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  • Summary: Willow arrives from Palisade and joins Del Cenere Gang, raising up the ranks along the way. He begins to grow into a man and experiences many 'firsts' in life.


  1. Pull the curtains – With Nazario del Bosque (May 7) (Del Cenere Gang)
Willow joins the Gang.
  1. Way out here - With Trelawney Courtright (May 8) (Charmingtown)
The afternoon after Willow arrives in Charmingtown, he meets Trelawney.
  1. Sleepin' for a week, I swear - With Marten (May 13) (Gaspesia)
In the neutral lands near Del Cenere, Willow meets a wolf. Though he is all-around unpleasant to her, Marten still tries to get to know him.
  1. Hammer and nails - With Bisbee Whitesage (May 15) (Cabeza de Alce)
Bisbee works on repurposing some supplies from damaged buildings in the Ganglands, and Willow introduces himself to her.
  1. [M] Halos of retriever gold - With Lorien Coara (May 26) (Serpentine Mountains)
Without realizing what they are, Willow accepts psychedelic mushrooms from Lorien Coara and experiences a weird trip...


  1. Devil's in the details - With Alonso de los Santos & Winslow Whitesage (Jun 5) (Charmingtown)
Alonso directs Willow while he helps prepare decorations for Del Cenere's third birthday party.
  1. [M] Feel so clean - With Paninya, Lorien Coara, & Liam del Morte (Jun 11) (Frost Reaches)
Paninya and Willow hatch a plan to steal goods for the bonfire party. Paninya escapes, but Willow gets caught! He now owes a debt to Liam of New Caledonia.
  • Training: Deception
  1. The first time it made you cry, the first time you felt alive - Non-Mandatory Pack Thread (Jun 12) (Del Cenere Gang)
Willow attends Del Cenere's third birthday celebration: bonfire and feast night edition.
  1. [M] Leave a light on for me - With Bisbee Whitesage (Jun 12) (Del Cenere Gang)
After the bonfire party, Willow stumbles across a distraught Bisbee trying to make it home.
  1. They just get what they see - With Cassidy Sinclaire & Alonso de los Santos (Jun 13) (Charmingtown)
Cassidy and Willow help Alonso out by cleaning up after the feast night. They nurse their hangovers in the process.
  1. [M] No need to cry about it - With Lorien Coara & Liam del Morte (Jun 15) (New Caledonia)
After being escorted to his house, Willow repays his debt to Liam by helping him make double the booze he owes him.
  • Training: Brewing
  1. [M] Barely printed on the dot - With Liam del Morte (Jun 21) (Charmingtown)
As Willow is not able to secure his own escort to New Caledonia (and not allowed to go without one as an Encender), Liam comes to visit Willow instead. They smoke and talk together.


  1. [M] Hopes and dreams - With Liam del Morte, Lorien Coara, Woodsmoke, & Jonk (Jul 7) (The King's Bastion)
Willow shares his first batch of booze with Liam, who taught him. His good timing means he meets a lot of puppies and helps Liam move in.
  • Training: Brewing
  1. [M] Live a little - With Liam del Morte (Jul 7) (Northern Tides)
After helping Liam move in, Willow and Liam go outside of New Caledonia's borders for a little friendly archery competition, although things go awry when a drunk Willow accidentally injuries Liam.
  • Training: Archery
  1. Don't be in a sulk - With Flintlock Sutton & Bennett Braithwaite (Jul 10) (Irving)
Will tries to take himself a bit more seriously and put his back into building his own residency. He lays the foundations with the help of Flintlock and Bennett.
  • Pack Project: Residency Restructure
  • Training: Building
  1. Ain't nothin' to cry about - With Octavia Ardoix (Jul 16) (Charmingtown)
Octavia takes wind to some gossip about Willow. The two talk and catch up, having met previously in Palisade.
  1. Looking clear but never recognized - With Fredrick Knight & Raeburn Martel (Jul 18) (Irving)
Raeburn, Willow's older brother, arrives in Del Cenere Gang. The two have a tense meeting, and Fredrick Knight notices. He talks with Willow after.
  1. Say it ain't so, almost home, until you rang my phone - With Liam del Morte & Raeburn Martel (Jul 30) (New Caledonia)
Willow sneaks out to visit Liam, but is trailed by Raeburn. The two visit New Caledonia, and the visit comes to an unexpected close with Liam revealing his romantic feelings for Willow. Willow essentially flees in the aftermath.


