Victory Wolfe-Denahlii

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Victory Wolfe-Denahlii

'Souls Profile

Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of Birth11 Aug 2012
Subspecies50% Domesticated Dog (German Shepherd, Husky)
25% British Columbia Wolf
25% Gray wolf
Birth placeCercatori d'Arte
Current packCercatori d'Arte

Current Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining date11 Aug 2012
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Victory Wolfe-Denahlii (born: Ky'Ry' Wolfe-Denahlii) was born in Cercatori d'Arte to Jace Wolfe and Temo Wolfe. She was born in the second litter to the pair.


Born Ky'Ry' Wolfe-Denahlii.


As a partially blind puppy she tends to be more disoriented than most her age. She will have some difficulty getting around on her own and figuring out how to rely on her ears, nose, and paws more than others will have to. It will be a slow start but eventually she will start to handle it, but it will take a while. Because of this she will have a strong jealousy towards he brothers and sisters for their gift of vision. She will tend to hold this in and not show this jealousy to anyone but in extreme emotions of anger at them or sadness.

With this she tends to be rather quiet, sure she barks and plays like any other puppy but instead of talking a lot she will stay quiet, just listening to what others have to say. Learning the empathy in others words since she cannot see their expressions perfectly unless it’s in the times of dusk and dawn, she will learn to be very in tune to the empathy and tones in everyone's words so that she understands better. She tends to have a think before speaking attitude, not sure how others will react because she cannot always see their visual cues.

Victory is like most puppies, over expressive. Always wagging her tail more than needed, jumping up and down (though her footing may not keep her to land on her feet every time) to show happiness or the need to speak. But with her eyes, she will sometimes show conflicting things. Her visual cues may say she is happy where her eyes say she is not interest or that she is sad. Watch her eyes, they never lie nor does she truly know that they are her biggest tattletale. Though this tends to frustrate her when she is trying to fake happiness and yet someone can tell she is faking, it will often make her bark in frustration and even whimper and pout.

A key thing with her partial blindness as a puppy is that is makes her an utter klutz. She will trip over her own feet, trip over a stick because it was not visually clear. This weird since of vision tends to make her not like the winter months and the summer months due to how short the dawn and dusk is, she always seemed mopey and tired. She also as a puppy tends to be a cry baby, not always coming to terms that she cannot see everything clearly. Think of her partial blindness as someone who needs glasses, someone who is far and near sighted. Though for some reason her vision is perfect, normal, in the times of Duck and Dawn. Making her schedule of being up rather strange, it is believed that the reasoning for this is that her eyes did not fully develop and so light hurts her. Causing her eyes to make everything blurry at the day time and is also sensitive to no light so she is the same way at the night time.



See Wolfe-Denahlii family page for more.





The following information is universal for all three forms, though there are a few differences in her optime form from her lupus or secui. Though for now she does not know the looks of her secui and optime form due still being a puppy.

  • Fur Coloration: Her small puppy frame is covered in soft and silky fur that takes the color of a smoky grey, not straying from the color. She is one uniform color, solid grey
  • Fur Texture: Being only a child she still has that silky puppy fur, always soft to the touch.
  • Eyes: Her eyes are bright and shiny, always giving off the aura of innocence. Taking after her mother’s left eye, as well as her maternal grandfather. Brilliant sapphire blue. Though her eyes are the most unique thing about her, they are also her down fall. She is partially blind, she can see shapes and colors but can’t really make everything out. The times she can see perfectly are in the Dusk and the Dawn.
  • Build for Lupus: Victory was born rather sickly, so she tends to be on the tiny size. As well as her frame looking wiry and slightly malnourished.
  • Build for Secui: She has not discovered this form yet.
  • Build for Optime: She has not discovered this form yet.
  • Hair Coloration: Though she has not discovered her Optime form her hair will be a father dark storm cloud gray.
  • Hair Style: She has to discover her Optime form to know this.
  • Accessories: She tends to have a fascination with soft feathers, behind her ear she usually tucks a bright blue jay feather.
    • At an older age she will receive two piercings in each her, three of these piercing with be silver, round studs. The last is a rather small hoop with a blue jay feather attached to it.
  • Scars: None.
  • Miscellaneous: She is often seen with a few feathers in her fur, or carrying something colorful or shiny with her..