Itō Tsubasa 伊藤蓮

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Born to Wander and Alaki in Salsola. Tsubasa and Ren were smuggled out to live with their father in Anathema, since their mother was a slave. Peregrine remained behind.

Itō Tsubasa 伊藤蓮

By Kiri



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Date of Birth

June 15, 2012




Birth place




50% Eastern Timber Wolf
50% Dog




Mate None
Rank None
Co-Rank None




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  • Fur:
    • Primary coat color: Chicago
    • Secondary coat color: Soya Bean
  • Markings:
    • Lighter Tide belly/underside, as well as under his eyes, a stripe along his nape, and his Huxley backtuft, as well as his toes.
    • Pine Cone decorates his limbs and above his eyes.
    • He has a Mine Shaft mask, and the color proceeds all along his back, and decorates his limbs slightly.
  • Eyes: Sycamore
  • Optime Hair: Dune, highlighted with Pale Oyster.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Sycamore (#7f8b33)
Tide (#bfb8b2)
Pale Oyster (#9d927e)
Soya Bean (#675F54)
Pine Cone (#66554a)
Chicago (#5b5755)
Mine Shaft (#3b3535)
Dune (#252322)


66 lbs (30 kg)
26 in (59 cm)


Lupus form is small, and not quite imposing. He's sleek and thin, his limbs long and lanky. His chest is narrow, but deep. It's not a commonly used form, as it's the smallest.

94 lbs (43 kg)
36 in (91 cm)


Padding out the male, Ren looks more wolf then dog in secui, with only the sharp and unique shapes of his dog heritage showing through subtly, making him appear slightly disproportioned. His legs bulk up a little but are still rather slim.

132 lbs (60 kg)
6 ft 1 in (73 in) (185 cm)


Standing at a below average height, ren is slim but built all over; although due to his lighter weight and build he is still considered weak. Overall his limbs are long, his face that of a complete mix of dog and wolf, hair sharp and wispy; either styled spiked or left loosely down.



  • Piercings: Bar through left ear, three gauges in each ear, every one growing larger at the base, two hoops on right ear and one on the left, a cuff and chain attached to a stud in the right. Also has a piercing through the bridge of his nose, near his eyes.
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • A very light scar across the bridge of his muzzle
    • Knotch at the tip of his right ear


Tsubasa is a luperci who likes to accessorize. While staying away from what he considers 'overdressing', or as he so kindly calls it "peacocking", he admires trinkets, and has many black-chorded necklaces, loves any sort of chain, leather bracelets, or anything that has metal attached. Ocassionally, he will wear a scarf, or a jacket with shorts, but he usually ventures away from clothing unless it's for dress-up time with Ren. The narrow, lanky hybrid likes to carry knives, and usually straps them to his thighs.

  • Various necklaces
  • The ocassional scarf
  • Leather bracelets, chain bracelets


  • Tsubasa will wear clothes, for show more than for practicality, as he finds them to create drag and interfere with sparring. However, he does it (more or less) for the attention from Ren.


  • Speech:
    • His voice has a coarse sound; a sort of rasp, and is rather weak-sounding, as a sort of birth-defect. As such, he has issues with stamina, and prolonged, heated conversation and argument. The easiest way to describe his voice is Gideon Emery as Fenris (the elf).
    • Tsubasa is fluent in Japanese and prefers it over English since he was predominantly raised in Japan.
      • His English is accented and but clear, unlike Ren's.
    • Low-Speech: Ren has the basics of 'crow' low-speech down and can vaguely interact with other high-intelligence birds.
  • Scent:
    • Loner: N/A
    • Families: Itou, Huxley
    • Individual Traits: Musk, dew, thistle, pine, smoke
  • Body Language:
    • Straight, very humanised posture.
    • Ren holds himself in a dominant manner, unless stated otherwise.
    • Eyes are rather cold and dead looking.
    • Often he makes a show of his teeth, although rarely resorts to outright growling and snarling.
  • Residence and NPC's:
    • NPC: None



Colonel Kilgore, Brass Balls, While Rome Burns & Grey And Gray Morality

Tsubasa is keen, manipulative, intelligent, charismatic, and judgmental. Towards others, especially strangers, he puts on a friendly face, proving to be a flirt and a flatterer, or a "reliable" entity, dependent on the recipient to his attention. However, he is self-servant, and only friendly so long as it serves his own means, and during his "friendships", will often think little of the other person. It's rare that he feels genuine towards others outside his family. The same could be said for any flings he chooses, as they are mere placeholders or attempts to gain attention from his brother, Ren, of whom he loves in a more than... brotherly, way. Because of his oddly-placed affections, he is highly envious of others, viewing everyone as potential competition. In moments where he loses out to another, he is instantly belittling, both to them, and himself, throwing a tantrum befitting of a moody teenager.

Due to his selfish nature, he is incredibly possessive and quick to give the cold-shoulder to those which he perceives to come between him and whatever he wants, whether it be an object or otherwise. His possessiveness stems from social insecurity, and an insatiable greediness, as well as some strange sense of power. Tsubasa enjoys hoarding what he collects as far as objects go, and is not above petty thievery to get what he wants. As such, he is quite adept at lying; a somewhat sociopathic nature makes such a task simple for him. He is not outwardly aggressive towards others, and is very aware of his limitations, and when confronted with an assertive will stronger than his own, he yields near instantaneously due to a rather cowardly side to him. In order to shield his yellow-belliedness, he is quick to turn blame around, and mutter insults and blasphemy about those who did him wrong, always working to make himself a victim of treachery, even if he knows it to be a farce and he is to blame.

