Thomas Hart

Thomas Hart

Name Meaning"twin", "male deer"
Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthJanuary 15, 2008
Subspecies100% canis lupus familiaris
Birth place
Current packLoners
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Current Pack

Lone Wolf

Joining dateAugust 15, 2011[1]

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1.  History

Thomas Hart had been born without a name – or so he believes. At the age of five months old, he had wondered top far from his family. He had been adventurous as any young warrior, but slipped off a ledge, falling and hitting his head in a spot that knocked him out cold. Luckily, the fall hadn’t been that great and his damage was only an open wound and forever forgetting his family.

A traveling blacksmith had happened to look over that ledge, spying the boy and coming to his rescue. He was carried back to the man’s cabin, where he was taken care of. On the third day, Thomas blinked his eyes open, asking where he was. The man told him what happened and asked him for his name. The young boy responded with an ‘I don’t know’ and that he didn’t know anything. The blacksmith from there took him in, adopting him as a son and giving him the name ‘Thomas Hart’. Though, Thomas never regained his memory of his family, he worked under his father. Fascinated from the beginning with the different objects he made.

At the age of one year, Thomas began to take interest in designing clothing, especially the Steampunk style that a rare frequent customer wore. His father had no complaints. They frequently made collaborations. The customer who inspired him had been told about Thomas’ wishes and they agreed to teach him.

Half a year later, Thomas left his forest home and began traveling.

2.  Personality

His personality greatly depends on those who are around him. Typically, Thomas is a quiet, friendly gentleman without much expression on his face. Around strangers or mere acquaintances, he’s shy, cautious and awkward with his wording. He does not know how to react to them, as he has yet to figure out what upsets them, what they like and so on. Once he begins to open up, hidden expressions are quickly revealed. He begins to smile and laugh, for example.

Though, Thomas is easily embarrassed in both good and bad situations. Should someone praise his work, for example, he would probably get embarrassed – saying it’s not that great or something along the lines – but truly be happy. Or, should someone say something questionable – whether they mean harm or not – he could get uncomfortable.

Despite his shy nature, however, he’s an independent person. He often lives on his own, knowing the basic necessities of how to take care of himself. When others interrupt this cycle – by hunting or cleaning for instance – he often gets thrown off track becoming rather confused or even hurt. Friends are, of course, allowed to stay over at his place, but are typically rejected when they give offers of making food. This could change.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

Reed De Lange, Francois Eriksen?, Markus Eriksen, Eva Eriksen?, Dixie-May Jackson, Wayne McCoy

3.4  Enemies

4.  Skills

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  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Making fries

5.  Appearance

Soft shades of mahogany rich with lighter, blond tips along the inner legs, stomach and under tail enwrapped with overlays of black. His face is completely covered in an elegant, traditional black mask of the Tervuren, slipping along the ‘cheeks’ of his face with long, straight curls of hair. The black goes far along to the back of his ears, fading only with streaks of mahogany along the scruff of his neck. Throughout the upper half of his neck are strong streaks of mahogany alike his scruff as the black continues from his neck, curling just over his shoulders colored a lighter hue of chestnut brown to swirl down his sides. His upper back is splashed with the dark mahogany colors with streaks of black. Finally, his toes are dipped in black overlay, running slightly up the back of his inner leg as well.

His fur is long with a thick double coat; coarse on the outside and terribly soft underneath. It’s rather dense, as well, but straight and without curl. The fur is thickest along the neck, hindquarters / tail and foreleg feathering from his Tervuren blood. Alike his Samoyed mother and Tervuren x Karelian Bear Dog mix father, his tail curls to touch his back and leans towards the right side. His legs are shorter than an average Tervuren and are built more so alike to his Samoyed ancestors, giving him rather large, long elegant paws.

By weight, Thomas has quite the chubby stomach on him. And what muscle he does have, is typically gone unnoticed by the abundance of hair covering it. His muzzle is long with the top of his skull rather flattened typical to Tervuren. His eyes, however, take after the almond shape dark brown of the Samoyed. At the end of his muzzle is a well-defined black nose.

5.1  Luperci Forms

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Standing on the shorter side, Thomas can typically be seen within his Optime form dressed in Steampunk style with styled hair, garments and various accessories. His size cares onto this form, still being a bit chubby – yet on the thin side – with typical Tervuren looks. He normally keeps his hair cut on the short-medium side. It’s thick as the rest of his hair, colored black with a few blond streaks. The ends are cut in choppy style, strands usually resting every which way. And, despite its slightly short length, it does continue to his neck, stopping just over his shoulders. Stray strands can usually be found over his eyes.

His most common outfit is an off-white men’s dress shirt with black, old style trousers, both torn at the ends. The shirt has numerous antique gold colored buttons vertically and then two separate parts lining the front shoulders. On his right side, a gold ring is hooked to one of his belt loops, with a bright silver chain leading to yet another gold loop and a Steampunk pocket watch in gold and silver. Over top his off-white shirt is a black dress vest with soft, grey texture lines both horizontally and vertically. In the left bottom corner of the vest are three silver gears. Lastly, a velvet red ascot tie tied around his neck.

When at work, however, he is seen with a cream Victorian shirt with dark brown trousers. The shirt puffs at the end of the sleeves – similar to those worn by pirates, and unlike his other outfit, it is not torn at the ends. It is also rather transparent besides the double sown edges. The head opening is quite wide with a ‘T’ like shape that reveals his chest halfway down.

Featured in each of his outfits, he has Victorian spectacles rimmed in washed out, antique gold, customized to fit his face through metal work. The frames are rectangle in shape with slanted edges. On his left ear, at the base is a gold stud earring connecting to a chain that, then, attaches to a cuff piercing through his upper ear. From the stud earring is another, shorter chain with a miniature gold key hanging from the end. Along his bottom lip are two golden snake bite piercings that curl back on his chin.

6.  Notable Threads

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