Solas Justus

Solas Justus

Art by Kiri
Date of Birth04 Nov 2013
SpeciesHigh-content Wolfdog
'Souls Profile

Solas Justus is the son of Sitara Paruvanni and the nephew of Vidar.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  Appearance

1.  History

As far back as he could the wolf could remember, he had been doing everything he possibly could to please the sole leader of Justus, Galvin. This pup had worked for praise and approval, not food or other luxuries and still does. His youthful childishness had let his single parent to seek the help of a frightening wolfess by the name of Lucifana who was the scarlet boy’s nanny, or so he thought. Galvin told him his mother had died shortly after baring him into this world, so Lucifana was his replacement for his maternal needs, however she was anything but loving and caring. Solas knew she hated him and her job, and she was not much of guardian either. When his father was not around she took her frustrations out on the boy with physical abuse. Nothing ever serious enough to arise suspicions among the pack, but enough to scar the puppy for life.

When the fiery eyed boy grew older and shifted, she began to take him under her bladed wings as his teacher. He soon learned she was the master of poisons and skillful with a blowgun. These tools gave an assassin stealth, and that’s just what he was trained to be, a hit man. With undying eagerness to gain love and recognition from his mentors, the boy was quick to focus and learn the skill himself. Solas passed test after test with flying colors, but no matter how well he did, no one ever seemed proud of him. As he reached his adolescent months, the boy nearly was on the brink of giving up, deciding they were too hard to appease. But this was the life he knew and one day the ginger assassin in training, approached Galvin about this.

The light colored dictator was adamant that Solas could not handle the job yet, but just as Galvin wanted, his “son” volunteered to make this mission his life purpose. After all, he had nothing to lose so it was a painless gamble. Galvin did not tell the yearling what the mission was for a few moons, instead only increased his training with Lucifana and even occasionally had the Justus prince train with him as well. Those months were hellish with drills lasting all night, Lucifana using him as a dart target as punishment for not running his thirty mile patrol fast enough, and days where they would force him to go without eating.

2.  Personality

Solas is fiercely loyal to his quest and will stop at nothing to bring his target down. Galvin asked for her head and he has the full intentions of bringing the said lady’s head back to his King. His hardcore upbringing has left little room for a soft interior or any lightheartedness. Solas is as serious as the get and his focus is almost unnerving. Although the assassin has only took the life of one canine thus far, he still possesses the unfaltering indifference that a killer needs to go through with his duties. One might say that the sorrel male is bloodthirsty but in all honestly, he is only itching for the death and spilling blood of one.

His life mission carries him tirelessly through the worst of weather conditions and harshest of terrains. He knows that there are others, because this said female is highly wanted by the Justus’s, and Solas has full intentions on being the first to get to her. The young adult is hard and cold through and through and can lie without a hint of dishonestly. His quest is all the better given the fact that his enemy is a female, for he has a strong bias against the opposite gender. She wolves were the devil in disguise and the world would be better off without them.

3.  Relationships

  • Mother: Sitara Paruvanni (believed dead)
  • Biological Father: Keynan (dead, relationship unknown)
  • Step-Father: Galvin Justus (believed to be his father)
  • Uncle: Vidar (relationship unknown)
  • Mentor/Abuser: Lucifana

4.  Appearance

All of this Solas accepted, however difficult at times, because he knew that this boot camp would help him get to where he needed to be, to at last get the one thing he did not have and wanted more than anything. His training developed him into a disciplined, obedient, and deadly canine. He was any army or warrior’s prodigy. Solas’s redden coat is virtually scarless to the naked eye. Under the ginger pelt, are tons of needle pointed mars from darts. He excels in the art of stealth, which has left little room for hand-to-hand combat which could inflict more ridged wounds. His build is lean and muscles are ripped, even to his white undertone coat, where his abs had developed. The Justus assassin’s orbs vary from a light golden orange to a more rich fiery color depending on his mood and are cold, almost robotic in nature. As he travels he wears a feral groin cloth because he was taught that some of the places he might encounter are more civilized than the primitive ways of Justus. Slung across his shoulders is a leather case that holds his darts and poisons, with a slip that keeps his blowgun within easy reach. Solas also has a tomahawk that he recently gained from fellow youth he had ran across in his travels. Even if Galvin and Lucifana did not believe he needed it, the boy wanted the weapon as a last resort for self-defense.