Theon Russo

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Theon Russo is a loner in 'Souls. He hails from Amsterdam, Netherlands born from the sailor, Mutki, and Vasiliy Russo who is unaware that he exists. In a leap of face after hearing tales of Nova Scotia, he seeks a life after the passing of his mother. Now, he resided in Nova Scotia and is part of a group of canines that wish to found a new pack, Krokar.







  • Date of Birth: July 7th 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Freetown
  • Mate: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pack: Krokar
  • Rank: Greenhorn
  • Meaning: Untamed, Godly
  • Origin: French, Greek
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —
    • Mort (Male, Raccoon Dog)
    • Blitzen (Male, Reindeer)



  • None
  • Can be assumed being seen in the distance.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Theon is a wolfdog and shows heavily on both sides. His body shape is mostly wolf though, but his fur and tail are derived from the Arctic Wolf and Dog heritage. his size is given by the predominate Russian Wolf percentage.
  • Fur: His fur is thick when he is in lupus form. It hangs loosely on his frame. When he's standing in optime, the fur on his chest is considerable thinner but his face still has shaggy fur.
    • Optime Hair: He keeps his wavy hair short and scraggly. It looks windswept and messy.
  • Facial Features: He has angular features, but has a general wolf face.
  • Build and Size: Theon is of medium build, with a little more fat around the middle than he’d like but strong arms and legs.
  • Humanization: Yes, very humanized, enjoys human pleasures such as smoking, drinking and singing. Usually wears clothing.


  • Fur:
  • Geyser is his base color below everything else, the darker and lighter colors are placed above it on his fur. They are also his toe tips and the circles above his eyes.
  • His back and flanks, down his legs, and tail are Tundora.
  • Though, his tail and limbs darken up with a broad dorsal stripe down his back that starts at his nose.
  • Markings:
    • Rolling Stone is seen on his face and muzzle, sweeping under his eyes.
    • He has a small slash of Cod Grey on his chest.
  • Eyes: Jungle Mist
  • Optime Hair: Primarily Cod Grey with highlights and lowlights from days in the sun.


Tundora (#454545)
Cod Grey (#171717)
Rolling Stone (#7d7f80)
Geyser (#dce1e8)
Alabaster (#f7f7f7)
Jungle Mist (#a3cacf)

art by Raze

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • A scar cuts down his left eye, he likes to lie how he received the wound but it was obtained from a poorly aimed rock.
  • Piercings: One on his left ear, three beads with a small feather on the end.
  • Tattoos: Yes, he has a large squid tattooed on his chest which is only visible in Optime.


None Yet


  • None yet.
  • '''Outfit:’’’
  • none yet

Jewelry and Accessories

  • One silver earring with beading and a feather.


103 lbs
38 in


Theon is large and fluffy, the fur hanging off his truly lanky body. He uses it quite often and likes to sing, swim, and relax in this form. His favorite activity is rolling in fragrant grass.

180 lbs
44 in


He seems to achieve more fluff, which covers up his growth in mass. If he uses this form, it is usually in a raggedy hunched version of optime and only uses it for shock factor or to look particularly slobbery and fierce.

280 lbs
7ft 0in

Optime (Preferred)

Theon is very tall with long, lanky limbs and a little pudge around his waist. He is attractive in a way that someone just out a hurricane is. His hair is short and messy, hanging almost over his eyes. He's just got a lovable, soft body.


  • Speech: He has a slight accent, from his Danish upbringing. His voice is husky and deep.
  • Scent: Theon smells of sea wind, salt, and a slight odor of fish.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Theon crosses his arms a lot and when he is speaking he often touches his chest and runs his fingers through his hair.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Theon slouches backward, easy and relaxed as though he's ready to go to sleep.


2.  Personality

Theon is a compulsive liar and always with a smile on his face. He appears to have no faith in anyone but it doesn't seem to bother him at all. There is no motivation to his actions other than completely selfish ones. He's generally lazy, spending his days enjoying the banks of the river and plucking at his Lyre and singing a sweet song. He's proud and has an ego larger than him. He's lacks any sense of humility and would rather get someone else to do the grunt work.

