Tal Tlvdatsi

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Tal Tlvdatsi (born Taliesin dir Rhiannon, formerly Tal) is the son of Deuce Rhiannon and Lucifer Sawtooth, born in Jaded Shadows in March 2008. He is the father of Liam, Myrddin, Cody, Lena, Nvda, Lucid, Kyrah, and Castiel.

He changed packs frequently in his youth due to his unstable home life, but is best known as a longtime and high-ranking council member of Cercatori d'Arte. In January 2014, following the miscarriage of his litter with Sophia Knight, he deserted the pack and his family.[1] He is currently ranked as a Kunikoti (Medicine Man) in AniWaya.

Tal Tlvdatsi

Tal by Sorin
Name OriginWelsh Mythology
Date of Birth21 March 2008
Subspecies75% Arctic Wolf, 25% grey wolf
Birth placeJaded Shadows, Bleeding Souls
Previous packCercatori d'Arte
Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Current Pack


MeaningMedicine Man

Previous Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

RankOverseer of the Council
SignificanceCouncil Member

Dahlia De Mai


Phoenix Valley


Twilight Vale


Jaded Shadows


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1.  History

Tal was born in the land of Souls before the big fire. He and his brother almost did not survive the fire, except their father Lucifer helped their mother Deuce escape it. He doesn't remember much of any of that. His first memories are of his cousins being raised by Deuce side by side with him and Noah in a new place. Then there were the bad times when Deuce was always gone and Lucifer was always mad. He stayed with Lucifer and the rest of the pack because he had to, not because he wanted to. The first chance he got, he met with his mother and stayed with her when she helped to found Phoenix Valley. He learned her herbal skills from her. Though he wasn't as apt with herbs as she, he was a willing pupil. He also learned to read.

He was thrilled when she was pregnant, and helped take care of her. When Willow Soul was born, he took care of her as tenderly as if she were his own pup. He was very devoted to his sister. Even after Colibri moved in, the boy remained devoted to mother and sister. He secretly adored Colibri, though he didn't know how to tell her. And then one day his world changed. Noah arrived from some strange world, and Deuce sent Tal and Willow away with him, to protect Willow from the malicious Firefly. They stayed together for a while, until Willow wandered off. He stayed with his brother Noah to protect him, while all the time searching for Willow. It was then that he learned how to shift as a female Makea seduced him. He still preferred his four legged form, though.

One dark night, a stranger named Kira Rheams and her packmates attacked the pack he stayed with. Several of the wolves were taken captive by them, including himself. He was made into her play toy, her own loyal slave, even though she was utterly devoted to the alpha of the lands. He was forced to stay with her during her pregnancy. She was carrying the alpha's litter. When she left the lands to have the pups in peace, away from the fiercely possessive females of the pack, he followed her. As the pups got older, he realized that the females needed to be protected from their mother's innate insanity. He took them to the pack he used to be part of before his kidnapping. It was there he learned his mother was alive, and living in the lands. But to protect the pups, he avoided the lands. The male pup, however, stayed with Kira. Tal stayed to try and provide a positive influence on Azza.

When Azza left to join his father, Tal stayed with Kira. Over time they became as close as an insane female and a nervous male could be. One night, the inevitable happened, and she carried his pups. He loved the woman, though, and so when she left to return to her former packlands, he followed. Little did he know that the boy Azza had been watching them jealously and plotting his revenge on tal. After the pups had been born, Azza slipped in and killed the stronger female pup. He was poised to destroy the next one when Tal entered. Azza attacked him then. When Azza suddenly left, tal was filled with fear for his pups. He gathered them close to his chest and fled the haven, wanting only to protect his son and daughter. The daughter, Brighid, had been the runt of the litter, though. When they were caught in the blizzard she didn't survive the night.

In time, the male ended up joining CdA, where he was accepted for who he was. He joined shortly after the Argul fiasco, being met at the borders by Bangle, and accepted by Shawchert. Shortly after joining, Shawchert left the pack, leaving them in the hands of Skye Collins, whom he had helped give birth. He had pretty well lost track of time, except for some minor events. A one night stand with a male pack mate, a one night stand with a female, Gemma, in Halifax. Shortly after his one night stand, he met Sky Katruk. A love blossomed between them.

Even after Shawchert, Sky's former betrothed, returned to the pack, the love continued to flourish. Even as the love between tal and Sky flourished, a deepening resentment grew between Shawchert and Tal. It all came to a head between the two males one day on the steps of Sky's house. Somehow Tal managed to walk away the victor in the dispute. it wasn't long after the fight that Tal asked Sky to be his mate.

2.  Personality

Tal is soft spoken, not as nervous as he once was. He is deeply hurt by his former mate's betrayal, by how she left, taking only two of their offspring with her. As a general rule he is kind and compassionate, though the early deaths of Liadain, Brighid, and Tameri have left their marks on him- as a result, he is cautious and overprotective of Myrddin.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Children

3.3  Friends

3.4  Lovers

3.5  former mates:

3.6  crushes

  • none currently

3.7  Enemies

3.8  NPC's

Spirit Guide

  • Name: Nakoma Danuwa
  • Species: Red fox
  • Sex: Female
  • Spirit journey: January 11, 2015

4.  Skills

  • Herbalism
  • Reading
  • writing
  • Gardening
  • Tanning skins
  • making Jerky
  • Natural healing (IE, stones, herbs, aromatherapy)

5.  Appearance

5.1  Luperci Forms


210 lbs. 6' 4". His mane is short and always messy as if he just woke up. He more often than not wears blue jeans and carries some kind of pack. More often found in this form than not. His left ear is pierced with two hoops.


200 lbs. 40". Never found in this form, he feels it's too awkward.


Tal is snow white, with eyes just like his mother Deuce's. The right eyes is a deep blue, the left is bright gold. He is a slender male, almost feminine in appearances. His left ear is pierced with two hoops, though he has no tattoos. In fact, there is little on him to distinguish him from any other white wolf. He used to wear a pentagram given to him by his mother, but he left that with Kira. 100 lbs. 32". A scar that resembles a butterfly was added by Liam.

6.  Housing

Tal's House.

7.  Notable Threads

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