Urma, by Sara
Name OriginRomanian
Date of Birth22nd of May 2007
Age2 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus arctos ortus
Birth placeGreenland
Current pack
'Souls Profile

Urma was born to parents Naja and Athanaric in the same litter with her sister Ingríðr, yet also 2 years younger than her brothers, Ilya, Damek and Fereng. She comes from a predominantly arctic wolf pack, Drømme, and is the pup of the Alphas of said pack. Following the unexpected death of her mate since childhood, Mörker, Urma decides to leave Europe in search of another place in which to put the past behind her and move on, as well as hopefully build for herself a better future.

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    2.   4.2  All Friends
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  6.   6.  Appearance
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1.  Pre-'Souls History


Joining dateMay 22nd 2007
Joining RankPup
Most Recent RankScout
SignificanceIn charge of mapping new areas and alerting the pack of any potential dangers along the borders

Born in Greenland on the 22nd of May 2007, Urma became the fourth pup to Alpha female and male Naja and Athanaric, respectively, and was raised alongside her siblings by the Beta male and female of the pack, both of whom were occasionally involved with the Alpha female and male, respectively. Although these rather uncommon liaisons gave birth to various litters of cubs throughout the years, most of the somewhat illegitimate children were cast aside whenever food was scarce, leaving room for the purely Alpha descendants to grow. It was thus that at the time of Urma's birth, only one of her "step-brothers" remained, the pup of the Alpha female and the Beta male, only one year her senior: Mörker. He was also raised most of the time alongside Urma and her sister, and spent time with her and her older brothers. Being older than her, Mörker took advantage of the times when Urma's siblings stuck to their own games to teach her things he had either picked up himself or learned from the other wolves or, more often, from their mother. He took her scouting, which later on helped her become a Scout within her pack at the age of 9 months, aided of course by Mörker. It was a tradition within the pack that pups should find a future mate fairly quickly on, so it was this amongst other things such as chance and feelings that encouraged Mörker to court Urma although she was still young, as she had just chosen her name provenance, aged 6 months. Often times during their Scouting lessons, when Mörker would take her out of pack lands and in search of a cozy shelter from the snow, they would spend the night curled up one into the other, for warmth and protection, which Urma, although young, appreciated very much and learned to lead her life depending on that feeling of security. The following day would always greet a blending of crisp white coats, with just a spot of gray on Mörker's fur.

On one of these occasions, the morning after a peaceful night in a den not far from pack lands found only Urma. However, this gave her no reason to worry, as it was common by now for Mörker to get up early and hunt for food for the both of them before they proceeded to their pack. She waited for him until the lonely hours of the afternoon crept in, leaving only once or twice to find water and drink. She spent the night awake, worry raw in every bone and cell in her body, waiting and hoping desperately that nothing had happened. The following morning however there was still no sign of Mörker. Although she wished to find him as soon as possible, she was realistic enough to understand that she risked a lot on her own and returned to her pack to gather a number of wolves to help her with her search. Amongst those wolves were her brothers. The group of six, including Urma, re-traced Urma and Mörkers' footsteps, then spread in pairs in different directions. It wasn't until the second day of frantic searching that they uncovered his lifeless body, recognizable by now by the fact that the last few days of snow had covered it, away from birds or other animals that could have feasted on the carcass.

The road back to the pack was silent and uneventful, with only meaningful glances directed at Urma, as if each of the wolves joining her understood a different side of her pain. Urma spent the next couple of weeks with minimal contact, eating whenever it became absolutely necessary and leaving her den only for water. During some nights she assumed the risk of leaving pack lands and re-visiting the dens she had spent nights in with Mörker, sitting curled up in the dark and picturing his warm fur covering her as if forever. Her siblings tried to ease her pain by bringing back her childhood days, but it seemed as if Urma had just stopped growing, had stopped in the times when Mörker was at her side.

The situation didn't improve even as Urma was nearing her one year, with two months since Mörker's death. It was then that she decided to leave her pack. Periodically, a group of wolves from her pack joined a group of lone wolves and went to America across the ocean for trading purposes. She decided she would go with them and stay in America for a while, in an attempt to put space and time between her former self and the wolf she knew Mörker would have wanted her to become.

The journey across the Ocean brought no novelty, except her opportunity to meet new wolves. Although she mostly tried to stick to the company of the wolves she knew, she often times found herself deserted amongst the lone wolves, who looked at her with glinting eyes and malevolent smiles. Nearing the end of her journey, while sitting in her small chamber on the deck of the ship, one of the lone wolves invited himself in. Her pleads for him to leave her room proved futile, and only served to entice the shifter more. Although she did her best to fight him off, the shifter managed to rape her, thus making her a Luperci Verto.

A few days later, the storm that had been threatening the ship for the past week finally brought the journey to an end; Urma ship-wrecked on the shores of Shattered Coast, to her knowledge the only one to have survived. She found a secluded place for the night and the following day went onwards until she reached The Dampwoods?, whereupon she met Pilot Haddon[1], who introduced her to Shadowed Sun, where she was accepted as Periokoi.

