Umbra, by Nox
Name Meaning"shadow"
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthNovember 16, 2006
Age> 3 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus columbianus
50% Canis lupus lycaon
Birth placeTertia Lunae

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateApril 7, 2008[1]

Umbra was a previous loner from April to August of 2008.


Childhood pack structure

Umbra grew up in the pack of Tertia Lunae, a small pack led entirely by its Alpha female, Aquila. There were rumours that she'd once had a "true love" and that the loss of that love was what caused her to refuse to accept any co-leader, but none would ever repeat that rumour where she could hear it.

The ranks consisted of Aquila Lunae, three Beta males, one Beta female (extra nurse and childminder) and the male Omega. And, of course, Aquila's pups, fathered by whoever caught her fancy at the time of conception.

Umbra's History

Umbra was born to Aquila late in 2006, just half an hour before his sister Atra. Both of them taking after their mother in appearance, they were dark, and their mother named them according to her family traditions. Their father, Gabriel, was after all only a beta of the pack.

He had a happy childhood, but since his mother was the alpha of their small pack, he always felt the pressure of living up to her name. She'd done this and that at his age; why hadn't he done the same yet? That pressure intimidated him, and he left the pack a few months after his first birthday, setting out to either join another pack, or find other lone wolves and found a new one. Unfortunately, he didn't get that far before catastrophe struck, and he had to flee for his life together with everyone else.

So now he's in completely new territory, facing the same issues as before; find a pack to join, or start a new one.



  • Mother: Aquila Lunae [Canis lupus columbianus (British Columbian Wolf)]
  • Father: Gabriel Storm-eye [Canis lupus lycaon (Eastern timber wolf)]
  • Siblings:
    • Fathered by Gabriel:
      • Atra Lunae (b. November 16th 2006, ♀) - Black fur, gray eyes
    • Fathered by Aneurin [Canis rufus (Red Wolf)]:
      • Silvius Lunae (b. June 28th 2007, ♂) - Brownish-gray fur, amber eyes
      • Lucida Lunae (b. June 28th 2007, ♀) - White fur, blue eyes
      • Cinis Lunae (b. June 28th 2007, ♂) - Gray fur with black details, dark eyes


Umbra is, as his name suggests, dark of fur. Black, even, apart from a small white spot on his chest and a few lighter shades on his sides. Like his mother before him, as well as all his siblings (except for little Silvius), he's large for his age, standing almost 34 inches (86cm) at the shoulders and weighing nearly a hundred pounds (~44kg). His eyes are the same colour as his mother's, and shine a bright amber yellow.

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