Voron Radav

Character Name

Voron, by User?
Date of BirthApril 22, 2009
Age2 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus arctos
50% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes Ortus
Birth placeAlaska
Current packNone
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


DateJuly 3, 2011[1]

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateDecember 7, 2010

Work in Progress

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  2.   2.  'Souls History
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  5.   5.  Abilities, talents and skills
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  6.   6.  Appearance
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    2.   6.2  Stature
    3.   6.3  Eyes
    4.   6.4  Scars
  7.   7.  Notable Threads
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1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Voron was born to a Russian pack that had immigrated to Canada. She is second-generation Russian, and her mother was an arctic wolf from Canada, so Voron speaks english fluently. She speaks and reads some Russian, what her father taught her untill her mother found out. Voron's mother, Shiningstar, was very against wolves reading and writing. She was furious to find that her mate was teaching their children, and forbade it from happening again. Voron had one siblng, a brother named Cheron. They were very close. When they were six months old, Cheron drowned in a river. Voron blames herself for not knowing how to save him. After his death she became much quieter and more cynical. She learned from her mother some of the arts of healing and swore that she would never let another wolf die at her paws. Sadly, there are some things which are incurable. Her father, named Свет Прадыв (Svet Pradiv. Her surname, Radav, comes from that. It became "americanized" as forgien names tend to do.) was a noble wolf, loyal to his pack and his wife. When Voron was a year old, Svet was bitten by a rabid fox. It was a death sentance. His pack tried to kill him, as was custom, but Shiningstar wouldn't let anyone near him. So the pack exiled them and moved up the valley. The Radav family was shunned.

As her father grew ill and her mother grew ever more frantic and crazy, Voron was being torn apart. She had lost her pack, and in a way also her parents, in just a few short days. She became depressed and started talking to her dead brother. She never told anyone that he talked back. As the disease took her father and he bacame mad, Voron's mother refused to leave his side. She was bitten several times, and though she tried, she could not hide the wounds from her daughter. Voron's last memory of her parents was her mother holding Svet to them ground as his foaming and bloody form seizured violently. Shiningstar screamed at her daughter to run and never look back. Voron obeyed, driven by terror and a violent grief. She traveled alone for six months, in shock and prone to fits of rage. Slowly she recovered, and now is looking for another pack to join.

2.  'Souls History

Voron left Dahlia de Mai this winter, due to seeing her dead brother's ghost with increasing regularity. He tormented her and often distracted her from interactions with living wolves. Now she's back, as a loner. Her previous fear of water has increased to a full-blown phobia.

3.  Personality

Voron is usually a very withdrawn wolf. She has unpredictable emotions, and often speaks to her dead brother. She believes he speaks back. Perhaps he does, or maybe it's just a fragment of her own torn mind desperately searching for someone to hold onto. She's good at hunting due to the fact that she had to fend for herself for six months. She knows some about healing, and will do all that she can to help a wolf in need. Voron now also knows basic Low Speech.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

  • Parents — Unknown
  • SiblingsCheron

4.2  All Friends

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4.3  All enemies

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4.4  Love Interests

Current Mate

Current Crush

Past Mates

Past Crushes

5.  Abilities, talents and skills

- Healing - Low Speech

5.1  Strengths

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5.2  Weaknesses

  • Weakness1
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6.  Appearance

A black arctic/Russian wolf mix. She weighs about 70 pounds in her Lupus form. Her eyes are a deep brown. On her left haunch/upper thigh she has three scars - claw marks. Her pelt is thick and perfectly black everywhere else. Her ears are slightly more rounded than a grey wolf's due to the Canis lupus arctos half of her genes. She is a wolf built for snow and cold weather. She's sleek, and if anything a bit underweight. She has a somewhat feral look about her.

Note: currently Voron is quite underweight.

Voron is in Lupus form unless otherwise stated. In Optime form, she is thin and agile. She is rarely in Secui form, unless hunting large prey alone.

6.1  Luperci Forms

Voron prefers Lupus form, though she does use the others sometimes.


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6.2  Stature

6.3  Eyes

6.4  Scars

7.  Notable Threads

7.1  'Souls threads

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