  1. I'm more than meets the eye - With Odysseus (Aug 2) (Charmingtown)
Acting as a guard for Charmingtown during the night, Willow scares off some unpleasant loners with the unexpected help of Odysseus.
  • Training: Fist-fighting


  1. Frozen in time like a save state - With Liam del Morte (Sept 4) (Charmingtown)
During set-up for the Stockshow, Willow meets with Liam. They discuss their feelings for each other and agree to enter an open and vaguely defined long-distance relationship.
  1. [M] You ready? - With Mesquite del Bosque (Sept 4) (Charmingtown)
After set-up is done, Willow is approached by Mesquite in the evening. The two spar, but Mesquite takes it too far. Willow reprimands him for it, but helps him clean his wounds.
  • Training: Fist-fighting
  1. Breathe the black - Lancaster Stockshow Event Thread (Sept 5) (Del Cenere Gang)
Willow attends the Clay Pigeons event. He places third, after a tiebreaker.
  • Training: Archery
  1. We could sleep under the evergreens - Lancaster Stockshow Event Thread (Sept 8) (Del Cenere Gang)
Willow casts his votes for the Best in Show event.
  1. Don't let me down - With Camellia Courtright (Sept 8) (Charmingtown)
During the Stockshow's Carnival, Willow wins a bag of jerky from a Plinko game and shares his prize with Camellia. They talk and Willow gets to know the kid Courtright better.
  1. We carry through, do what we need to do - With Battalion (Sept 9) (Charmingtown)
In the Burnt Church Distillery, Willow trades some apple ale for arrowheads with Battalion. The two briefly discuss the Clay Pigeons event, but mainly think about boys.
  1. [M] Like or like like - With Mesquite del Bosque (Sept 11) (Charmingtown)
Mesquite hasn't really left Willow alone since their spar. He bugs Willow until Willow teaches him how to shoot a bow. It becomes apparent the younger Ashen has an obsession.
  • Training: Archery
  1. Good company makes less work - With Lossë Fir-Chlis & Raeburn Martel (Sept 30) (Lancaster Stockyard)
There's an extended visit leftover from the Stockshow, and Willow wants to meet him and see what the fuss is about.


  1. See the rust through your playground eyes - With Raeburn Martel (Oct 6) (Del Cenere Gang)
Willow & Raeburn scout the borders and find a broken effigy. They fix it up as best they can and re-mark the borders to deter any further mischief.
  • Training: Scouting, Sentry
  1. I don't wanna worry 'bout nothing for a while - With Anya Southpaw (Oct 7) (Irving)
During Trickster's Season, Willow gives Anya a playful fright. The two catch up and Willow learns of her pregnancy.
  1. Twists & turns - (Oct 15) (Irving)
Willow leaves an offering for Espantajo. In return, he is given a well-crafted wooden sign on his residence, the Dark Arrow.
  1. We'll just say it's agreed - With Raeburn Martel & Cent od Pepela (Oct 18) (Del Cenere Gang)
While gathering firewood, Raeburn and Willow meet Cent.
  1. Young and fancy free - With Camellia Courtright (Oct 23) (Del Cenere Gang)
After the Stockshow, the young Camellia became able to shift. She asks Willow to teach her more about archery, and he agrees, taking her on a hunt.
  • Training: Archery, Hunting, Tracking
  1. Bad advice - With Calliandra Braithwaite (Oct 30) (Del Cenere Gang)
During Desfile de Calaveras, Willow meets Calliandra properly.




  • Summary: Character joined Pack, made friends, left Pack, etc


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