the gods still feel like they're cutting their teeth
    Litany Rhodes and Dove meet.
  5. the lovesong of the buzzard in the dogwood tree
    A friend from Juniper Peace, Aurelia, comes to join Inferni.

June 2017

Dove's health continues to improve. She tries to consciously develop in-clan relationships, though she struggles due to trust and sensitivity issues and makes for awkward results. Dove is inspired by the warm and beautiful weather, and spends most of her time outside. She abandons her room in the D'Neville Mansion, associating it with her illness, and returns to her dugout near Folly Lake.


  1. i was never innocent, i was only me
    Dove picks blueberries like the goddamn hippie she is, only to be interrupted by Nazario del Bosque.
  2. they breathe their spells towards the departing day
    With Vesper.

July 2017

Relishing the summer months, Dove spends July working on herself. She meditates often and puts herself in the company of flora and fauna. For most of the summer and into fall, Dove blends in and keeps to herself.


October 2017

The Inferni-Salsola War sparks suddenly, leaving Dove terrified and unwilling to fight in a second war. She avoids major battles for this reason and prioritizes clan security, eventually helping capture two Salsolan captives. Her hair is forcibly chopped and face scarred in a sudden and perplexing betrayal by a Salsolan. Prisoner of war Neith Heiwa convinces Dove to flee Inferni with the young and captive Ask Fylgja for Cour des Miracles before the end of the month.


  1. we build an army from nothing
    The clan gathers to discuss the sparking war. Dove, still emotionally recovering from the last conflict, is devastated.
  2. panic switch (NPC) [M]
    Dove and Salvador Sadira catch a Salsolan man and child near Inferni territory. Dove shoots one in the shoulder when he flees, and both are taken prisoner by Vicira Tears.
  3. now I break up in pieces that fly around like clubs [M]
    Salsolan Khael Lykoi, thought to be a friend like Katinka Holt, seeks out and attacks Dove out of jealousy.
  4. now I do my talking with a gun [M]
    Neith Heiwa, a Salsolan prisoner of war, convinces Dove to flee Inferni with a pup also captured from Salsola, Ask Fylgja. Salvador Sadira encourages the idea, and Dove, reeling from war and betrayal, ultimately goes along with it.
  5. little stars in the wrong hands
    Dove arrives at Cour des Miracles with Ask.

November/December 2017

Dove spends much of November to herself, too troubled by anxieties of the war she left behind to make friends in her new pack, though she does find an unlikely mentor in Skoll Haskel. She sticks by Ask constantly, although the two do not speak much. Their relationship is difficult, and while Dove knows to provide for him and keep him safe, her anxieties stifle any and all maternal instinct she might have had. Salvador Sadira brings news of the war's end near the end of the month, and informs Dove that Inferni is migrating north, beyond the mountains. Just the same, Dove remains behind in Cour des Miracles.


  1. the earth don't give a damn if you're lost
    Skoll Haskel, Gossamer, and Dove meet. Dove is sassy.
  2. requiem for our lies
    Dove and Kalypso Savoy scout out new homes together.


January 2018

At the start of the year, Dove's greatest enemy, Mistral de l'Or, usurps Cour des Miracles as the new Queen during L'Hiver de l'Or Terni. Having a personal interest in seeing Mistral thwarted, Dove assists in convincing her mercenaries to switch sides, and is involved in the rebellion that eventually takes the Queen down. Dove realizes Mistral was virtually a madman, and not truly evil, and rejects the timely succession of Kalypso Savoy as having been taking unfairly and advantageously.


  1. the kings need a victory so he sent me [M]
    Mistral de l'Or usurps the Court and announces herself as the new Queen. Dove is horrified.
  2. I am the quiet theories in your head %color=red[M]
    Dove and Ramona question Chaska the Burned, Queen Mistral's lead mercenary.
  3. have shoes to fill but I'm walking barefoot
    Dove considers how Gossamer is growing up.
  4. we duel with our hearts on our sleeves
    Kalypso gathers together several individuals interested in rebelling against the usurper Queen.

February 2018

With the Queen dead, Dove finally earns some resolve and space to mourn her murdered sister over a year before. Struck suddenly wistful and nostalgic as such, Dove reminisces her family as well as her time in Inferni.

  1. nothing to stay our vengeful hands [M]
    Dove witnesses the execution of Queen Mistral de l'Or, and rejects the immediate succession of Kalypso Savoy.
  2. the world is gray (as if you took the colors with you)
    With Mateo Salcedo.
  3. forgive me if I wander off
    With Clover. Dove returns to Inferni to check in and see what's changed.

April 2018

  1. we are stardust, we are golden & nothing's ever really gold anymore [M]
    While traveling with Gaia Dawnrunner, Dove and Gaia find otherworldly flowers growing along the coastline. In a daze, Dove is driven to the cliff's edge and falls.