Steel Rose

Steel Rose

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Name Meaning"Steel" for the fact that her favorite weaponry happens to be any blades/knives made of quality steel; also for the fact that she has an unmoving personality. "Rose" is more of a "formal" title
Name Origin?
Date of BirthNovember 20, 2002
SubspeciesCanis latrans
Birth placeA village of wereyotes and wolves, the exact name long since spoken
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There was a time in oblivion where Steel Rose was actually considered a normal and quite level headed coyote. Not everything about her life was filled with the destruction of her own insanity and bloodshed that either dripped from her foes or even from her own flesh. Unfortunately, the "sane era" of her life was robbed from a very tender age. Living in a village where wereyotes and wolves co-existed to adapt to human dwellings, life was simplistic and filled with day-to-day chores to keep the household and family going.

Just a series of horrific actions to take place on a quiet night would be the marking point that set her on the path toward her own destruction. One night, a series of noises were heard downstairs in her home. There in their beds, her mother and father lay with their throats sliced neatly open; a river of blood dying the bedspread a deep permanent red. Coming into the room to see this bloody sight, she was quite shocked to see such a nightmare before her, and behind her came her brother shuffling down the stairs to see what the noise was about. Without warning, her brother nearly knocked her down the stairs, as he collapsed into a bloody heap at the edge of the stairwell. His throat had been cut open in seconds.

Who was responsible for this? A wolf named VoidFane, who was welcomed into the village and overnight turned into a vicious werewolf. All she could remember was that VoidFane was a stark jet black shadow with terrifying emotionless white eyes. As he advanced onto her, she was lucky enough to escape his grasp and jump out of the second story window of her dwelling. From there, she ran as fast and as far as she could into the shadows, never turning back once and leaving everything that she had known in the murderous past. Rose had not known this, but VoidFane eventually slaughtered the entire village that night, sparing no soul.

After becoming paralyzed from the incident, her days began to become darker. Her world was slowly shifting into a realm of murder, scandal, favors, and an array of treasons and arsons. Following the ways of the wrong crowd, Rose knew that her life was headed downhill but couldn't escape it from the shackles of her past. It is unknown how Rose's ears were removed from her head and at what point in time. Faint rumors have said it might have been from a rocky relationship with a former acquaintance, but whatever the reason, Rose found a way to get herself a pair of new ears by slicing them off somebody else and painstakingly sewing them on herself.


Cynical, unhinged, apathetic, vicious, sarcastic, conniving

Stabs first, and asks questions later (if she has enough interest in her subject to inquire about it). Steel Rose lets her two blades do the talking for her, but when her prized weapons are at rest at the sides of her hips, words that flow from her caustic jaws are words that are either twisted in riddles or are cryptic to beyond clear understanding. Sure, Steel Rose can speak coherently, but why not have a little fun with it too? Her voice is naturally cool and suave, but it is often graced with woeful sarcasm.



Weight: 37 lbs.
Length: 54
Shoulder Height: 17


Armor: Spiked shoulder pads, spiked elbow pads
Weapons: Two Prussian bayonets, kept in sheaths worn around her waist. She also fancies using clip-point knives when available to her


Erosion doesn't only affect geological landforms, but also creates profound wear and tear upon very flesh and bones. This, coupled with the invisible force of father time, can dramatically change something into an entirely different image. Steel was the pure epitome for such erosion described, and one that appeared as if she had strutted right out of a horror flick. Bristling follicles of tan, red, and dusty gray mark her body in a coarse to the touch, haphazard style. Areas of gray dominated her coat more so than the burning hues of tan and red, clearly showing age and stress. An assortment of battle scars earned as permanent trophies are marked upon random quadrants of her figure; deep valleys of black wounds disturbing her already weathered pelt and making her fur even more rugged than it was for her age. The rest of her did make up (in some ways) for her pelt, for her physique was streamlined and even displayed just a tease of curves upon certain locations of her lower half. The only thing that was brilliant about her was her eyes of a rich mahogany. The mahogany was so deep in hue that most thought of her to have plain brown eyes. Under her eyes are two deep indentions of scars, more so the 'war paint' scars of her visage.

One trait, however, that clearly stood out and made Steel Rose most disturbing was her two ears. Well, they weren't necessarily her ears. Nobody is certain just who those ears truly belong to (perhaps a wrongful lover of hers?), or what happened to her own ears. Both did not have a single matching hair that was identical to the colors on her pelt. Rather, they were both jet-black; either from the decay of time or the ebony was the natural color of the dead hairs upon them. Sanguine stitches like barbwires laced around the bases, keeping the ears that were not her own connected to her skull. The twin peaks were both positioned forward, all but the left ear with the tip slumping down upon itself like a lazy hunch. From a distance her ears looked like she wore a twisted jester's hat upon her head, one that suited a demented mind like her own quite well. Sure, Steel was still blessed with the ability to hear very acutely for her sake. In order to listen to any distinct sounds, her head would have to turn, twist, tilt, and snap in the direction of any vibration of sound. It made her appear bird-like with her skull's quick movement, but bird-like or not, Steel Rose was still listening. Still hearing every single move made.

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