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21 12 2010





Chaotic Neutral








The number after 12 and before 14


Scar of Roman Numerals XIII



Birth place





75% Caspian Sea Wolf
25% Dog (German Shepherd)




Current pack None?
Current rank None


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None? (I)

Thirteen is the daughter of two impovered luperci. She is a wolfdog, born in England?. She arrived in 'Souls, headed towards nowhere to live her life. She is a broken-hearted warrior.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Thirteen speaks with a muddled British accent, it could almost be mistaken for an Irish one though due to the abundance of Irish sailors in her city by the sea. She tends to be very short when she speaks, wasting nothing in a reply. The only time she'll speak more than a few words per sentence is when she wishes to come off as poetic. Each word is clearly enunciated and measured, but there is always some form of emotion when she speaks or sings.

1.2  Abilities



Thirteen was taught from a very young age how to sing, dance, and play her flute. She excels at all of these, but the flute is her passion and her best. She was also taught how to read and write, she practices her writing everyday and has beautiful penmanship. Thirteen is a fast learner of almost everything. She has spent a year learning the art of fighting with blades and can make five different types of poisons. Thirteen is very swift and agile due to her years as a street perfomer and often uses it to her advantage



Thirteen has poor social skills and a bad habit of speaking the truth whether it'll land her in trouble or not. She tends to think with her gut rather than her brain and she's incredibly stubborn. Though she is good at offensive skills, Thirteen has no idea how to defend herself in an actual fight and has very little brute strength. Thirteen is scared of getting close to anyone and refuses to bond with any person due to her past.

1.3  Residence

Thirteen has no home and wanders around the land with no end in sight. She longs to have a place to call home, but hasn't found it yet.

Thirteen once lived in a large facility owned by the Organization with many girls. This facility was located in a city in England that was right on the coast. Thirteen herself shared a small room with Six. The room had two small beds with a chest at the end of each and a desk. There were no windows outside and no windows on the door. The walls were pure white and the only decorations in the entire room were the paintings and drawings that Six made on the wall.

1.4  NPCs

NPC Name

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1.5  Inventory



  • A long jacket that resembles a trench coat but it has no pockets, zippers, buttons, or belts to tie it and has a hood tailored for a luperci. The jacket is Woodsmoke Grey
  • Baggy pants that have no pockets and are black
  • Black Belts



  • Two wakizashi on her back
  • Two tanto strapped to each forearm
  • Assortment of knives (5) strapped on various limbs
  • One katana on hip


  • Deep Oak Brown backpack
  -Mahogany box
   - Bone flute
  - Pine Box
   - Flint and Steel
   - Whetstone
   - Matches
  -Any extra food at hand

2.  Appearance

Thirteen is a wolfdag mix of Caspian Sea Wolf and German Shepherd, but she leans more towards her wolf heritage. She prefers her Optime form and is clearly an albino.

Sizing Chart





50 lbs

18 in
(45 cm)


110 lbs
(45 kg)

30 in
(76 cm)


120 lbs
(54 kg)

5ft 5in (65 in)
(165 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Thirteen is rarely in her Lupus form as it makes her feel naked and vulnerable, but it is the form in which she hunts her faster or larger prey. In this form, she is a relatively compact wolf. As a lupus, her fur is thicker around her chest and scruff due to her dog heritage.


Thirteen has only ever been in her Secui form three times and she doesn't like it. The only real difference in her Secui and Lupus forms is the fact that she is larger and her fur is thicker so less of her pink skin shows.


