Vírún Tarrdottir is the daughter of Eme Dantedottir and Romanus, born in Greenland. She is currently a member of Inferni.

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by Lorraine



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Name Meaning

Holy, Priest, Secret, Magic

Name Origin

Old Norse

Date of Birth

18 November 2011






Birth place




75% Canis latrans (Coyote)
25% Canis lupus (Wolf)


50% Mountain Coyote
25% Northeastern Coyote
25% Russian Wolf




Pack Inferni


Packs (Mon YYYY - Mon YYYY)
Omicron, Phi, Beta, Delta

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1.  Appearance

Are they tall or short? Lean or chubby? How do they carry themselves -- confidently and proudly, or humbly and unassured? There usually aren't significant differences between body types from Lupus to Optime -- lean, thin individuals will remain lean and thin, and thick, muscular individuals will remain thick and muscular. Regarding their fur -- is it thick or thin? Is the fur wiry or smooth, short or long, wavy or straight?

If they're a hybrid, you can talk about what species your character most resembles, and how the different species play into their appearance -- e.g., doggish build, wolfish undercoat, coyote muzzle, etc.

1.1  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Cod Gray (#0A0A0A), highlighted with French Gray (#bbbcc1)
  • Eyes: Shamrock (#2fc99f).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Mine Shaft (#353535).
    • Darker Shark (#1b1b1c) on back and shoulders.
    • French Gray (#bbbcc1) under-eye markings.

1.2  Forms




40 lbs (18.1 kg)
23 in (58.4 cm)

155 lbs (70.3)
34 in (86.3 cm)

165 lbs (74.8 kg)
5ft 8in (172.7)

Describe Lupus form. Don't forget imperial and metric (Google does this for you) sizes because not everyone can read one or the other.

Supah big secui form yo.

Tall and lean with strong arms and legs — hair styled in a lazy, slightly misshapen crest. Androgynous and unshapely with an angular face.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None, but maybe someday.
  • Tattoos: Non-applicable!
  • Scars: Non-applicable!


If they have a particular style or aim for their accessories -- e.g., a short Luperci wearing things to draw attention away from their height -- write about it here plz.

  • A necklace?
  • Bracelets?
  • Rings?


  • You can delete this section (or add more/different sections) as necessary -- if your wears outfits or wears clothes only for a special occasion, you might describe it here.

2.  Personality

A brief (2-3 paragraphs) personality description goes here. It'd probably be best to write this last, since you should pull key traits out of the rest of your information and then put it here. This section is good to stick in your forum profile as their "Personality" section.

2.1  Demeanor


  • Instead of weighing heavily to one extreme or the other, Vírún has more of a realistic outlook on life, believing that negative actions (or positive ones, for that matter) have an equal and opposite reaction. To this extent, she may come off as something of a minor catalyst, sometimes choosing cynical routes, other times nominating to take a more enlightening course of action.
  • Excessively introverted, to the point where she purposefully avoids contact with others unless absolutely necessary — even then she may still keep to herself even if it's detrimental, ie. not seeking medical attention when she should. Most of this stems from not wanting to be bothersome.
  • Submissive or dominant?


  • Fears: Failure, mockery, powerlessness
  • Motivations: Power, control, progeny
  • Traits: Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good

2.2  Ideals


Apiculture (beekeeping), architecture, botany, building, combat (armed and hand-to-hand), fishing, religion, stonework, woodwork.


  • Species: Mild bias toward full-blooded wolves, though she isn't outright violent or aggressive, merely wary due to being raised solely amongst a group of coyotes (both pureblooded and hybrids).
  • Non-Luperci: Strongly against non-luperci, sees them as unevolved and relatively useless.
  • Sexuality: Like as not will be somewhat confused about homosexual pairings at first mostly from a reproductive standpoint (how do they have kids, what would the result be of having two parents of the same gender, etc.), but with some education will warm up to the idea.
  • Age: Children are needy little shits who make too much noise. |;<


Heteroflexible with some biromantic (see: touching, fondling, non-penetrative behavior) tendencies. Currently has very little sex-drive and will likely pass herself off as being either asexual or uninterested even if she might have some sexual inclination. When approaching someone to whom she does have a sexual interest, her mannerisms become quite crude and forthright (ie. Wanna fuck?). Retrospectively, she is much more guarded with romantic interests, tending to be overly helpful in private, then denying it later on.


What substances has your character tried? Are they highly experimental or not at all inclined to try? Do they have an opinion on those who do indulge in "illicit" substances?


Describe your character's spirituality. What do they believe? Do they believe in (a) higher power(s)? Do they perform rituals? What do they believe after death? Do they have a creation myth?

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Characters: Here is where you might describe especially important family members (e.g., if your character has a close, competitive relationship with a sibling, describe it here) or friendships or whatever else.

3.2  Family: Families, Families, and Families

  • Mother: Characters
  • Father: Characters
  • Siblings: Characters
  • Extended: Here is where you might describe their extended family, if necessary. This template is formatted to include only nuclear family -- why repeat all of a character's possible relations when it's a list of 100+ characters in some instances? :| Easier to link to family pages, says Sie.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • You might want to just keep a simple list of characters your character has encountered, or you might want to describe them, or whatever.

3.4  Former Relations

  • Dead and inactive characters should go here.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Very slight slavic accent, still easily understood. Fluent in Greenlandic (Inuit) and English.
  • Scent: Cedar, salt, Inferni.

4.1  Residence

  • Describe their residence here.

4.2  NPCs


  • Species:
  • Age and DOB:
  • Description:
  • Personality:

Note: you can find a template for all your NPCs here. For brevity's sake, this larger template only includes basic information regarding NPCs.

4.3  Abilities


  • Journeyman mason with minor carpentry skills learned during her travels, and then as an apprentice from mid-January until April.
  • Dabbler in botany and gardening.


  • Character is prone to weakness. Describe the weakness here -- how does it affect your character? How bad is it?

4.4  Inventory


Describe your character's trading here -- are they open for lots of trade? Where can others seek them out to trade? Are there any "caveats" about trading with your character (e.g., is your character a slimeball looking to screw everyone over -- HI ERIS)?

  • Offering: Beeswax, food (primarily freshly caught fish unless discussed beforehand) fishing lessons.
  • Accepting: Clothing (cloth, fur or leather), instruction in any area of interest (ie. apiculture, building, combat training), building tools.


Personal Inventory

  • Split cane fishing rod.
  • Medium-sized heavy leather sack.

Trade Items

  • Wax collection — one-and-a-half jars of wool wax, five jars of beeswax.


  • Hydroponic system schematics, three seed packets (two tobacco, one cannibis).

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

Go get your Pack Game template and put it here; else delete this section.


Go get your Catacombs and put it here; else delete this section.

6.  History

Brief (1-3 paragraphs, sparsely detailed) overview of character history. Sie likes to repeat this section in the character's forum profile, since it's the shortest and easiest to parse for someone just browsin' over the forum profile.

6.1  Timeline


  • Month: This section is most useful for detailing what happened before your character came to 'Souls, since that is not included in the lower thread archive section. Some players choose to continue their timeline history with important events from the thread archive while other players are content to use this section solely as a "before 'Souls" section.

6.2  Threads


  1. [M] (NPC) [1]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of mature thread where your character was an NPC.
  2. (NPC) [2]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of thread where your character was an NPC.
  3. [3]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of regular thread.


  1. [4]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of how to re-start numbering following section break.

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