Ubatili Asnake

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Ubatili Asnake is currently a Loner







  • Date of Birth: 07 Jan 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: Asnake
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Wolf (100% wolf)
  • Subspecies:
    • 100 % Etiopian Wolf
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

Ubatili has the standard look of an Ethiopian wolf, with the russet coloring that, also earns them the infamous name red jackal, and the white splotches that mar his chest fur and the white furred contrast of his underside stand out against the red-brown fur. He has the lithe build and long muzzle with long ears that sit atop his skull and long limbs and a somewhat bushy yet long and compact tail. His fur is somewhat thicker then most Ethiopian Wolf's would generally be due to the colder climate of Nova Scotia and this gives him a small ridge of fur along his spine even in lupus form. There is a scar below his right eye that runs along the muzzle until the bottom lip that is a result of the fight with his father, and an ugly reminder of his past. This gives the right side of his face a permanent grimace of sorts and makes it difficult to bare his teeth fully on that side or even smile. There are two other scars along his left shoulder and a long slash along his right flank that stand out against gis fur because the hair has not grown back properly. His musculature has built up over the years and has grown into a lithe yet muscular tone that seems to ripple beneath his pelt at certain movements. He has a crooked canine on the left side of his maw that was knocked slightly loose when he was a year old from an unfortunate brawling incident with an adolescent bear. His eyes are a sharp emerald green with flecks of amber or gold that stand out against his auburn fur. In Optime form he is considered short, yet this makes him no less deadly, for what he lacks in height he can make up for in speed and ferocity.

Barring the lack of height in Optime form Ubatili despises shifting into this particular form because his lithe body and long legs do not help him to look overtly masculine and from behind he has sometimes been mistaken for a female Luperci, much to his chagrin and embarrassment on many an occasion during his travels and days of thieving. When in this form he will tend to have a more feral and hunched appearance, but as time progresses in this form he will be balancing upright in naught but 20 minutes.

Optime Form:

•Height- 5' 8" •Weight- Approx 145 or less

2.  Personality

Withdrawn from most people he first meets, yet snarky and a bit headstrong if one offends him, intentionally or not. Respects authority and individuals who are stronger then him due to his fathers treatment in his early stages of life. Though he will turn on them if they injure or harm one who can not defend themselves , a product of guilt from not defending his little sister from his father. He is kind and caring to those he loved or has grown to know and always strives to do what is right and redeem himself in the eyes of the gods.

The gods are deities his mother told him of when he was a mere pup. The two main ones are the sun god, Munga, and moon goddess, Mwezi. He will mutter short prayers to them sometimes when he needs strength or is desperate for something.

Ubatili lived on his own for a short while after slaying his father and has become accustomed to stealing and scavenging from others and in some places he earned the name the Red Thief for his burgulary.

He prefers to steal in his Optime form for it is easier to grasp and carry things with opposable thumbs, but usually he prefers to stay in his lupus and secui form otherwise. He feels stronger and less vulnerable to attack in these forms. He can be protective and paranoid when danger looms near and he does have a sadistic streak that will rear its ugly head at times and cause Ubatili to kill instead of just injure an attacker or offender.

He holds a high respect for the arts because his mother used to collect the ancient arts of human civilization and she even acquired paints and other drawing utensils during her time in the small cottage and taught Ubatili to draw and paint. He can commonly be seen carving images into objects, such as, tree branches, bones, etc. With a small carving knife his mother gave him. His mother spent a good amount of time teaching him and helping him to hone this particular skill as it is an important aspect of their ancestors culture and she wanted something from the past to live on with her son.

Many whom have met Ubatili call him reckless and a fool who throws caution to the wind, but behind his carefree attitude lies a cold and calculating machine that formulates complex strategies and plans of action when he is confronted.

The young male can be generally seen with a (half) smirk on his face and a mischievous twinkle in his eye, but if he is dwelling upon he past the smirk fades along with the light.

He will commonly intermingle his speech with Swahili words and has a thick slightly guttural voice with the hint of a foreign accent acquired from his mothers and fathers speech patterns.

Being quite young Ubatili has no overwhelming interest in sex and no defined sexual orientation, yet the two year old does indeed understand its functionality and prevalence in nature.

3.  History

Ubatili's family originated from the dry and desolate lands of Ethiopia that were slowly decaying and becoming uninhabitable. The Ethiopian Wolf pack of the North, led by his father and mate, had to migrate to survive. His father,Berihun, led his Luperci pack in northern Ethiopia to a northeastern city on the northwestern coast of Africa. He disbanded the pack and told them to find their own paths in life, for his calling was to North America. His mate, Ayana, obliged to go on this venture with him. He paid for a caravel at one of the harbors and spent many toiling hours and days at sea until he reached his destination at a harbor on the northern coast of North America, in a state formerly known as Maine, in 2010. The fires had already ravaged most of the country and the remaining inhabitants in the small advised the former pack leader to migrate up north with them, towards Canada and the provinces up North. He agreed it would be wise to do so. He and his mate began the trek up north, a good distance away from the lands of Nova Scotia, where the 'Souls packs were rumored to thrive in, they stopped in a small town in North Western New Brunswick. The small town was called Upsalquitch . It used to be a small suburban or rural village for humans, but now was virtually abandoned and littered with decaying structures. Berihun and Ayana settled down there in June 2011 after traveling from the fire stained coasts of the eastern United States. The small cottage they chose was the least damaged and offered the greatest amount of shelter for Berihun and his mate. They lived in relative solitude form the 'Souls packs who lived further East in Nova Scotia, but Berihun and his mate preferred the quite solitude of the cottage and did not venture to join a pack. On January 7, 2012 Ayana brought a small bundle of joy into the world. She named him Ubatili, after her father who died from starvation and age in the tribe in Ethiopia. Berihun and Ayana raised the little spit fire for a year, teaching them the ancient ways and customs of Ethiopia and teaching him some Swahili as he grew older. On June 6, 2013 Ayana went into labor a second time. She knew something was wrong from the start, the contractions were far too painful and close together to be normal. Without a medical doctor the small family could not remedy the situation and Berihun prayed to the gods that his wife and child could live. His prays went unanswered and the mother perished shortly after giving birth. He assumed the pup had died along with her and was too stricken by grief to check. Ubatili however inspected the small bundle and found it to be living. His father grew to despise the small female, he blamed her for his beloved wife's death. He named her Wegaye, which meant, my price, in Swahili. For the little bundle was the price for his mates life and he resented the innocent child for that. Ubatili grew to be a strong willed and hardheaded wolf and did all he could to protect his little sister. But, his father would beat her and make her do endless amounts of grueling chores and belittle her and a number of other horrible things to the youngling. When Ubatili was over a year and a half old and his sister only two months old when his father finally snapped and hit the little pup too hard over the head and she finally lay still, put out of her misery. Ubatili watched this occur, scared of incurring his fathers wrath, but when he watched his sister grow still he became enraged. He fought furiously against his father, eventually winning and tearing open his fathers jugular, spraying the old cottage walls with his life blood. Ubatili was horrified at what he had done and knew he would be condemned for his act of patricide if discovered and so he fled, further into the heart of Nova Scotia. He ran for what felt like days, stumbling upon Nero Napier, who informed him of a pack that accepted those who had committed crimes and would not be accepted elsewhere. Ubatili knew this was his chance to put the past behind him and began his trek to the lands of the Anathema pack. He had found his redemption.