Snake, by Alex
Name OriginHe's named after Solid Snake, the main character of the Metal Gear video game series.
Date of BirthDecember 6, 2008
Age2 years
Subspecies100% canis latrans ortus
Birth placeNew Haven (Montreal, Quebec)
Current packInferni
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Joining dateSeptember 27, 2009
Joining RankTirones
Last RankHydra

Birth Pack

New Haven

Joining dateDecember 6, 2008 (born)

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    2.   1.2  Pre-Inferni Loner
    3.   1.3  Inferni
    4.   1.4  Post-Inferni Loner
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Friends
    3.   3.3  Acquaintances
    4.   3.4  Enemies
  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms

1.  History

Snake's life is divided into four sections currently—his life in New Haven, his life spent traveling with his parents, his life in Inferni, and his adventuring alone after.

1.1  New Haven

New Haven was the name given to what was once the human city of Montreal, Quebec. A decaying city, the buildings are toppling and crumbling. Living in the wreckage, like rats, are lycanthropes—predominantly wolves, though there are a very small amount of coyotes thrown in. Their leader was the dominating and charismatic Patriot—a silver-tongued and tyrannical wolf. His own special police, called the Cell, made sure no one crossed him. This was the world that Snake was born into.

He was second-born of his litter, of which only he and his twin brother, Foxhound, survived. His mother was Nikita Eirisa. During their first two months growing up in New Haven, they didn't know their real father—both assumed it was Patriot, because of his presence in their life. He would often come and take them to talk to them, spreading his corrupted philosophies and poisoning their minds. Snake was affected, but not so much as Foxhound. One of Patriot's cruelest games was to play his two adopted sons against one another: he spoke into Foxhound's ear, telling him that he was superior to Snake and that he would have to prove it. They fought constantly over everything, intensifying as the days wore on. This culminated in one day, when they were only a five months old. Patriot had facilitated them shifting to their Optime forms a month earlier than usual under the full moon, when Patriot put a knife in Foxhound's hand and told him to show who was the more worthy son. Foxhound didn't hesitate in running forward and slashing at the unarmed Snake, slicing a large gash across his ribs. Patriot allowed Snake to suffer until nearly dead before letting medics assist him. After this harrowing event, Patriot took time in teaching Snake how to ignore pain. Snake doesn't talk about the process.

Snake didn't hate or like life in New Haven. As usual, he had no strong feelings against anything or anyone—not even his "father" and his brother, despite what they had done to him. Five months after his birth, his older half-brother, Grey—the only of his half-siblings he had formed any kind of friendship with— helped him and his mother escape from New Haven and Patriot's grasp. Both Snake and Nikita believe that Grey was killed in the flight.

1.2  Pre-Inferni Loner

Miraculously, only weeks after escaping New Haven, the mother and son came across Laurel Booth. The coyote was actually Snake's father, and Nikita was finally able to introduce Snake to him (she had never told him about Laurel, as she wasn't sure they'd ever be able to escape). Snake was extremely conflicted about this change in fathers, as Laurel was Patriot's foil in every way. He lived with this confusion growing in him like an evil plant until, when he was ten months of age, he run away from his parents in the dead of night. It seemed to be almost genetic, as both Laurel and Nikita fled from their parents around ten months of age. During these few months, he met and stayed with a few other travelers and friends of his parents'. He rarely talked with anyone, however; his antisocial nature was already beginning to manifest itself.

1.3  Inferni

Snake had nowhere to go, so he went on the stories that his mother had told him of Bleeding Souls. He had no real reason to go there, but he had no real reason not to go as well. He was curious of this land and, after several weeks of traveling and eating lean, he came across the lands. The first area that he found was Inferni. There he was greeted by Hezekiah Finch, another coyote of the same age, and was then accepted into the clan by Kaena Lykoi [1]. He lived day-by-day, making friends in Inferni and being tortured over his thoughts of wolves—were they good, even to coyotes, or were they all as cruel as Patriot? After meeting a very amiable wolf, Daisuke, as well as two much more frightening wolves, Lolita Monroe and Andante de la Rocha, Snake still is undecided. During this first time, Snake had no true ties to Inferni. He used the clan in order to make survival easier; he told himself that he would abandon them if the need arose.

