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Tyra is a Decommissioned Character.







  • Date of Birth: 18 Jan 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: —
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Wolf (100% wolf)
  • Subspecies:
    • 65% Arabian wolf
    • 35% Grey wolf
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

Parents: Ariabell and Solace Dellerosa Mother and father species- Arabian wolf(mother). Sandy brown coloring with grey boots and a white face. Blue eyes. Slightly taller then father, but short as far as her species went. Mexican Grey wolf(father) Jade green eyes. Dark brown with a slight grey under coloring for his chest, tail's tip is ringed like a raccoon with lighter shade of brown. Short.

Tyra: Tyra is a short, yet definitely not unattractive wolfess with a rich blend of tan and derby colored fur that stretches aimlessly down most of her body. A rich antique white patch runs from the very front of her tail to the middle where it curls around in a ring and leaves a solid white tip. While her fur is thinner then most wolves who grow up in cold climates, it's silken and wraps around her to delicately hug at her already mischievously hinted curves. Her eyes are a vivid shade of elegant greens, colored like jades or emeralds.

She stands at a short 6'3'' in Optime form with long, wavy Hershey colored hair that is usually pulled up into a tight pony tail that is braided right down the middle with a feathered tie. A pendant in the shape of a full crescent moon, made of gold with four beads led from silvered chain links and a solid, white speckled, blue stone hangs freely about her neck from a golden colored striped band. In all aspects, she somewhat resembles her father's Hispanic heritage, she's retained most of her mothers appearance.

Items -Moon Pendant -Feather Hair tie

2.  Personality


-Fear/distrust of men

-Fear of being alone (Anxiety)

-A fierce attitude when angered. (Mexican heritage)

-To cute for her own good


-Scared of fire

-Slightly Naive, yet not insanely naive that she doesn't understand things.





-Good Judge of Character

-Confident around females, attractively shy and skittish around males



3.  History

Born - 3 Weeks

-Born in Algonquin park in the Mowat Lodge to parents with two sisters -Mother and father survived off of fish and the occasional Moose with combined efforts -Flood spoils mother's garden which leaves them without vegetables for food. After water goes down they find the land is more fertile. -The Pups start eating meat and fish

3 Weeks, one day - 3 Months

-Puppies start to speak, babble more like around the three week period. -Father takes up a new hobby with whittling wood which leaves a mess of shavings piling up inside the home. -Tyra ventures out passed her boundaries and is scolded by a visiting wolf. -After a short stay during which time Tyra and the other pups grow accustomed to Uncle 'Raevin' who teaches them a few words, Rae leaves and one of Tyra's siblings grow sick. -The pups are able to be weaned and so mother does so. She finds out she's sick with pneumonia, which is why one of Tyra's sisters have been sick off and on. -The girls get into a play fight during the time mother is sick and father ventures off for a short while to find medicine. (Tyra sustains a very small scar on her paw from the fight barely able to see since it would only be a very tiny bald patch on her paw) -Mother is better one day and decides to take the girls hunting for small game. (Birds, squirrels and the like) and they run into an abandoned mine shaft. (Tyra catches an elderly squirrel, with combined efforts her two sisters catch a Rabbit.)

3.5 Months to 5 months

-Ariabell takes ill once again, Tyra and her sisters venture out of the home unattended. -While out venturing, the pups and Tyra find a fire. A stranger's near by, yet not close. -Tyra saves her siblings from falling into a bear trap, then with combined efforts, they disarm it using a long stick and drag it home to Ariabell. -Mother gets angry and scolds the girls, but then a knock comes at the door. It's the foreign wolf that owned the fire. -After an argument, the other wolf leaves but only after being injured by their mother, gravely injured with a broken arm. -They wake up a few weeks later to smoke inside the house. Mother races to save the pups, but the sisters are trapped behind a door whose knob is too hot to touch, even with a cloth. -She gets Tyra out, then races back in to save them and none come out.

Five Months, two days - 9 months

-Father returns home to find mate and daughters (Except Tyra) Dead -Father grieves for a few days, buries the ashes of his deceased mate and daughters. With the help of Tyra, they make a stone marker at the edge of a trail for their loved ones. -A Month passes and Father grows more angry every day with Tyra. It's her fault, he thinks, because she could have stayed to help get her sisters out. -Father comes home drunk and enraged. He attacks Tyra, yet she gets away before she can gain any bad scars. -She finds solace in an abandoned mill, yet stays in hiding for a month or two near her home. -Another wolf finds her and spends some time with her, training her how to protect herself in Lupus form. Thinking that she is a full blooded wolf, which she doesn't say anything against it because the other wolf never brought it up. -A surprise turn: Tyra changes for the first time from Lupus to Optime. -The other wolf doesn't like Luperci, yet is one herself. A verto. She attacks Tyra a few days after the change, forcing Tyra to leave the mill and everything she's worked for, food, garden, the like.

9 Months - 11 Months

-She learns slowly how to hunt by herself, coming across a stranger who explains to her what being a Luperci is through small conversation. -Afterwards, the Luperci tells her of the benefits of Nova Scotia. -A trip takes place from Ontario to Nova Scotia, a month taken in between to learn how to do different things with her new found body and forms. (Singing) -Finally, she makes it to Nova Scotia and explores her surroundings.

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