Ulysses Hadara

Ulysses Hadara

Uly, by WindSeeker?
Name Meaning"Wrathful", “Home of Light”
Name OriginLatin
Date of Birth02.17.03
Subspecies100% Canis lupus arctos
LuperciYes Ortus
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Joining dateJun 27 06


Ulysses Hadara grew up as a rather charismatic, effortlessly pleasant male. He was a wandering soul from the moment he hit adulthood and set to traveling. By the time that he turned three his opinion of the world shifted slightly; he had a family that was brutally murdered. His mate Malise struck down all five of their children and to this date Ulysses will not speak of it. It is safe to assume that she met her end as well. Ulysses arrived in Packs.Syemv and was greeted by Deuce Rhiannon who he immediately took a disliking to. He did not appreciate her lying on his behalf to Characters.AkumuRouyaken when she came to accept him. He remained in the pack and courted Fiacha Aika eventually leaving the pack with her when she went to take care of her family's pack to the south.

They eventually settled down themselves, being mates, and even having children. Gilead (m), Rhodes (m), Myra (f), Abilene(f), and Galilee (f) were born to the pair on August 27, 2008 and filled the pair with joy. Ulysses instilled in his children a great passion for adventure and learning. He has enjoyed raising his family and basking in the glow of life.


A gentleman, passionate, lover, he was a true romantic at heart. He was a scholar first and foremost, but was capable at handwork and put this to use.



  • MateFiacha Aika
  • Childre — Gilead (m), Rhodes (m), Myra (f), Abilene(f), and Galilee (f)


Malise - Ulysses former mate, murderer of their children.


Stark white with a little smudging of powder blue along his snout; this was frequently because he tracked the stars and would wipe the blue ink straight onto his snout. He was a strong man, well built, with an able body made for work.

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