Trelawney Courtright

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  • Name: Trelawney Courtright
    • Pronunciation: tr-eh-lon-nee kohr-t-right
    • Nickname: Lonnie
  • Date of Birth: 20 Mar 2018
  • Species: Coydog 1
  • Sex: Male
    • Pronouns: He/Him



By Despi

OOC Assumptions

Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Trelawney...
    • ... having general non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
    • ... Up to Adopter!

Plot Opportunities

  • His brother, Hosea is currently in Del Cenere! His other brother, Amos, is up for adoption!
  • Up to Adopter!

1.  Appearance


  • Fur: Plush, and double coated. It lacks the coarse guard hairs of a purebred coyote, and has mild bodywave.
    • Optime Hair: Just past shoulder-length, and well-groomed.
  • Facial Features: Pointed and tapered, very coyote. His ears are slightly more narrow than the average coyote's though.
    • Eyes: Large, and unbelievably expressive. Habitually squints when he's smiling, giving him a smug appearance.
  • Build and Size: Dainty and lean. Unassuming, yet distinctly masculine and sharp. Taller than a coyote, betraying his dog heritage, aside from his natural half tail.
    • Lupus: xx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xx cm)
    • Secui: xxx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xxx cm)
    • Optime: x ft x in (xx in) (xxx cm) — xxx lbs (xx kg)
  • Humanization: High, and rarely outside of Optime form. He adores playing manly dress-up. (That's called an ascot, you uncultured heathen).


  • Speech: Frequent, and confident. Climbs, increasingly, in pitch when he's nervous.
  • Scent: Courtright, fine leather, lemon grass
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Flourishes with his hands when he speaks, generally very expressive. Bounces on his toes when excited.
  • General Posture and Body Language: At ease, and surprisingly solid. Generally, and remarkably, unbothered for the most part.



 Masala (#3B3532)


 Tapa (#797371)

 Zorba (#9B928F)

 Hemp (#98847E)

 Malta (#C2A89E)

 Ebb (#F0EEED)


 Tussock (#C99850)

Nose and Pawpads

 Dune (#3A3431)

1.1  Gallery

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by Despi

1 50% Plains Coyote, 50% Dog (landrace breeds, cattle dog, shepherd, et al.)