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by Mel

Versace Inferni was a member of Inferni, where she was born and raised. She died from postpartum complications in the spring of 2018.

The only daughter of Willam la Chemin and Helotes Lykoi, Versace was born alongside her half-brother Cartier. They were raised solely by her mother until the time of her death. Versace never learned the identity of her father.

A devoutly religious woman, Versace's beliefs were put to the test during the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War and subsequently when her brother, Cartier Inferni took a mate who was both a male and an Outsider. Things grew even more complicated when she became pregnant -- both by Jehan de l'Or, her brother's husband, and her close friend Antioch de le Poer who thereafter became her mate. They had several children together. The murder of their eldest, Omar, became one of the catalysts leading to the Inferni-Salsola War. Versace was among those who survived the D'Neville Mansion fire, though suffered from prolonged exposure to this. Her half-brother's death during this incident left Versace shaken, though she was a vocal supporter of Inferni's subsequent territory shift.

Her last child, Credence, was born within Inferni's new claim. Still suffering from both the fire and emotional toil of the war and deaths in her family, Versace developed an infection not long after his birth. Despite valiant attempts to treat this, she was unable to recover.






  • Date of Birth: 28 January 2013
  • Date of Death: 25 April 2018
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: Antioch de le Poer
  • Pack: Inferni (28 Jan 2013 - 25 April 2018)
  • Pronunciation: verr-sa-chee
  • Nickname: Sachi
  • Origin: Versace was given the last name of "Inferni" as it was customary for those of Willam's upbringing to name their offspring after the location they were born in.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Species: Versace had a very mixed heritage; accordingly, her appearance was just as mixed. She possessed coyote, wolf, dog, and red wolf blood; most apparent in her appearance were the coyote and wolf. Her doggish blood was apparent in the ticking of her back and shoulders, and little else.
  • Facial Features: While her muzzle was small like a coyote's, it was blunted and more wolfish in shape. Her ears were midway between the coyote and the wolf -- while they bear the smaller size of the wolf, they have an undeniably coyote shape.
  • Build: Versace had a shapely build in all forms. Thick and stout, she had an almost square shape to her physique, giving a first impression of strength above all else. She had a "soft" waist and gentle-looking curves, especially around her middle.
  • Size: Versace was more wolf than coyote in size; she was big all over.
  • Forms:
    • Lupus: 60 lbs (27.2 kg)26 in (66 cm)
    • Secui: 150 lbs (68 kg)47 in (119 cm)
    • Optime: 220 lbs (82 kg)6ft 0in (79 in) (200 cm)


  • Scent: Inferni (salt, honeysuckle, marshes, horses, coyote, Lykoi), milk, puppies, food, fire, spices.
  • Speech: Versace lacked any distinct accent. She tends to talk a lot, and had a very demanding tone.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Would often will fret with her clothing.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Assertive, "strong" stance. Versace tended to look like she knew what she was doing (even if she didn't) and acted like it as well.


  • Jewelry: Thin leather cord with silver circle charm, headband with turquoise charm
  • Gear: Various simple-cut, wool and/or leather dresses. Some of these were colored, but most were their natural tones.
  • Weapons: Varied; used both a bolas and net if hunting, sometimes carried a very sharp chef's knife.


  • Piercings: Right ear was pierced twice in the upper cartilage. Lower lip was pierced.



 Sandstone (#756865)
 Nappa (#aea292)
 Copper (#c27b3c)
 Cape Palliser (#9d6446)
 Taupe (#43382f)


 Tuscany (#b3612c)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

 Oil (#281E15)


