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By Despi

Credit: Despi

OOC Information

  • Player: You? <:
  • Creator: Despi
    • Visual Designer: Dale


  • Name: Staghorn
    • Pronunciation: st-AGG h-OR-n
    • Nickname: Stag
  • Family: --
  • Birthplace: Mealy Mountains National Park, Labrador
  • Date of Birth: 14 Feb 2019
  • Sex: Male
    • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Species: Wolf 1

OOC Assumptions

Loners may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • ... having general (if stiff and stilted) non-specific conversation - "Hi, how are you" type conversations.
  • ... Whatever the player so dictates!

Plot Opportunities

  • Staghorn is a non-Luperci! And he's very opinionated on Luperci.
  • Something else!

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1.  Synopsis

Humanization was a far-flung thought from the insular community Staghorn and his siblings were born into. He was welcomed into the world alongside Fallow, Wren and Ridge to parents Sage and Birch and raised within the petite and nomadic band of non-Luperci, and he took well to the teachings of his elders and grew up with the staunch belief that Luperci were plagued with a deep and inescapable madness, breeding within him a skepticism and fear of the outside world at large. The band was safety, normalcy, and simplicity. Staghorn and his siblings wanted for nothing.

Ignorance was bliss. So skewed was his perception of the virus, that the band had not recognized, or at the very least, realized, that Luperci could take a form so similar to their own. When one infiltrated the band and brought trouble with him, their limited universe had been rocked. To protect themselves, they cast out his sister, who at one point, had been foolish enough to vouch for this interloper. In the wake of her banishment, however, Staghorn felt dissatisfied with the answer the band had come to, and, evidently standing alone in his worry, he set out on his own to seek out Fallow and where she ventured off to.

2.  Appearance


On the larger size of average, Staghorn is a built and muscled wolf with a broad shoulder and boxy body. His compact, lean body is better made for endurance and strength than speed, but his paws can carry him in quick, short bursts if needed. As such, he carries himself solidly and confidently, which may make him appear more intimidating than anticipated towards strangers.

Staghorn's earthy, cool-toned coat is plush and full regardless of the time of year. He shares the trait of his green eyes with his sister.

(#27231E) (#544A40) (#AA9585) (#C7C0BA)
Eyes, Nose, Scars
(#A8B58B) (#23201C)
  • Forms:
    • Lupus: 90 lbs (41 kg) — 34 in ( 86 cm)
  • Scars: None

2.1  Gallery

Note: Hover for credit, click for full size. Colors may be exaggerated in artistic depictions!
by Despi

3.  Personality


Up to adopter!

Staghorn is likely to take on a 'protector' role, being the largest out of his siblings, and has a strong distrust for Luperci thanks to his upbringing. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur laoreet fringilla mauris, non cursus tortor semper sed. Suspendisse finibus imperdiet arcu id mollis. In efficitur et ante a faucibus. Morbi bibendum in leo ac dignissim. Integer elementum nibh elit, sit amet auctor nulla blandit a. Donec sollicitudin rutrum lectus a ullamcorper. Sed sed mi ut felis gravida convallis. Maecenas viverra bibendum varius.

  • Demeanor: Up to adopter!
  • Speech: Firm, sparing, and smooth. He has a naturally calm manner of speaking and is good with putting others at ease.
  • Scent: Earth, wolf, fir, spruce, labrador tea
  • Outlook: Apprehensive, cautiously optimistic
  • Alignment: True Neutral

4.  Relationships


Immediate Family

Unknown relations indicated by *

  • Mother: Sage
  • Father: Birch
  • Siblings: Wren, Fallow, Ridge
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None

Extended Family

Staghorn's heritage does not carry a surname, and is descended from a small family unit.

  • Grandparents: Bracken, Ponderosa, Whisk, River
  • Aunts & Uncles: Sienna, Aspen, Juniper
  • Cousins:

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1 50% Labrador Wolf, 25% Hudson Bay Wolf, 12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 12.5% Red Wolf

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