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StarHowler was a former member of Clouded Tears in 2006.


Despite her immense size, StarHowler is very shy and skittish around those she has not meet or does not know well. A beast of solitude she loves the rain and the night, having always been primarily nocturnal.

Friends are rare, enemies are even rarer. As she will go far out of her way to avoid any and all.

She is completely unaware of her own strength and is completely harmless unless backed into a corner. Any and all memories of any physical fight are blocked.


StarHowler is a very large wolf. Completely unaffected by the virus that has led to the luperci, she has never been capable of shifting and will never become capable. So large it is easy to assume that she is in fact in a halfling form except for the fact that her nails are not retractable and she has no mane.

Size is not her oddity, as the silver and black fem also gives off a mysterious purple hue in the moonlight. In the play of light, the thick, dark guard hairs along her neck and back look almost purple. Almost giving the appearance that she had rolled around on top of ripe berries.

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