While he may be conniving and selfish, however, he is an excellent listener, and pays great attention to details, observant to what others need, want, and feel; even though his intentions are not friendly and pure.



  • Likes: A list of single or few-worded interests: e.g., horses, animal husbandry, leather-working, hunting, howling, running, jumping, playing, begetting a vast number of progeny, etc.
  • Dislikes: A list of single or few-worded dislikes


Envious, Charismatic, Moody, Quick-witted, Short-tempered, Two-faced

  • Outlook: Realist, though bordering more favorable to pessimism.
  • Expression: Extrovert, submissive
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Loneliness, rejection, being out of place


  • Power, self-preservation, family


  • Packs: He feels bitterly towards Anathema, as well as a slight distaste for Salsola
  • Species: Due to mixed heritage and his range in family, he doesn't have much bias against species.
  • Non-Luperci: Non-luperci are seen as lessers, finding them rather foolish for not seeing the practicality of a shifting form.
  • Gender: Women are somewhat gross, though easy to manipulate.
  • Color: He has no bias for color
  • Sexuality: Tsubasa is relatively open minded, given his own sexuality.
  • Age: Puppies are annoying, needy and useless. The elderly are just the same.


Tsubasa has a rather average libido, and rejects commitment. He is homosexual, and has an aversion to the fairer sex, though will tug strings and manipulate a female into believing he is attracted to them if it favors him in some way. Unfortunately, due to being a runt and inheritting some health troubles from his mother, Tsubasa is infertile and has a low testosterone level, though it does not affect his desire for attention. He harbors and incestuous love for his brother, Ren, and holds other lovers to his standard, and can be quite a flirt.


He does not usually partake in anything more than smoking, despite the fact that he has a poor set of lungs and an already raspy throat. He'll engage in the occassional drink, and is usually welcome for experimentation.


Tsubasa is not spiritual, though is relatively open-minded to listening, despite his two-faced mannerisms and silent judgement.


* Does not know this person by name.

Family: Itou, and Huxley


Key Relations

  • Lillith Trombetta To gain entry to Salsola, Ren entered a mateship that was more of an agreement with Lillith, who had intended to use Ren to father her children. Upon discovering Ren's slave mother, Lillith snitched on him to leadership and joined Salvia Eternity in an attack against the Itous, resulting in Rin's death.
  • Tsubasa Itou: Tsubasa has always been a part of Ren's life, heading with him over to Japan too. Ren is aware that his brother habours incestorous feelings towards him and has previously abused Tsubasa's feelings for his own benefit. Overall he is fond of Tsubasa, but the two have a twisted and rather undefined relationship.

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From an accidental litter, Ren and his siblings are the result of a drunken one night stand when his father and love at the time, Alexander Collins had an argument and fallen out. His mother was a personal slave in Salsola to one Sirius Revlis at the time. Due to the nature of the pack the three siblings were born to, Ren and Tsubasa were smuggled out and handed over to their father to be raised within Anathema and were proclaimed to be dead to Salsola; his sister remaining in the pack.

Being raised by his father and other members in Anathema, Tsubasa grew up in an environment that simply did not care and accepted a multitude of crime and typically non-acceptable behavior. Becoming a product of his environment and mimicking much behavioral traits and habits from his two fathers, Tsubasa quickly began to grow somewhat twisted, showing an abnormal love for his sister and brother, as well as getting himself into a trouble more often then not.



  • June: Born to Wander and Alaki in Salsola on June 15, 2012.
  • June: Since their mother was a slave, Tsubasa and Ren were smuggled out to live with their father in Anathema. Peregrine remained behind.
  • August: His father Alaki decided to abandon his duties and left Anathema and his position as Angelo, taking with him his mate Alexander Collins along with all of his children; Miwa Itou, Aoi Itou, Rin Itou, Ryo Itou, Tsubasa Itou and Ren Itou, along with Aphrodite Itou and his cousin's mate.
  • September: With his father's consent, Ren, Tsubasa and Miwa Itou left their family to live in Japan with Aphrodite and her mate Akihiro. Following their mothers direction, Rei Itou, Ran Itou and Ryu Itou begin living with the family after being exiled from their pack, arriving after Ren's group had left.
  • October: Boarding a Clipper, the group of 4 made it to Japan within just over a month. Most of Ren's youth was spent traveling on the sea as a result, surrounded by trained merchants and craftsmen.
  • December: Ren shifted for the first time and began to work with clothing, having been verbally taught and shown up until that point he threw himself into working with his hands and began to dabble with swords. Rin Itou leaves the family home, back in Quebec.


  • February: Rin returns back to the family home in Quebec.
  • March: Ren, Tsubasa and Miwa return back to the family's home and begin to live with them once again.
  • May: During the dead of night, Aoi Itou and Alaki begin to argue, resulting in her father having a mental lapse and killing Aoi, leaving her body beside Ren as the he slept. Miwa Itou, who witnessed the events, wakes the children and all of them leave. Ren, Miwa and Ryo heading of to find Tsubasa and Peregrine, whilst Rei, Ran, Ryu and Rin head of for parts unknown.
  • June: With only scarce belongings, the group of three resorted to theft; establishing a camp up by the mines.