Turnstone, by Tammi with lines by Sanionka

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Age> 3 years
Date of BirthApril 12, 2008
Date of DeathNovember 18, 2011MATURE [1]


MeaningSandpiper bird subspecies


Subspecies50% Eastern Timber Wolf
50% Syrian Jackal and Mexican Wolf
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth placeMonongahela National Forest, West Virginia


Crimson Dreams
Aug - Nov 2011
Apr 2009 - Aug 2011
Monongahela Pack
Apr 2008 - 2009

Turnstone is a former member of Crimson Dreams. After he joined in August 2011, he was immediately involved in a raid staged by AniWaya against Crimson Dreams. He was killed only five months after joining Crimson Dreams when he follows Panda Behr and Venom Trombetta back home to Anathema.


Turnstone was born to a local timber wolf father and a mother who descended from a family of jackals and Mexican Wolves. Turnstone's mother, Dowitch, was the offspring of a line of mixed wolves who originated in Mexico City. Following the demise of the humans, the jackals broke out of their enclosures and began scouring the surrounding area for food. They quickly encountered wolves native to the area and struck a pact with them. In exchange for hunting together, the jackals would offer their strongest son to the wolves every two years for whatever purposes they saw fit. Mostly, these wolves were trained as warriors and then later retired as breeders. However, after the wolves realized that the jackals were too small to breed the strong warriors they wanted, they discontinued their breeding practices. It was thenceforth forbidden to take a jackal as a mate and the two groups went to war.

By this time, eight years had passed and there had been four 'sacrifices' to the wolves. The jackals resented that they had been cast aside and began competing with the wolves for food. The hybrids, with neither a home with the jackals nor wolves, instead made their way north to find a new home. Two families settled in climates similar to the one near Mexico City, but the other two families continued north to West Virginia and settled in Monongahela National Forest. These hybrids continued to breed until they ran out of new blood. While they lived in the forest, they met other wolves and integrated into their society. When the hybrid children grew up, they mated with the local wolves, all of which were Eastern Timber Wolves.

It was here, Dowitch met Snipe. Although they were born with other names, it had become a tradition for the wolves of the pack to adopt new names to honour the other animals with whom they shared the forest. Snipe and Dowitch decided to take on names of the different Sandpiper species and named their first child Sandpiper and their second Turnstone.

Turnstone grew up in the Monongahela pack and learned to honour his families and his roots. When he was a year old, he decided to set out to find his fate. Like his family before him, he headed north, eventually making his way to Nova Scotia.

Three months after he left the Monongahela pack, he came across a luperci female, Morgan Thrush, and slept with her. It was through this encounter that he became a luperci.

'Souls History

Shortly after he joined Crimson Dreams, the pack was raided by AniWaya.[2] He threw himself into the fray and was promptly injured moments after arriving at the scene of the battle.

He met Parker Sadira while staying at the mansion in Crimson Dreams.[3] After their conversation, he realized how much he loved it in Crimson Dreams and wanted to stay and protect his new home.

In October, he participated in a raid against AniWaya.[4] He was injured in the fight and managed to barely save Leonard from a crazy AniWayan.[5] Miraculously, he managed to survive the fight against AniWaya and returned to Crimson Dreams.

A month later, some suspicious wolves started poking around Crimson Dreams.[6] One wolf was particularly rude and he warned the leader of the group that they best be polite if they were the ones asking questions at another pack's borders. He suspects they are up to no good and thinks they may be spies for AniWaya. He decides to follow them back and ends up halfway across Nova Scotia, in Anathema. He attacks one of them, but is killed in the process.MATURE [7]. The poet tragically loses his life, and his body is skinned and his head decapitated. Panda Behr hangs his pelt up on her room door, and his head is mounted on the entrance to the Temple of Helios? located in Anathema. It is believed that his spirit is attached to his pelt and skull and has become a sort of guardian for the Temple.


Thoughtful. A poet. He was raised to believe in the truth and hold the past to high account. He strongly believes in justice, but does not believe morals require a belief in any power or law: he believes that individuals are inherently good and that through personal experiences, one develops their beliefs on morality and goodness. He strongly believes in collective values and notions of sharing.



  • Parents — Dowitch and Snipe
  • Siblings — Sandpiper


Turnstone, by Crystal

Turnstone is somewhat slender, with short fur and a lithe frame. He has a dark black saddle pattern on his back and a ruddy brown overcoat. His underbelly is a light grey mixed with light tan.

Although he is slender, this does not mean he is necessarily graceful: he moves with confidence and a sense of self-awareness. This can mean that he may come off somewhat cocky to others if he is not careful.

He has yellow eyes.