2.  'Souls History

2.1  Shadowed Sun

Shadowed Sun

Joining date22nd of June 2008
Joining RankPeriokoi
Most Recent RankHyperitai
SignificancePack member

Upon joining Shadowed Sun[2], Urma found herself to be part of a different world altogether-- both in pack structure as well as in pack members. With helping her find a spot for a den and dig it[3], Urma's affection, as well as her debt towards the male wolf, grew. Her accommodation with the rules of the pack takes little time, and her curiosity for exploring the territory leads her towards pack borders, whereupon she makes the acquaintance of Firefly Sadira[4], who introduces herself as Ember Phoenix and taunts Urma about her status within Shadowed Sun. This episode is followed by Urma's realization of the fact that she knows next to nothing about her pack, and her resolution to meet her fellow pack members. Her attempts are hindered, however, in the following days, by rain, leading her to Pilot Haddon's den to keep the latter company. However, there she meets his son, Sirius Revlis[5], who is hiding from the pouring rain.

The next few days roll into weeks and, in an attempt to change the scenery, as well as push away the conflicting thoughts about her past, that continually clash with her blooming feelings for Pilot Haddon, Urma ventures up to Twilight Vale's borders, where she meets Nella Fantasia[6]. The welcoming nature of the female convince Urma that it would do no one any harm if she spent another couple of days around the pack's borders, and this decision proves to her advantage, as she meets Naniko D'Angelo[7], whom she gladly discovers is a good friend of Pilot Haddon's. The Twilight Vale leader talks to her about the arctic male, and advises her to buy him a violin as means of repaying her debt to him for all his efforts.

Upon her return to Shadowed Sun, Urma responds to the howl of a fellow pack member, Skoll, only to stumble upon a pack meeting concerning their pack values, as well as offers to teach one another a variety of skills.[8] This is the last contact Urma has with her thinning pack members before the disbandment of Shadowed Sun. She finds out from Pilot Haddon that Skoll's death and fellow pack member Lubomir Varg's departure as a consequence of the loss of his friend, has considerably thinned their numbers, and has lead, amongst other factors, to their disbandment. He also informs Urma of the imminent disbandment of Twilight Vale due to an incident involving the two leaders, Naniko D'Angelo and her mate Conri Church, that set a rift between them, forcing the pack to dissolve.

2.2  Crimson Dreams

Crimson Dreams

Joining date21st of September 2008
SignificanceGreeting newcomers at the boundaries of the pack

Following Pilot Haddon's suggestion of following him, the two of them meet Naniko D'Angelo and Savina Marino and decide on starting a new pack, Crimson Dreams[9]. Later that day Naniko D'Angelo's howl[10] brings together all the initial members of this new pack: the four aforementioned wolves as well as Anu, Ehno Marino, Jazper Rhiannon, Kansas Sadira and Odebeh?.

3.  Personality

4.  Relationships

4.1  Mörker

Their relationship started since the beginning of Urma's infancy. Their bond grew tighter, and they spent more and more time together. They were very different with one another-- happier, more certain of themselves and the direction their lives was taking, more confident, safer. Urma found in Mörker a brother, a friend, a lover, and probably the biggest part of her life for now. His absence changed her life forever. She became more withdrawn, more uncertain of the future, more prone to distrusting her abilities to relate to those around her. Mörker was in many ways Urma's pillar, her support-- their relationship changed both their lives irrevocably. Although she does not admit it, Urma still holds those times somewhere inside her, beneath the folds of memories, and all her attempts at moving on and building a home and a life for herself are also done as a continuation of a plan they had together.

4.2  All Friends

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4.3  Love Interests

Current Mate


Current Crush

Pilot Haddon

Past Mates


Past Crushes


5.  Abilities, talents and skills

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5.1  Strengths

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5.2  Weaknesses

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6.  Appearance

Urma's pelt is a crisp colour of white, tinted around the front paws and the tip of her tail with a a blueish tinge. Also, her paws are home to a collection of scratches and cuts, most of which have healed, leaving more or less visible marks and thinning the fur there. Her eyes are almond shaped and of a clear amber colour, contrasting with her black pupils. The inside of her ears is a light mix between soft purple and rosy pink. She has one piercing on the side of her left ear, adorning a sea star-shaped earring.

6.1  Luperci Forms

Urma prefers Lupus form, though notedly she now spends time in her Optime form more than before.


  • Height 88 cm
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Length 100 cm

Urma has a frail and small frame while in Lupus form. Neither her front, nor her back legs are extremely muscular, going more for lean, her muscles able to pack enough energy to carry her safely across long distances. Her outline is slender, following a regular line all around. Her size and configuration makes her aerodynamic, which is why in a confrontation she will fall back on her Lupus form so as to be able to run.


  • Height 108 cm
  • Weight 60 kg
  • Length 112 cm

Urma rarely shifts in Secui form, unless in a battle where she knows she won't need to run. She can hold her own in a confrontation between a regular wolf, or even between a werewolf in Lupus or Secui form, but it only depends on the build in the latter case. Although stronger than in her Lupus form, she is not as strong as some females can be, mostly because she's naturally more fragile and less battle-prone or even able.


  • Height 200 cm
  • Weight 80 kg

Urma usually falls back on her Optime form when performing tasks that require more dexterity, in which case the ability to use her opposable thumbs becomes an instant advantage. If she is in the company of wolves she knows, she is likely to use this form as well, as it gives her a sense of familiarity, though most of her time is still spent in Lupus form, seeing as it's most natural to her and gives her the freedom to engage in her usual activities with ease.