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Tangi Maslin

Tangi Maslin by ShannonLucifer
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthJuly 27th, 2009
Age18 months
Subspecies100% Canis Lupus Rufus Ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeFiume (a tiny pack from Eastern New Brunswick)
Current pack
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateApril 1st, 2010
Joining RankLoas
Most Recent RankLoas

Tangi Maslin by James

New to the lands of 'Soul, and only just accepted into Aniwaya?, Yumiko is a vulnerable she-wolf with a growing number of friends. She just recently lost her entire family to a horrific tragedy, and is barely out of mourning for her loved ones. She recently became a low-level Healer in the pack and is trying her best to advance as quickly as possible.

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    1.   7.1  One Year Old

1.  History

Yumiko's family was recently massacred. Until she joined AniWaya, she had never lived in a pack; only with her family. She descends from the south: a cove called The Bay of Tears.

2.  Personality

Yumiko is a peaceful soul, always thinking the best of someone. She's very considerate and always knows what to say to sooth someone's fears. Strangers don't bother her, and she has been known to walk right up to someone in the forest and introduce herself, and start babbling about the weather. She has two sides to her, one very wise for her age, and the other always joking and laughing with those around her. Many have said she has an aura of innocence, causing most to instinctively protect her. Usually she is submissive and runs rather than fights, but when someone she considers kin is threatened she becomes incredibly vicious. Yumiko will not rest until the threat has been destroyed. She goes into a blind frenzy, as she can't bear to lose someone else that she loves.

2.1  Habits

When she's frightened she will run and hide in the smallest space avaliable, such as under a tree root, to protect herself. This happens frequently during thunderstorms.

Yumiko is generally a soft-spoken person, however when she's nervous she rambles A LOT. It can be hard for someone to get a word in edgewise. However, when she's calm she is content with listening to others unless she has an opinion to add. When she wants to get your attention, or when you are being too loud, she simply bangs her tail on the ground subconsciously to get you to pay attention. People who know her well enough shut up immediately or she gets incredibly impatient. In Optime form she taps a foot instead.

3.  Likes and Dislikes


  • To learn
  • Peace
  • The ocean
  • Sun
  • Sand
  • Pups

3.2  Dislikes

  • Being dirty
  • High places
  • Loud, sudden noises
  • Thunder

4.  Relationships

She tends to be very wary of people, and not trust them right away, so don't be surprised if she only thinks of most people as "acquaintances".

4.1  Family

  • Mother: Hiroko Tsume (Deceased)
  • Father: Iman Tsume (Deceased)
  • Littermate Sister: Yuina Tsume (Deceased)

4.2  Friends

4.3  Loves

  • Crush on Me: None
  • Crush on You: None
  • Lover: None
  • Mates for Life: None
  • Ex-Lover: None
  • One-Night Stand: None

4.4  Enemies

  • Rival: None
  • Dislike: None
  • Betrayed by Me: None
  • Betrayed by You: None
  • Arch Nemisis: None
  • Killed: None

5.  Skills

  • Healing
  • Caretaking
  • Lookout (she has keen eyes and ears)
  • Tracking (she has a keen nose)
  • Stalking/Spying (she has keen ears and is very quiet)
  • Running (she is very swift and agile)

6.  Appearance

Her silver hoop earring is a symbol of their family, and she wears it with great pride; they were simple folk. She is very pale blond with cream and chocolate brown markings, making her ideal in sandy areas for blending in. Her eyes are cobalt blue with golden flecks, and are very large and expressive. Her face is young looking and usually sad, even when she is overjoyed, due to her slender snout and shiny eyes. She has short fur, ideal for hot conditions, that is very bulky and often sticks straight out.

6.1  Luperci Forms

Yumiko is usually in her Lupus form when she is alone, as it is the fastest form with the best senses. When she is healing or talking with others, she is in her Optime form. She rarely uses Secui, since it is not very agile and doesn't help with delicate work.


Yumiko's build is slender and she barely hits 24" in Lupus form. She weighs a mere 70 lbs but is very agile and swift, as all her muscle is in her legs.


A form she uses rarely, Yumiko is not that different from a large Lupus form. She is still slender and small, at only 27" and 125 lbs. Her legs lengthen more than thicken, and her tail becomes rather long.


In Optime form, Yumiko appears quite humanoid although not by her doing; she has a defined waist, little bend to her legs, and a narrowed snout. She reaches 6'1" due to her straighter legs, but is still short compared to many others of her species and only weighs 112 lbs. She prefers to go nude, however is not against clothing entirely. If refering to the 'Souls Roleplay Guide, she is the second of the two Optime forms (sans humanoid hair).

7.  Post Log

Bold = Active, Normal = Complete, Strikethrough = Dead

7.1  One Year Old

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