Sitara Paruvanni

Sitara Paruvanni

Art by Kiri
Date of Birth10 May 2012
Former PackSapient
'Souls Profile

Sitara is the sister of Vidar, and mother of two sons, Solas and Samson.

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1.  History

Paruvanni was born in the pack called Justus, a group of outlaws and misfits that found sanctuary within each other. For most of her life, she went by the name of Sitara, and has only recently altered her name. As a pup, Sitara’s life was too good to be true. She had two loving Alpha parents, an entertaining brother named Vidar, and a devoted family of aunts and uncles help raise her. Her and her littermate grew up like a true prince and princess; they were treated like young royalty. Nonetheless their noble father and adoring mother raised them with high moral.

At an early age Sitara took a particular liking to a warrior by the name of Galvin Liam, who she was told to regard him as Uncle Galvin. His devotion to their family inspired the young she wolf along with his fearless behaviour in times of need, which earned him the third highest rank as her father’s right-handed man. For the longest time she never could see why her brother was never super fond of Uncle Galvin, but at the time she figured it was just because he soiled her most.

One day when she nearing her first birthday a life shattering event took place. Uncle Galvin claimed to be in love with her, which was flattering to the young princess. What girl didn’t want to be desired by her ideal? She was told to now call him just Galvin which she knew that none of the wolves that were her ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ were of her blood, so she was okay with dropping the first part of his call name. But then, not long afterwards he also told her that her father had caught a disease called rabies, which would cause him to kill every wolf in his path. Sitara never wanted to harm her father, but Galvin was convincing enough to sway her to help in the murder her father with the idea that it was to save the rest of the pack from his illness.

In those days, she was so stupid and gullible; it makes her sick to even think about what she did. For the rest of her life the questioning eyes of her dying father haunts her as he died at her paws. Galvin was quickly by her side and praised her for her strength and courage, but she immediately felt remorse. Together they pushed their leader’s body off a cliff side and into a raging river. He told her it was to ensure that the illness couldn’t spread to the rest of them. Unfortunately there were two splashing impacts of two different bodies plunging into the icy waters. Vidar had been nearby and was trying to rescue their father. Sitara started to race through the trees but before she could get far she was smashed to the ground by a massive body. Galvin growled above her and explained that if she dared say a word about how her father really died he would kill not only her but Vidar and her mother too. The scared girl could only whimper and nod her head. In that very moment she realized that he had just used her and she hated not just him for it but herself as well.

Vidar was found with the body of their father and Galvin was quick to blame him for the death of their noble leader. Galvin spoke with such confidence, Sitara realized that not only had she been fooled, but he was able to smooth talk the rest of the pack into believing that it was Vidar. It made since when he told them that Vidar was power hungry and couldn’t wait to be king of these lands and his father was just in the way.

They were going to exile her brother so she piped in that she had assisted in the murder too, which was true, but Galvan laughed and caused the other wolves to ignore her attempts to escape with her brother. Sitara felt so torn because while on one hand Vidar did not deserve it but on the other hand at least he would be gone and safe. She deeply mourned the loss of her father and brother.

Life simply took a downward decline from there. Every day was another wretched moment with Galvan as the new king. He kept Sitara on a close leash so to speak, and never let her far from his sights. But as time progressed she earned more and more freedom and trust but she never ceased to hate the manipulative wolf. Most of all she hated herself so much that she often considered suicide.

Then on one fateful day she met a charming young male named Keynan. Never had she known anyone outside of her family so she found him fascinating and ultimately life saving. He made her feel that life was worth living, but only if it meant that she was living with him. Keynan gifted her with a medallion he somehow made which she wore whenever she was out of her pack’s sight. Sitara’s relationship with the loner was secret, but it didn’t take long for the couple to be exposed to Galvan. He found the courting pair and Keynan was chased away before her eyes. She couldn’t be sure how she was ever discovered because she was always so careful, but it was more than likely thanks her unmistakeable scent from her first heat.

Too soon after Keyan’s disappearance Galvan claimed her to be his new queen and officially took her to be his mate. Rape was a better term but Galvan justified it as her duty to bare his pups. If Sitara thought her life was hell before, after the departure of her mate, the young she wolf couldn’t bare the thought of living another day without. The pack was ordered to keep her in someone’s sight at all times and in time the nursed her back to health, but her spirit refused to come back.

Around the same time the oddest thing happened, the golden female had shifted into a strange form. When Galvan discovered this, he promptly dropped the pregnant Sitara from his high ranks. He warned her that if the pups were not his, he would not hesitate to kill her. The she-wolf doubted the chance of Keynan being the father so she didn’t worry about that too much; her concern laid in the fact that they would be born there.

The young wolf was certain that her true mate would return back to her, but months past and she never saw a trace of him. With her swollen belle only getting larger by each day, she willed her pups to stay in longer so that she could make an escape before their birth. Life never went as planned for her because just when she had an escape route in place she went into labour.