By Nat
By Nat

By Kitty, colored by Lullaby

By Sie

By Sie

By Sie

By Sie

By Kite

By Mel, colored by Raze

2.  Personality

  • Tropes: Team Mom, Moral Myopia, Never My Fault, Stout Strength, Mama Bear
  • Devout and Loyal: Versace was extremely choosy with what she dedicates herself to (i.e., you won't find her volunteering for something unless she really believed in it). Nonetheless, when she does dedicate herself, Ver was loyal to the end. She will never break a promise, and considers those who break their promises the worst sort of scum.
  • Flawed and Hypocritical: Despite her religious beliefs, Versace was extremely flawed in her own eyes. She had lied, coveted things belonging to others, and had jealous thoughts in the past. She wondered if she was capable of the graver sins -- even murder seems justifiable, if Inferni was under attack. To compensate for these thoughts, Versace was only more outspoken and condemning of others where she sees their flaws.
  • Religious Beliefs
    • Sin: Versace believed all are inclined to sin, and that sin and temptation to sin are both natural parts of the world. One's character was determined by their ability to resist sin, not their ability to be free of sinful thoughts, temptations, and inclinations (i.e., you can still have dirty awful thoughts, as long as you act right). Though struggling with her own sins -- such as desire and jealousy -- Versace had long felt a righteous calling. She tries very hard to be perfect, which consequentially had made her terribly judgemental.
      • Sins: Murder, abortion, covetousness and jealousy, adultery, lying
    • Penance and Forgiveness: One who had committed sin may achieve forgiveness -- but forgiveness was never obtained without penance. Should Versace commit a sin, she wears a cilice or hairshirt as her mother did. Others must do their penance in order to achieve Versace's forgiveness.
    • Immaculate Conception: Versace's version was not so much spiritual: no godly intervention was required to have an immaculate conception. One can have one simply by gaining donated sperm, and remaining virginal while delivering a child (this can even happen multiple times over a woman's life -- she could have fifty children and still be a virgin, according to Versace's beliefs).

3.  Relationships

Italics indicates that she does not know of this blood relationship.

3.1  Family: Lykoi, Damaichu

3.2  Key Relations

  • Versace's children were the most important people in her life.
  • It was originally in passing that Versace met Antioch de le Poer, a young gruff coyote within her clan. He sometimed accompanied her on hunted as part of his duty as a Bellum, alongside his much mouthier friend Ferret. The three became relatively friendly, and when Versace found Ferret's brutually murdered body on their borders the event traumatized her. She became very fearful of going anywhere, even within Inferni, and eventually only did so when Antioch was with her. Their shared faith and experience bonded the two further together -- which was likely why Versace sought him out in a drunken stupor for comfort. Her resulting pregnancy acted as the catalyst for Versace and Antioch to become mates. She loved Antioch even if she wasn't in love with him, and thought he was a (mostly) excellent husband and father.
  • Cartier Inferni was Versace's brother. The two were raised briefly by their birth-mother, who died early in their youth. This loss left Versace very fearful of seperation, which developed into a severe attachment to Cartier. Resentful of his developing dedication to things like work (and a presumed growing seperation), she encouraged Cartier in his sometimes over-zealous flagellation and religious studies with her own preachings. Later, confronted by this abuse, she became deeply regretful of such a thing (though had never admitted it). She had slowly come to accept Cartier's independence, though struggled severely with his homosexuality and choice of mate. During her unexpected pregnancy, Versace became much more open to both -- though perhaps for the wrong reasons -- and actively encouraged Cartier to focus on his own family instead of her.
  • When her mother died, Vesper was one of the women who became Versace's guardian after her birth-mother's death. Vesper was Versace's mother for most of her life, and though they had very different opinions on things shared other personality traits.
  • She and her brother's husband, Jehan de l'Or, were very much at odds when they first met. Jealous and distrustful of the Outsider, Versace went out of her way to avoid the dog. This latter feeling was likely what led her to sleep with him, if only out of spite. Versace had reluctantly accepted him, but more in the sense that he's family she can't get rid of versus genuinely liking him. She wasn't quite sure what he had to offer, and this was in part why she was so judgemental.

4.  Skills


  • Reading (Master): Versace had taken up reading, starting with the bible and slowly working her way through all the books in the D'Neville Mansion. She was particularly disturbed by the anti-coyote literature she found therein, and questioned Myrika regarding its existence.
  • Hunting (Journeyman): Though she hunted exclusively in her Optime form, Versace had a strong arm and often employs ranged weapons (such as a bolas or net) when she hunted.
  • Cooking (Journeyman): Since becoming friendly with Maddox, cooking had become a passion of Versace's. She had continued on with this in memory of the former chef.
  • Falconry (Apprentice): Capable of handling birds. She had a raven partner and had observed and assisted raising chicks.
  • Driving (Apprentice): Though uncomfortable with the idea of riding a horse, Versace was learning how to handle a cart from Ignacio Rivera.


  • Versace didn't have as strong of a sense of smell as canines do, putting her somewhere near human level or so.

5.  History

Versace was born in Inferni on January 28, 2013. She was never made aware of her father's identity, although she unwittingly met him several times before his disappearance. Versace was raised solely by her mother, who grew increasingly distraught and stressed by her responsibilities. In August of that year, Willam worked herself to death, leaving her children as orphans.