Tora Senshi

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Tora Senshi is currently a Loner







  • Date of Birth: 07 Feb 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: Senshi
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Coywolf (??% coyote, ??% wolf)
  • Subspecies:
    • Tibetan wolf
    • Southeastern Coyote
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

Tora is a medium to small female, easy on the eyes. Her coat is a golden oranges, glowing. Her coat isn't thick, thin fur comes from the coyote part of her family tree.

Though probably the largest part of her appearance are her markings, dyed onto her fur as a gift for her first shift. Tora, like her Japanese name, has the coat of a tiger. Black stripes cover most of her body, from the top of her muzzle to her tail. Her eyelids are white, along with her chin and cheek bone. The white continues down to her belly, stopping at the pelvis. Her paws are also dip in white, making clean socks on the female. The stripes along her tail become rings, ending in a white spot. Her ears are coal black, with the insides dyed white. Her eyes are a very light blue, almost seeming white or grey from a distance. Her nose is also a dark pink.

On her arms, mostly seen in Optime form, are bandages. These she used to protect her hands and feet when fighting hand-to-hand. They belonged to her grandfather, and she refuses to remove them. She is almost always seen holding her Nuntebo. Her weapon of choice. The hair on her mane, seen only in Secui and Optime form, the orange coat is darker and more ginger. In Optime form, she hangs this hair as a long braid, tied together by rope.

Sizes: Lupus- 20 inches Secui- 26 inches Optime- 5 foot 4 inches

2.  Personality

Tora has ADHD. A condition found in the younger. She is very active, and constantly needed something to do. Though she isn't brain dead, she actually knows things. Like what to do and what not to do. It frustrated her a lot when she was told to stay inside for so long, her parents simply thinking she would cause mayhem if she stood outside.

Tora loves pretty things, especially drawings or flowers. She is, and always will be childish, a condition brought on by months and months of being treated like a young pup when she should have been seeing the world. The Senshi family, as Tora was reminded, is a family of warriors, strong in mind and body. Although she looks cute and innocent, like her other siblings, Tora is corrupted by the sudden death of her family. She doesn't mind killing, in fact killing her mother's murder was fun. She is slow to trust, always on edge around strangers. Walking around with a large, very sharp stick, it would be safe to give the young adult her space. She talks to herself a lot, even when in front of someone else. She normally mutters to herself in Japanese, rendering her speech confusing to anyone listening who doesn't understand the language.

Tora loves a good brawl, her favorite form of combat is with either her Nuntebo or down to her muscular Secui form, which in her opinion is the form she looks most like a tiger. Romance isn't something Tora has been exposed to before. Her heart is cold and mostly selfish since her mother's death. But if the girl did find such feelings, she would look for a more physical relationship, to fit into her personality.

3.  History

2008: Kenmeina Senshi 賢明な戦士, a Japanese farmer and secret assassin come across a dying pup at the doorstep to his home. The pup is taken inside, fed and kept well. Kenmeina is getting older, without a chance of being accepted by the higher class and ruling females whose fathers own the lands. He adopts the young boy, calling him Rakkī Senshi ラッキー戦士. Rakkī grows older, learning from his father the tricks of farming. Although shunned, the Senshi family had lived for many years, surviving on little, but holding secrets. Kenmeina was a trained warrior, a respectable fighter without an audience to see his skill. He had long been an assassin, ending the lives of those with dishonor, wielding his sword.

2010: Rakkī becomes a man, choosing to stay and work with his father until Kenmeina could no longer keep up. But, as any young man, he soon grew an eye for a female, whose father worked as a rival business to the Senshi farm. Needless to say, they were much more wealthy, and shared a blood-line with the leaders, lifting them high up the bar above Senshi. Rakkī bedded the woman, aware that he was doing wrong, but giving in too easily to his feelings. Kenmeina, along with others in the village, soon learnt of Rakkī's dishonor and, seeing that Rakkī had simply been adopted, and didn't really belong, they sought to chase him out or kill him. Kenmeina didn't want to see his son killed, and used the last of his wealth to get a ship for Rakkī to leave to the mainlands of America. Although he wished to stay, and continue the business his ancestors had left him, Kenmeina eventually joined his son on the boat.

2011: The boat finally reaches the mainlands, and Kenmeina and Rakkī immediately set out to find work. The kind workers on the ship offered them some advice, whilst teaching them English during the journey. They find work in more northern lands, moving carts and chopping wood for traders. It takes a long time, but they eventually gather enough to buy a farm off an old, retired couple. Rakkī, being Rakkī soon finds the eye of yet another female, a young coyote girl with a bite to her. They find love for one another, both living off nothing and working hard shifts to survive. The female, Jenny, soon offers a courtship, which Rakkī oh so easily accepts. Kenmeina, upon hearing of what's happened is reluctant at first, believing his son may have yet again driven the family to the open road. But Jenny admits being an orphan, alone except for the close comforts of Rakkī. She moves in with them, and life moves on.

2012: Jenny announces her pregnancy, with causes problems. Work had become scarce, no one offering anything for make-shift workers. Kenmeina, now getting much older, begins to find easier life with farming plants. They have a struggle, but eventually the pups are born. Tora came first, then her brother Hebi Senshi ヘビ戦士, and sister Nezumi Senshi ラット戦士.

The young pups grow up fast, learning farming and other skills from their grandfather and mother. Kenmeina insists that the pups are exposed to both English and Japanese, so that they know and respect their origins. Tora, although the first to be born, shows signs of being the younger, less mature one. She would go on all night long, singing or screaming. Rakkī soon believed that there might be something corrupt in the child's mind. Needless to say, the father always had a soft spot for his daughter, spending much more time with her than her siblings, simply because of her condition. Hebi and Nezumi don't mind the lack of attention, Tora is well loved by them. On the day that each pup shifted, they were given a gift by Kenmeina. Hebi was given a little snake, imported from China. Nezumi was given a baby rat, each a symbol of the animal their name represents. Tora, though, couldn't be given a tiger for obvious reasons. So instead, her mother insisted on giving her fur a dye. Tora was always considered a tiger, so it was fitting to make her look the part.

2013: As Nezumi and Hebi grew old enough to travel outside the house to explore, Tora was kept inside the area of the home. Being bored almost constantly, Kenmeina decided to give her a gift early. It was a nuntebo. A Japanese weapon that the old man had created for his beloved grand-daughter. Tora was taught to use the weapon, her constant need to move about proved useful with the spear.

Things weren't quiet for long, Rakkī left for a trip to more northern lands, leaving the growing children in the care of their mother. Jenny stayed at home mostly, only leaving Tora's side to collect berries or nuts. But one day, she didn't come home. Kenmeina told the young girl to stay inside while he looked around for Jenny. Grandfather also didn't return. Hebi and Nezumi decided to go and see what had happened, taking the weapons they had be given with them. Tora secretly followed them. The scene was scarring. Jenny lay, in pieces along the grass floor of the forest, basket of berries flung to the side. Kenmeina also sat, holding himself together as he bled to death. Then there was the man. He was a huge wolf, growling through injuries inflicted by Kenmeina. Being already injured, the children too easily killed the man, ripping him to shreds with hatred. With their mother, and grandfather dead, the siblings panicked, but finally Hibo, being the leading brother, told them they needed to find their father. Rakkī had left to Nova Scotia, and the children soon sought out to find him. It took them a very long time, their birthdays going past like they were nothing. The Senshi family was broken in one night, and soon, the young adults also split up. Tora, not really knowing what to do, continued to travel to Nova Scotia, the hope of finding her father their was still misty in her mind.