Uwoduhi Ama

Uwoduhi Ama

Uwoduhi, by Mercy?
PlayerMercy aka Mel
Name OriginCherokee
Date of BirthJanuary 15, 2006
Age> 4 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus irremotus
Northern Rocky Mountains werewolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeOriginal AniWaya

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateSeptember 12, 2008[1]


Joining dateSeptember 12, 2008[2]
SignificanceFounding member

Uwoduhi Ama originally journeyed to 'Souls from the previous AniWayan? tribe to establish a new home. He assisted found the new AniWaya, but did not end up remaining for long.[3]


Uwoduhi and her brother, Itsihnalv, were born into AniWaya during the beginning of changing times for the tribe. During the twins first few months of life their elder sister, Ayegali Kala, assumed leadership of the tribe as their parents stepped down. During this transition many things became strained as a greater number of new werewolves came upon the tribes ancestral lands. Uwoduhi and her brother grew up in a time full of fights and war. During this time she trained under the packs current Ookah, and gained the rank of Nvwoti. The fighting continued for quite some time though, until just past their first year when their parents were killed, along with many others, in one of the many battles that took place.

There was no time to grieve all of the tribes losses for it was quickly decided that the tribe should move on.

AniWaya traveled until Uwoduhi was well into her second year of life, and she soon became restless and uneasy with not having a place to call home. She continued her training as a Priest but became distant and sad with her family and tribe, and when she was sent to find her Spirit Guide she was met by a loving and eccentric otter named Lalit on her second night. Having been sad and grumpy for quite a while she at first was annoyed by the presence of Lalit, but soon became accustomed to his playful ways, advancing more out of the shell she had built around herself.

Soon after her sister scouted ahead and found the land 'Souls, in a place called Serena Reserve, where the tribe was finally able to settle down. Now Uwoduhi hopes to complete her training as a Priest and move up from the rank Nvwoti to the packs Ookah.



Udowuhi, by Mercy?


Uwoduhi is petite, with little to no curves and girlishly attractive features. Her fur is a mixture of dark and light chocolate browns, which is darker along her back, forehead and bridge of her nose. Her hair is shoulder length and appears to be black though in reality is a very dark brown. Her eyes are a deep blue that fade into gray near the pupils. In her wolf form she has the same fur and eyes, and a lean build. She has no distinctive markings; tribal or genetic, and her only possessions are a few brightly colored weaved bracelets that she wears in all forms.

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