Only a few weeks after being accepted into Inferni, the young coyote proved himself to the pack and was promoted to Hastati, the Warrior In-Training rank—something that instilled a certain degree of accomplishment within him. Days after that promotion, he met up with his father out of the blue [2]. Laurel had only come to visit and make sure he was alright, but it stuck with Snake, even after his father had departed once more. The youth began to train in order to become fit enough to be a warrior in the clan.

As life continued along in Inferni, Snake became more accustomed to living in a clan. He also began to notice some of the tensions between Inferni and a nearby wolf pack, Dahlia de Mai—especially after he was chased away from the pack territory by the leader, Haku Soul [3]. This tension reached a fever pitch when the same character assaulted Inferni's Centurion, Kaena Lykoi, to which her son Gabriel de le Poer responded with open war [4]. Snake realized that it was something he could not hide from and began to prepare. After saving Vieira Lykoi from a Dahlian wolf, Sicarus, he was recognized as a warrior of the clan and awarded the Hydra position [5]. Snake made a name for himself through this, as well as being something of a strategic planner for worst-case scenarios for the war [6].

Weeks before his promotion, however, Snake had met with his friend Daisuke Ghanjai and told him of the war. He had promised to howl every night to show that he was still alive [7]. But one night, several days after his fight with Sicarus, he forgot. Daisuke crossed Inferni borders and fought with Snake, in a state of delirium to where he thought that the coyote was an enemy [8]. Snake's fighting skills were compromised because he was loath to harm his friend, and so Daisuke got the upper hand and wounded Snake badly, slashing him across the chest with a blade. The coyote passed out and Daisuke came to his senses, taking Snake back to his own den to care for. Snake was unconscious for a few days before waking up. Angry at this turn of events and at Daisuke as well, Snake only begrudgingly accepted help back to Inferni. He spent many weeks taking it easy, allowing this new wound to heal (he spoke to virtually no one in this time). Eventually it did and he was ready to fight once more.

It was just in time, as well. Gabriel called several of the Inferni coyotes together to lead an attack directly against Haku [9], in which Snake personally fought a white Dahlian [10]. He generally won, chasing off the larger wolf, though his side was gravely wounded. Gabriel called the retreat and the group gathered back in Inferni [11], later gathering for a pack meeting and hunt [12] and it was when the dust was settling that Snake realized that his den, made from a rusted shell of a car in the junkyard, had burned and was no more. Homeless and depressed, Snake began to take residence at multiple temporary dens around Inferni. None pleased him. His unhappiness must've made an impression upon his packmates, because, a week or two later, they hauled another car up to the mountain as a gift for him. Though Snake doesn't accept gifts well, he was very grateful.

Even with a regular place to sleep, however, the still that followed the tumult of the war had a powerful impression on him. Part of him saw how much that he was dependent—nearly addicted—to the rigor and pace of war. He began to feel estranged: from Inferni, from the friends and respects that he had made there. He had also seemingly fallen for a wolf named Lucia Cabriel, but after suddenly becoming a mated pair with her, he began to feel a little nervous about the whole deal—perhaps a remnant of his folks' phobia to commitment. After several weeks of increasing aloofness and distance, Snake disappeared from Inferni without as much as a word.

1.4  Post-Inferni Loner

I'm not really certain what he'd done so far. He'd probably go out to find his parents or confront Foxhound.

2.  Personality

If anyone would go by John Locke's view that everyone was born as a blank slate, it would be Snake's upbringing that has made his mind work differently. Otherwise, it might have been bred into him. Snake doesn't seem to feel normal emotion as others do. He is a cold, mechanized being—his consciousness works automatically, on instinct and basic thought. In order to protect himself in fights for survival he has locked away his emotions deep within himself, as well as other attributes and desires that made him human. After the war, however, something must've began to unravel... but nothing substantial enough yet.

When he was young, Patriot had tried to fashion him into the perfect living weapon. Snake retains much of what Patriot has taught him, but as a personal act of revenge against the man, Snake upholds a very strict code when it comes to war. He does not kill needlessly, instead attempting to disable his opponent far enough to where they can't continue fighting. He does not fight those that cannot defend themselves, even if it is for any greater good. He believes strongly in second chances in life, as he believes that he is on his own. Right and wrong rely on this personal code of his, and Snake generally intends to do the right thing in life.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Family: Booth
  • Father: Laurel Booth
  • Mother: Nikita Eirisa
  • "Adoptive" Father: Patriot
  • Twin Brother: Foxhound
  • Half-Brothers: Rex, Ray, Otacon, Revolver, Gray, Zero, Sigint (all through Nikita / Patriot)

Italics means missing, presumed dead. Strikethrough means they are dead.

