Talitha de le Poer

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Talitha is the daughter of Gabriel de le Poer and Faolin Mogotsi, one of his older mates; she was born in Hell's Coast in February of 2008, alongside Ezekiel de le Poer. A long-time member of Inferni, she left the coyotes in autumn of 2011, dropping her son Priest de le Poer at the borders in January of 2012 before abandoning Nova Scotia in the hopes of finding her father again.

Unwilling to face Gabriel, still infuriated that he left her and her brother for Alaine Winters, she ultimately settled in Montpellier, where the de le Poer family originated. News of non-native de le Poers coming to Montpellier have since caused her to go into seclusion, unable to bring herself to face her family.

Talitha de le Poer



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Date of Birth

8 February 2008




Birth Place

Hell's Coast


Hybrid (50%+ Coyote]]





Mate Absolon Delacroix
Home Montpellier


Mates Cotl van Ulrich
Inferni (Feb 2008 - Sep 2011)
Tirones, Imaginifer, Imperium, Consul, Optio, Imaginifer, Centurion

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Forms




62 lbs (xx kg)
26 in (xx cm)

154 lbs (xx kg)
37 in (xx cm)

117 lbs (xx kg)
5ft 8in (68 in) (xx cm)

Built like a coyote, but with characteristic dark markings. Small and lithe. Running is by far her favorite activity in this form, and will shift to her Lupus form in the means of running (her method of "working out"), or hunting.

Rarely ever shifts into Secui. The changes are apparent in all four limbs, for a considerably amount of muscular strength is concentrated around her shoulders and hips, and unusually long claws come into play. The addition of brawn is surprisingly to many (even herself) when witnessing her Secui form, as this woman certainly has a lot of bulk and brawn to her, which in her other two forms appears to be like her muscular strength would be below average. All senses are heightened, and one thing about Secui is that her mental state is highly unstable; thus the reason why Talitha never shifts into Secui only in the most dire of circumstances, and even then she's hesitant to do so due to her unpredictable nature. For the few times she has shifted into Secui, she doesn't seem to remember much at all, nor does she seem to have any judgment on taking over her actions.

Talitha's preferred form while simply walking around is her Optime, as it gives her a larger range of motion than her Lupus form. She's a tall female, reaching 6 feet and 4 inches while fully erect. It's rare to see Tali hunch over, as she enjoys keeping a self-confident air about herself. While in her Optime form, she wears her subtly curled chestnut hair loose or tied up in a simple ponytail. Because she doesn't like the idea of carrying around lots of items, she wears a simple worn-out tunic made from pale blue fabric and a loose, size-too-big grey skirt that's belted with a strip of black, tied in a bow. To hide her flask from view, she's taken to wearing a makeshift garter around her left thigh. Talitha wears no loose jewelry

1.2  Other


  • Piercings: Small-diameter bone spiral in left ear.
  • Tattoos: The Lykoi chaos star, right hip.
  • Scars:
    • Tooth scars at collarbone.
    • Stylized heart over breastbone.
    • Stylized sun on back of left hand.
    • Small puncture scars across body.


  • She keeps with her, quite dearly, a medallion of St. Christopher, given to her by her father in late August.

2.  Personality

Talitha was, for a long time, a troubled woman. She succumbed easily to the taint of the de le Poer family, showcasing severe bouts of bipolar disorder that - when coupled with her teachings - left her in a downward spiral that didn't improve until after leaving Ezekiel and Gabriel in her past. Though still greatly distressed by the absence of her family, she's mellowed, both with age and surroundings. She still enjoys art and things of beauty, but has become introverted and uncomfortable around others.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Art, color, beauty.
  • Dislikes: Gold eyes, wolves, being without her brother and father.


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Introverted


  • Failing the de le Poers.
  • Facing Gabriel.
  • Losing herself.


  • Peace of mind.
  • God.
  • Memories of her father and brother.


  • Packs: Dahlia de Mai, though now defunct, once treated Talitha very poorly. She was also raped on its lands, giving her a severe anxiety around the places it once inhabited.
  • Species: Wolves of all kinds, though this has loosened with time away from Inferni.
  • Non-Luperci: No bias.
  • Gender: She's made quite uncomfortable around men, due to a string of awkward relationships during her youth. And that rape. That really did it.
  • Color: Gold eyes, particularly in wolves.
  • Sexuality: Talitha strongly disapproves of incestual relationships, though her own children - Priest de le Poer and Vermilion Massacre Ulrich - were conceived through such means; she finds it unclean, and a sin against God. Once prone to sleeping around, Talitha now prefers the idea of a monogamous pairing, mated or otherwise.
  • Age: No bias.


Heterosexual. While young, she sought intimacy through sex, sleeping with most individuals who were interested in sleeping with her. As she's matured, her libido has dimmed and she finds herself more interested in quiet time alone instead.


Alcohol was Talitha's vice for a long time. It still is, but not in such high quantities.


Talitha was raised under Scintilla's version of Pentecostalism, taught by her father.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Gabriel de le Poer: Her father, and the one person she was willing to leave Nova Scotia for. Talitha was crushed when Gabriel chose to go with Alaine Winters, abandoning Inferni and her brother. She never returned, instead seeking out where he'd gone, but ultimately finding herself unable to face him.
  • Ezekiel de le Poer: Talitha's only true brother, in her mind; Ezekiel was her rock for much of her life and she feels deeply guilty about leaving him the way that she did. She often thinks about him, and paints his face regularly to remind herself of it.
  • Caillen Winters: The first person Talitha truly felt strong emotions for outside of her family. His death helped her downward spiral.
  • Cotl van Ulrich: Her first mate, though the two separated after many a fight. She thinks fondly of him still.
  • Absolon Delacroix: A quiet, studious hybrid, Talitha and Absolon share a home in Montpellier and have children together; though she's a bit distant to him, he's the first male to get close to her since her departure from Nova Scotia in 2012.

3.2  Family: Lykoi, de le Poer, Mogotsi and Massacre