Thirteen chooses Optime as her preferred form. She stands with a straight back and impeccable posture. One could almost mistake her for a military official because of how she walks: proud and assured. She is very confident and graceful in all ways. Rarely does she make clumsy or awkward movements. In this form, she wears her hair up in a high ponytail, wraps her hair around the base a few times, then sticks two chopsticks in the bun to retain the form, and allows the rest of her white hair to flow down her back. The ponytail ends at the base of her tail. She also has bangs, but they're shorter on the right side than on the left. She uses the long hair to hide the left side of her face and the head of her dragon tattoo. She wears no shirt in this form, but instead two black belts cross her breasts. These belts also hold her wakizashi. She has two tanto strapped onto her forearms and five other knives strapped to her thighs and calves. She wears a pair of baggy black pants and a jacket to hide the weapons. Another black belt slung over her jacket on her hips holds her only visible weapon: her katana. The belt and the strap to her bag hold her jacket close and cover her nakedness.

2.2  Build & Species

Thirteen is a fairly small, compact female more built to agility and grace than brute strength. Her fur is smooth and shiny and thicker around her chest scruff and tail due to her dog heritage. The rest of her is wolf though, the sharp chiseled face just barely softened by femininity. Her lean body ripples with muscles used for fighting and dancing. She stands tall and proud like a warrior, but is very gentle and graceful as is normal for a dancer.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

Thirteen is an albino wolf meaning that as a whole she is pure white. Around her paws, eyes, and ears, her fur is thinner and reveals some skin making the fur itself appear an incredibly pale pink. Her eyes are a deep Japanese Maple Red.

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • The Roman Numerals XIII which are 13. When she was sold to the organization, she was given this to mark her as the thirteenth girl of the year. After the branding, her name was forgotten and she became Thirteen.
  • Tattoos:
    • She has a blood red full body tribal tattoo of a dragon. It's head rests on her left cheek, it's neck loops around hers twice, and the rest of its body is on her back. It's wings spread out over her back and wrap around her waist just less than a foot away from touching each other. It's tail wraps around her right leg a few time and the tip ends right above her foot.
  • Piercings:
    • None
  • Other:
    • None

2.5  Accessories

  • A black choker with a bronze sun pendant
  • A silver chain with a silver moon pendant
  • A brown bag with a single strap that holds all of her belonings.

3.  Personality

Thirteen is a very quiet individual who is incredibly independent. She hates it when people just give her what she wants or needs, she feels that everything has a price no matter how small and that price should always be paid. That being said, she is a creature of honor and doing what's right. She despises dishonesty and cowardice. Despite all this, she doesn't truly abide by any written law. She follows her guts and her heart rather than thinking anything out first. If she doesn't follow any rule unless she agrees with it. If not, so be it. She's very stubborn and hard headed and she distrusts most people. She rarely opens her heart to anyone. Thirteen enjoys learning things if at all possible.

  • Fears:
    • Betrayal
    • Another Broken heart
  • Motivations:
    • Revenge
    • Striving to learn more
  • Traits
    • Stubborn
    • Honorable
    • Independent
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

3.1  Demeanor

Thirteen is generally rather quiet and stays to herself. If she must talk to someone, she uses as few words as possible. She always looks everyone in the eye as if challenging them to defy her. She reacts violently to flirts, but everything else she patiently accepts. Very little annoys her and if it does, she refuses to act on her irritation. She rarely acts on violence, but she will strike you down verbally without any inhibitions.

3.2  Outlook

She has a terrible outlook on life. Believing that if she gets close to anyone she'll be betrayed or broken hearted so she refuses to get close to anyone.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

She is more likely to trust a younger wolf than any other, but she will immediately through up all barriers towards a flirt or charmer.

Other Biases

  • Species: She doesn't
  • Non-Luperci: How do they feel about non-Luperci?
  • Human Behaviors: How do they feel about human behaviors?


She is homosexual, but she refuses to fall in love due to her past experiences.


She doesn't really have any opinion about substances and even drinks on the occasion.


No spiritual beliefs.

Specific Beliefs

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4.  Relationships



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4.1  Key Relations


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4.2  Groups


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4.3  Family

What's their relationship like with their family? Do they like being part of it, are they indifferent, or do they dislike it?

Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

Paternal Ancestry

Extended Family

5.  History

Thirteen was born as Elizabeth Cross in England. Her parents were incredibly poor at the time and so, in order to feed their other children, they sold the tiny runt to a shady dealer for an insane amount of food and cloth. They believe that Elizabeth would die anyway, so no loss. The shady dealer was none other than a representative of the Organization, a group of luperci who raised young females to hawk street corners and earn money. These girls would sell things they had made, or dance, or play music, or sing, or perform some kind of service for valueable items or food. The stuff they would then bring back to the Organization. Organization would then buy her food and clothes to keep the girl alive and earning more. Should she bring them insufficient funds, they would refuse to feed the girl and she would die.

Thirteen was placed in a room with an Akita named Six. Six was a cheerful girl who was the exact opposite of Thirteen. Despite this, they soon became close friends. When the girls where taught to read and write, they read to one another. When the teachers were teaching the girls their skills, Six and Thirteen played off of one another. Six would sing a melody and Thirteen would be her harmony. Thirteen would be her dance partner and they would sing duets on the street corners. Six was an amazing artist and Thirteen was a magnificent flutist. Together, they would earn more than enough.

Soon, the leader of the Organization noticed that the girl were bringing in such a large and steady income. He went to visit them on occasion and chose to tattoo them and mark them his favorites. He noted that they played off of each other very well, so he tattoo them similarly. Six and Thirteen both got full body tribal dragon tattoos. Six's was ice blue, the same color of her eyes and Thirteen's was blood red likewise. The boss also gave them a guard to take care of them so they didn't get robbed.

When the two of them turned a year old, their relationship changed. Six and Thirteen were more than friends now, they realized they loved each other more than friends or sisters. The guard, their friend, kept their secret well, but Six became uncontent. She wanted more than the life they were given. She wanted to be free. Thirteen was well aware that if they were caught leaving they would be killed no matter their income. Six refused to be dissuaded. She had finally figured it out. If they could board a ship, they could leave England and never return. Thirteen refused to be a part of the idea and was unaware that each day, Six stole a bit of their daily earnings and hoarded them in their room to fund her escape. Six tried one last time to convince Thirteen to come, but Thirteen was unwilling to lose her lover should the plan go wrong. The next morning, Six was gone. Thirteen fled their room and found their guard. Fearing for his friend's life, he told thirteen a secret: On each boat leaving the city, the Organization placed a guard to kill any girl attempting escape. Six wouldn't make it.

Thirteen sprinted to the docks in hope that she'd arrive before the boat left, but she reached it just as the ramp was being put up. She was too late. She screamed for Six, and before she knew it, her lover appeared on the edge of the boat. The look on Six's face was one of such sorrow that Thirteen was silent for a moment wondering what could have been done to make an angel look so sad. Then she remembered. A dark figure materialized by Six's shoulder. Six glanced over her shoulder and then her eyes widened. She glanced down at the rose blooming on her white dress. It wasn't a rose. Six met Thirteen's eyes for the last time and smiled her farewell before tumbling over the rail. A nearby sailor on the dock dove after her and brought her body to Thirteen who held her lover close while she sobbed. How could this have happened?

It was hours before the guard arrived and pulled Thirteen away, so she had time to take Six's moon necklace and place it on her own neck. The two friends left in silence. A few days later, the guard made an offer: he would train her to fight and kill her lovers' murderer if she agreed to never return. Thirteen agreed. For a year, Thirteen trained with her guard when she wasn't singing, dancing, or playing her flute on the street corner.

A few months after she turned two, she boarded the same boat as Six had and awaited the guard to find her. Before long, she felt a hand on her shoulder and she whipped around with impossible speed and stabbed her attacker in the chest. She looked into his face and saw one identical to her guard's. Fearing that she had just killed her friend, she turned to the docks and saw him in the crowd. He smiled his farewell in almost the exact manner Six had, turned, and left. For two months, she remained on the boat where her angel had died. Once she reached America, she wandered the land until she reached Nova Scotia.

5.1  Timeline



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5.2  Threads


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