3.2  Friends

Because Snake is not hard-wired emotionally the same as everyone else, his friends are far and few between. His primary confidant is a lone wolf named Daisuke Ghanjai, though he has recently become somewhat resentful of this because the wolf attacked him (even though not in his right mind).

3.3  Acquaintances

He has spoken to on several occasions the leaders of Inferni, Gabriel de le Poer, Kaena Lykoi, and Anselm de le Poer, so he regards them as his most respected acquaintances. Snake has not met many pack wolves, but the ones that he has met and had positive experiences with are Naniko D'Angelo and Strelein von Rosnete.

3.4  Enemies

Though he doesn't know their names—only their appearances—he will avoid Andante de la Rocha and Lolita Monroe. His known enemies from Dahlia de Mai are their leader, Haku Soul, and Sicarus de Ericeto.

4.  Skills

Snake has one skill and one skill only: fighting. It is the one thing he truly strives for in life, and he is very proficient. Snake learned how to fight in his quadruped Lupus and Secui forms while young, though he personally believes it to be more feral and crass than Optime fighting. What truly separates him is his expertise in fighting in his shifted form, using a form of martial arts called CQC ("close-quarters combat") that he learned from Patriot and Nikita. It focuses more on controlling the joints and locks in the Optime form to disable the opponent. Snake's style of fighting is very particular: he almost never strikes first, instead remaining still to watch the opponent's first move. Despite his bulk, Snake is lightning-fast; he relies greatly on that first counter-attack in fights. He usually watches the movement of the muscles of his opponent when fighting, guessing what they will do next.

5.  Appearance

Snake is taller than the average coyote, but distinctly shorter than a lupine Luperci (standing close to 6'6" if he stands straight, closer to 6'3" or 6'4" if he slouches). He has lost most of his teenager-like appearance, and now appears much more distinctly masculine. With training he has become much more toned in his musculature. His pelt has many different shades to it. Primarily it is a kind of sandy tan that appears gold in the sunlight, with the usual cream underbelly. Along his back, however, is a “saddle” of dark browns which continues down his back and ends with the dark tip of his tail. His eyes are a very soft olive green, which stands out from his earthy pelt. War has left him scarred—he has three claw-marks on his left shoulder and a long slash on his chest to the right side that intersects a smaller horizontal slash, creating a kind of cross. He wears a pair of threadbare pants in his Optime form, and his dark army-green bandanna through all his forms.

Scar Credit: 3 Claw Marks on Left Shoulder - Sicarus de Ericeto Vertical Slash on Chest - Daisuke Ghanjai Horizontal Slash across Ribs - Foxhound

5.1  Luperci Forms

Snake has trained himself to be very skilled at shifting. It usually only takes him less than two minutes to shift from one form to the next, though it usually takes him from half a day to two days to regain the strength to shift forms once more after that.

Lupus reference, by Alex


A nondescript coyote form. Snake is a sandy-gold in this form, with a cream underbelly and a dark brown saddle across his back that ends in a dark tip of his tail. His physique is taller and more leanly muscled than his other forms. He still wears his bandanna, as in all forms. Because of its relative frailty and limitations, Snake does not use this form often. He almost exclusively uses it for hunting small game and for traveling, as he finds it has the most speed and stamina.


Much like the Lupus form, except much more powerful. Snake's Secui form makes him much larger than his Lupus form, causing him to stand out against other coyotes (though he is dwarfed by wolves and hybrids). He is covered with the same fur as he usually has, though it is a good deal thicker—a defense against tooth and claw when fighting. Snake prefers this form when hunting larger game and when fighting, as it is purely powerful.

Young Optime reference, by Alex

Adult Optime reference, by Alex]


Snake prefers this form the most. He finds it most comfortable and most versatile. He is in this form all of the time unless specified. He can use what he's learned of CQC to fight in this form, though it is mostly only effective against others in Optime form.

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