When he does pull together the motivation to get out there. He has a good heart and a strong moral conscious (though he ignores through the intricate story telling that comes from his lies). His favorite thing to lie about is his past and the origin of the striking scar that goes across his face. Theon does not like being looked down upon, he is certainly not apathetic to others judgement of him. He's quite prickly in that sense.

When his lies fall apart, he finds himself in hot water and shuts down and coolly shrugs it off with a terse face. In his most authentic form, he has a sweet heart and a gentle touch with the young and the weak.

2.1  Ideals


Liar, selfish, lazy, assertive, and ambitious

  • Outlook: Passive, optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted when others are around, he finds no fault in being alone.
  • Expression: Content with laying around, avoids conflict.
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral


  • Perfecting his songs and impressing others.
  • He wants to make the best of himself, focusing on his happiness for the most part.


  • He is highly atheistic but sees an almost religious beauty in nature.


  • Death and being unable to speak and sing.
  • Being without water and feeling himself dry up.


  • Species: Heavily biased against coyotes and their puny bodies and mind, sort of condescending.
  • Sexuality: No bias, raised in a city with an extensive red district he's seen it all.


  • Pansexual, appreciates every body type though he is considerably more romantic with females.

Substances & Vices

  • A fan of drinking occasionally, only socially. Though, he enjoys marijuana, shrooms and other hallucinogens when he can get them.
  • He'll try what is given to him.


  • Likes: Water, songs, storytelling, snow, sleeping, and hallucinogens
  • Dislikes:Being caught in his lies, extreme heat, sickness

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Russo

  • Half-Siblings: Possibly in the future
  • Extended: Theon is part of the Russo family tree and has many extended relatives.

3.2  Relations

* Does not know this person by name.

Key Relations

  • Mutki is Theon's mother and sole provider for much of his life. She had other lovers but always devoted time to her son. Theon had a lot of time to spend by himself due to her busy life. He never wanted to reveal how lonely he was and started devising intricate lies.
  • Visiliy* is Theon's father and unknown to him other than his family name. Theon has glorified him in his mind and has devised a thousand lies to depict him.
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Positive Relations

  • None yet.

Neutral / Negative

  • None yet.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: no
  • Friendly: none
  • Enemies: no
  • Murders: no

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

  • Singing (Master): As far as technical terms, Theon is a master with a low and husky voice. He'll sing river ditties as languid and rich as a slow moving river.
  • Lyre (Master): This instrument accompanies his singing and he'll strum it idly as he wanders.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): Due to his commonly lazy nature, he has no qualms with fishing and much of his diet is made up of fish along with other red meat animals.
  • Brawling (Master): He used to fight with pirates and sailors of all sorts and is rather good at facing off. Due to his size and strength, he can usually win fights against smaller opponents.
  • Knife work & knots (Apprentice): These are both skills he loves and uses often but he is rather limited in their applications. He can cut meat and tie things together rather well but little else.
  • Strength: Despite being lazy and lax at times, he is extremely strong and a fierce ocmpetitor in one on one combat simply because of his strength. In his crossing of the sea, he participated fully and gained a hard layer of muscle.
  • Lazy: Despite his strength, he can be a bum at times, enjoying Nova Scotia's mild temperatures to sit on river banks and sing songs to the birds.

4.2  Inventory


  • None


Something something

  • Offering: something else
  • Accepting: something else


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5.  History

5.1  Achievements


haha you thought!

5.2  History


Previous Packs and Ranks


Theon was born in the middle of summer in Amsterdam to his mother, Mutki. Months previous, she had been part of the voyage in which Vasiliy returned to his homeland. She didn't necessarily fall in love with him but enjoyed his company and allowed a tryst to form between them. Without him knowing about her resulting pregnancy, she fled to her own home town in Amsterdam. Theon was later born and raised among her peers, mostly hardened sailors and fighters and many prostitutes from the red light district. The community was open and Theon grew up with support but always felt lonely due to the lack of friends his own age. Those he did meet, he was so disconnected that he drove them away with his lives.

As he grew, his mother had a string of lovers that resulted in s few siblings that he devoted his time to but when he grew restless, he decided to leave at last. He wanted to find new things and explore the place where he could reconnect with the rest of the world.