The inexperienced and much too young, she-wolf gave birth to two still born female pups and two weak but alive males. Instinct helped her get over the loss of the two and focus on the breathing males. Right away she knew who the father was. It was unmistakable that both had a different father. Keyan’s liver coat was bred onto one and Galvan’s cold white pelt was worn by another. The young mother had torn her gaze away from the ivory pup and felt only love for the reddish male. The cry of the white pup broke her heart to hear but she refused to nurse him. With her jaws, she gingerly left the den with Keyan’s pup. The squeals of the pup she left behind echoed in her mind even when she was far out of hearing range, but never did she stop to go back. He was the son of two murders while the pup in her mouth had hope in her mind since he had Keyan’s blood. And Sitara knew that Keyan was out there waiting for her so she just kept walking until at last he caught up with her. The reunion was sweet and blissful for the young family but short lived.

The same night, Galvan and his posse tracked them down and Sitara’s pup was stolen from her grasp. And the optime pair was out numbered greatly. Keyan was slain before her and she hardly managed to escape with her life.

Instead of leaving the white pup behind as she intended, Paruvanni went back to where she'd left him and took him with her, choosing to carry him away to a better life away from the terrible pack she had grown up in.

Since then, she has been traveling across Canada looking for Vidar. Paruvanni stopped at one pack along the way, befriending the kind alphess there despite her own cold demeanor. Galvin sent men after her when she escaped, and one pinpointed her location once she had stopped at the pack for a couple of months. He came at night, sneaking up to the border and sniffing around before realizing she was there. He demanded her, and when the alphess would not give her up he attacked. The pack went into a frenzy, killing the intruder, but the alpha was left injured and Paruvanni and her son Samson were asked to leave.

The pair traveled for a long while before finding the Sapient pack and joining it, but Galvin ended up catching up to them. He revealed to his son that he was his father, and Samson turned on his mother after only a few minutes of conversation with the Justus alpha. Paruvanni found herself outnumbered and cursed the fact that she had raised her son to be such a gentle, easygoing but easily molded wolf. She went back on the run, now fearing her own son as well as her ex-mate.

Paruvanni tried to stage her own death, leaving all of her most important belongings alongside a riverbank overlooking a ravine. Her bat she dropped into the water itself, and a necklace she had once treasured that had been a gift from Solas' father she left hanging on a tree branch partway down the cliffside. Then she'd crept down to the water and had allowed the fast moving river to take her downstream where she swam and swam until her legs ached and threatened to seize up on her. It was then that she pulled herself from the water, hobbling along despite the pain in her legs. When she couldn't run she jogged, and when she couldn't jog she walked.

After a few weeks had passed with no sign of her son or ex, the female found herself missing the companionship of those she'd left behind in Souls. Still fearing that Galvin and Samson might not have believed the scene she'd created, though, she stayed away for several months. As spring turned into summer she began to slowly work her way back toward the territory, re-entering Souls in the beginning of June.

2.  Personality

Paruvanni has many sides to her personality. She was always very kind and loving toward her son, Samson, but much colder and untrusting toward other canines. She has lived on the road for a long time and not used to settling down in one area or living around others, though she finds herself craving some kind of companionship every now and again. Paruvanni is very serious and makes eye contact while speaking to others, using subtle intimidation to get her way if she is able.

She's got a firey temper and a conversation can turn from playful to offended quickly when she's under stress or sleep-deprived. She has a "shoot first, ask questions later" kind of attitude, which has gotten her into many past knife fights and brawls during her road travels.

Paruvanni is a canine who is not usually afraid to speak her mind. She is very blunt and honest with people and can be rather judgmental when it comes to other canines. She has been through a lot and feels that she has a good idea of what right and wrong is, so she holds others to a high standard.

However, she also has a very secret kind side that she doesn't show to many. Making unique artwork and gardening are passions of hers, though she would never let on. Since parting from her son, she has had a sad sort of air about her, a bout of depression that she is trying to work through.

3.  Relationships

4.  Appearance

Paruvanni is primarily cream, copper, lilac, and brown. Her fur is rather long and shaggy due to her dog heritage, and she bathes often to keep it soft and free of debris.

Her base coat color is cream, a dappled lilac seen throughout. Her belly, legs, arms, and around her lips are a white color and the sides of her muzzle are spotted with lilac. In her optime form, she has long, wavy hair that is copper with streaks of cream throughout, matching the fur of her face.

Paruvanni's eyes are a medium blue, the color of the sky on a clear day.

She is very tall, standing at 7'3'' in her optime form and around 41 inches in her lupus form. She prefers her Optime and has not shifted back from her lupus form ever since her very first transformation.

She has a deep scar over the top of her muzzle, then two more just over her left eye. These scars were given to her by her ex-mate, Galvin. Her arms are also torn up from fighting, long pink scars rippling across her left forearm and right shoulder from canines getting her back when she would grab hold of them during hand to hand fighting.